Weightlifter Orság finished seventh in the world championship in Anaheim

The 34-year-old Orság in California defeated 185 kg in the market and 237 kg in total, with a total of 422 kg.

A Sokol Karolinka member and five-time European champion medalist lagged behind his national records in a double (435kg) and a 245kg (235kg) bout that he produced less than a month ago at the Czech Republic Championship.

The second Czech representative in the heaviest weight of Kamil Kučera, who started in Group B, took 12th place.

The overweight category was dominated by Laša Talachadz, Georgia, who won all three gold medals has created two world records.

The Olympic champion and European and World Champion won a total of 477 kg, surpassing their own record by four kilograms.Three pounds also improved the world’s 220 kg maximum in the market.

The other two medals in the double were won by the Iranians Saïd Alíhoseiní (454) and Behdad Salíí (453). Twenty-nine-year-old Alíhoseiní returned this year after an eight-year sentence for two positive doping tests from 2008 and 2009. The junior world record holder was originally given a lifetime distance, which was then shortened to 12 years and then for another four years.

the judges did not accept two attempts to not have stretched his arms, which caused great displeasure at Iranian fans in the auditorium. They were dissatisfied with the attempts of other buckwheels.Last year at the Olympic Games in Rio, when Salih did not make a valid attempt for the same reason, the police were even called for protesting Iranians.

With five medals including two gold medals, Colombia ranked first in the ranking of countries, although he had only a male team on the MS. Iranian women said the women would be on their first trip in history at the World Championship in Turkmenistan next year.

Sarah Robles, who finished the 23-year-long wait of the United States on the buckwheat gold. Even more attention was paid to silver Laurel Hubbard of New Zealand, who had undergone gender change four years ago.She had previously competed as Gavin Hubbard.

Thirty-three-year-old Hubbard achieved a 275 kg performance and lost nine pounds behind Robles. For New Zealand she won the first medal in the history of the brawling championships that have been taking place since 1891. Hubbard did comply with the rules of the International Olympic Committee on transgender athletes, however, according to her rivals, her participation in women’s competitions is unfair. “There has been no controversy here between the barbarians, but rather the coaches. When Sarah defeated Hubbard in the market, we were congratulated by many coaches.Nobody wanted to win, “said Robles coach Tim Swords.

Hubbard did not comment on the situation after she refused to come to a press conference.