1. FSV Mainz 05 – TSG Hoffenheim

On Friday předehrávce is expected to play a very balanced and unlike last year, this time the encounter was not seen goalscoring feast. Both selections were prior to this match as well as the same score points and shared the fourth place, thanks to a goalless draw have improved and far in front of other duels 6th round tied for second place. Mainz and Hoffenheim excelled especially on the defensive and too landed actions really were not seen.

Slightly the upper hand throughout the match had TSG, but ultimately the goal is forthcoming. Hoffenheim could take the lead in the 9th minute when bet365 fired from the border of the penalty area Modeste, and Karius goalkeeper with his shot was eventually able to cope. Then they played more in the middle and another big chance was seen in less than ten minutes before the break. He got into her Mainz, namely Đuričić, who found himself alone in front of goalkeeper Baumann. His conclusion was not completely happy attempted parachute is the guardian of TSG and read the account scored a very good procedure.

Five minutes after the break to go up the guests. After a great first bet365 penetration firing active Modeste and then got into the Heading ending Firmino, however Karius goalie was out of work. The greatest chance to match guests work out exactly after an hour of play, when to ring design goals.

After further penetration was again seen Firmino and their goalkeeper Karius pumelicí scared, but ultimately only time to hit the outer rods and followed only by goal kick. In the final twenty minutes began two choices affect the nervous impression on them, and it was seen that especially do not want to collect. By promising position came in the 70th minute Volland, but at the last bet365 possible moment, the ball ran away and was so at the chance.

Ten minutes before the end to decide Firmin, even at this time, and not aiming exactly the bomb closed only in the side net. In the remaining minutes, one goal was not significantly compromised and after the final whistle, so shone on the board just a bet365 goalless draw. The next round will invite TSG in home strong Schalke, Mainz will come to the land of competitive Gladbach.

Schalke 04 – Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund failed to redress the previous two hesitation Veltins Arena and left with empty hands. Schalke soon took up two-goal lead, although Borussen almost immediately able to reduce, but another blow to the already wards of Jürgen Klopp could manage.

Königsblauen started better. First it tried to Meyer, but the guard did not come Dortmund shrine. Just a moment later, holding out the angle Choupo-Moting, not to him but Weidenfeller recipe could be found. From the subsequent corner but hit: Aogo found its center head Matip, who opened the score 1 – 0! Immobile could catch up, but missed the goal at all.

betathomeAdditionally struck again soon die Knappen. Again, all preceded corner kick Aoga, Weidenfeller subsequently advised attempt to Huntelaar, but followed dorážkou Choupo-Moting you already know could not board 2 – 0th Borussia However, after double strike on the contrary, she added …

A soon came deserved reward. Ramos spoke in front of the goal Aubameyanga, who knew a lime and promptly Betclic reduced to two: the first Until the half-time break with Mičuda shifted from one side of the pitch to the other, no more dangerous actions, however, were not seen.

Shortly after changing sides could catch up again Immobile, Fährmann but his effort displaced at least stick to your own sanctuary! Then Piszczek misjudged a long ball, which got Choupo-Moting entire event after he finished Boateng, but from outside the penalty area boundaries demarcated area found.

After an hour of the game after a fight with Ramos inside the box Matip commanded the country Judges Gagelmann but let the game flow freely and indignation throughout the Colombian striker and Dortmund racers, including rozezleného Jürgen Klopp, a penalty kick does not buzz. BVB dictated the tempo of the game, while Schalke have focused more on the defensive. Last hopeful possibility Borussen had about ten minutes before the final whistle Jojic, but his head did not succeed. Even within the set Betathome time could lead insure S04 Huntelaar, but round nonsense it had not pointed to the Dortmund goal.

SC Freiburg – Bayer Leverkusen

Neither napošesté the footballers Freiburg failed to win and remain dangerously close to the very bottom of the table. On the other hand, it must be recognized that a goalless draw with aspirant for the title is not completely useless result ..

Leverkusen came to Freiburg with ambitions of winning, but they have got a huge financial blow in the 28th minute when, after his second yellow card excluded notorious cliffhanger Emir Spahic. However, home of their power play failed to create anything worthwhile themselves and eventually played out a decade after the red card Paul Krmaš. Overall, Bayer was the favored certainly more dangerous team.

Home coach Christian Streich before the game talked about how his charges in the past duels damaging the referee; twice as follows Freiburg came in settings for a chance to win the season premiere. Today, however, probably no complaints about the man with the whistle will not: Leverkusen in the first half earned just five yellow Bet365 cards. Two of them received Spahic, who so after half an hour of the game commanded under the shower.

But play power play is one thing to use the situation to create a second pressure. Visiting coach Roger Schmidt after weakening reorganized their forces and guests should not engage in domestic opportunities; honorable exception was the situation of 37 minutes when in a good shooting position got Felix Klaus, but missed. On the contrary, the Bayer from numerous disadvantages seemingly doing nothing and shortly after changing sides could open the score through Kiessling, against whose header had to pull goalie Roman Burke.

Swiss goalkeeper subsequently Unibet casino bonus attempted a clever lob from half field Hakan Calhanoglu catch, but the ball was heading too high. According to the image of the game, however, it seemed that the power play plays rather Leverkusen. When Krmašovo exclusion in 78 minutes (after a foul on Lars Bender) compared to the force field, and guests should at once a psychological advantage – the conclusions of matches lately really do not rely Freiburg. Karim Bellarabi and Heung-Min Son were very close to the leading goal, but hit only two Bürkiho structure, which ultimately decided the division points.

VfB Stuttgart – Hannover 96

Stuttgart has finally made it! Wards Armina Veha managed to win a sixth try for the first time, when the closest possible score overwhelmed in great form playing Hannover. VfB thus climbed from glide zones, while guests vacate positions to ensure the Champions League.

The author of the only goal of the match was Daniel Schwaab, but it must be said that this win was by no means undeserved – Stuttgart in Lower Saxony derby was the better team, on which was mainly due to man of the match, Daniel Didavi active. It seems that Vehovi wards gaining breath; gain three valuable bet365 points affirmed draw 2: 2 of Dortmund. After being fired sporting director Frediho Bobic and Stuttgart still unbeaten.

Didavi was significant at all on Wednesday at Borussia soil, which scored both goals, and a good form carried over into tonight’s game. After his pass into the first chance he got Timo Werner, his shot just pointed out. Didaviho passports were one word great, flew to Hanover lime with regularity, and more recently disgruntled home crowd made ​​it clear that the bet365 young winger like it.

Next, he was trying to knock the footer to the network Christian Gentner, in a way, however, was attentive defender Marcelo. Home were in the first half clearly the better team, but after changing sides could surprisingly collect first – Hiroshi Kiyotaka found on a breakaway Leonardo Bittencourt, whose return pass to Manuela Schmiedebacha could result in scoring position, if it were just a bit more accurate. On the other hand, subsequently goalie Zieler bet365 shutout Didaviho shootout.

The goal is thus expected up to 69 minutes – Gentner opened to the corner bar closer to where lurked ready Schwaab and cleaned the ball into the net before it could prevent Miiko Albornoz kick to safety. Hannover had another good chance to attempt settlement through Joselua, home defense but despite exerting all efforts to resolve everything and bet365 defended so well deserved win VfB.

Beşiktaş JK – Asteras Tripolis 1:1

Бет365 cпортни залози бонусYou do not give – you get. Hoary cliches about football not currently a popular topic of conversation among fans of Besiktas, who was an outsider Asteras Tripolis, so to speak “in the bucket”, thin line but failed to insure and finally the unexpected Tref relieving Facundo Parry has to settle for a draw.

For Asteras was a full European debut, and accordingly it also appeared on the pitch – an experienced outsider dominated the rookie defensive. Neither shot Gokhan Toreho but Istanbul’s ultimately not enough. Instead of clearly narýsovaného scenarios with Tottenham and Besiktas practices and group C is still completely open – all four teams have to account for one point.

Besiktas was close to the qualifying round of the Champions League Arsenal knocked illustrious and qualitative difference between Бет365 cпортни залози бонус today’s opponent was a disappointment to know immediately. In the seventh minute messing kick Oguzhan Ozyakup beautiful shot from the middle distance, however, ended only at the bar. Another chance scored Tore, Olcay Sahan and Veli Kavlak, but Tomas basket in the guest gate resisted.

It was not until half an hour after the game Asteras first came to life and Giorgios Zisopoulos fired from behind the lime; Unfortunately for the visiting fans outside. Shortly thereafter he deservedly led home – Tore a hit with Ozyakupem, burst into paralyzed and static visiting defense and ground shot from some 20 meters which is still wiping the bar, burned helpless Košice. Coach Staikos Vergetis could uvztekat – the way the defense before winger dvaadvacetiletým parted not seem too professional impression.

In the same spirit continued after the break; the best chance of the second half had Olcay, but culpably missed. In a dramatic conclusion came as an unexpected twist – Asteras that the match tugging at the short end, compared Parr výtečnému in oil due to the back post two minutes before the end of the game. Appalled favorite is already the answer speechless and may regret discarded opportunities to take the lead in the group.

The interests of the club in the first place, closed the dispute Labruna

Marcelo Bielsa will continue to operate on a bench Marseille. Argentina’s coach a few days ago released mouth shut, openly criticized Premier league President Vincent Labruna and in the French media speculation about his quick departure, but the two of dispute between them has been settled …

Fifty eight Bielsa took over Olympique early summer, after the end of the transfer period, but complained that Labruna honored its promises regarding the transfer market policy of the club. He did not like Mathieu Valbuena in particular the departure and arrival of Brazilian defender Doria.

Subsequently even speculated about Bielsově fired, but the Argentine coach with the president everything will be clarified and the south of France to continue. “We had a very thorough discussion, which enabled us to get rid of some misunderstanding and recurring confusion. Marcelo spoke to me frankly, and I knew that was not najlepszy bukmacher trying to pick a fight, but only to approach my feelings fans,” said Labruna.

“These discussions helped us identify some of the problems in internal communication and also improve our relationship. Hence, the whole incident is closed and the project continues. Interests of the club in the first place – before the interests of management, coaching staff and players. Everybody’s all we want, namely play a successful season, “said head of Marseilles.

Turtledove as director of Teplice replaced Hynek

The new director of FK Teplice became a current member of the Supervisory Board Petr Hynek. He replaces long-time functionary Francis lovebirds, who died Aug. 3 at the consequences of stroke. North Bohemian club announced his appointment at a press conference today.

The trained chemical engineer Hynek is a member of the Board of Teplice branch company AGC Group, the majority owner of the club. The operation is Teplic Hynek participated as a member of the Supervisory Board.

“He is a man who could build on what you have done, Mr. Hrdlicka,” said club chairman Paul Šedlbauer that option thoroughly thought through. “I tried to get as bookie sign up offers much information to select the best solution. Following discussions on the board, I decided that I wanted to club manager drove AGC,” he added.

Although Henry does not come from the football environment, try your best to replace lovebirds, who was among the leading Czech football officials. “Can someone be perceived as a disadvantage, that did not grow up in a football environment. Contrary, I take it, that it may be an advantage because it can be totally independent and a little above that. Propulsion football club is a business, even if different than our glass, but there are principles that we advocate, and I would like to have more of these principles have established themselves here, “explained the choice Šedlbauer.

The late Hrdlicka in the club worked since 1993 under his bet365 sign up offers leadership Teplice advanced to the top league and played even European Cups. In addition, Hrdlicka was also a member of the Executive Committee of Football Association of the Czech Republic. Here, however, it will not replace Hynek, a new member of the Executive Committee selects up to the General Meeting FACR.

The second candidate for the vacancy fifty-two, was allegedly a member of the Board of the club and the personnel director of AGC Flat Glass Czech Libor got. Preference finally got Hynek.

“Football is my favorite sport, even though I had never reached anything sporty, but I try him at his age actively playing. Teplickému big fan of football since Betclic bonus childhood and my two sons went through Teplice football from the preparations to the A-youth, by extension, the junior, “he said after his appointment Hynek.

Bebé így a Manchester United, Benfica vett neki

bet365 sportNégy év után a Bebé búcsúzott a Manchester United, és visszatért véglegesen Portugáliában. 24 éves csatár az Old Traffordon nem sikerült érvényesíteni az új szezon lesz versenyezni a javára a lisszaboni Benfica rajongók …

Bebé Lisszabonban aláírt egy szerződést a négy évszak. Egyesült kell, hogy két és 500.000 £ plusz ötven százalékos részesedést a további játékosok áthelyezése.

Bebého hozta egykori menedzsere Sir Alex Ferguson 2010 augusztusában a Vitoria Guimarães az £ 7.400.000, és ez az összeg a Vörös Ördögök vissza. Bebé nem sikerült, hogy álljon át a számát a verseny kezdete a Manchester United volt, csak mindössze hét – kétszer játszott, mint a helyettesítő Premier League háromszor online fogadások megízlelte a hangulat a Ligakupa és egy csomagtartó hozzáadva az FA-kupa és a Bajnokok Ligája.

Bebé fokozatosan ment kölcsön Besiktas, Rio Ave és a Pacos Ferreira tavaly, itt sikerült, és 27 bajnoki mérkőzés adta 12 gólů.Tepličtí kapott csak kezdete előtt a szezon erősítést a támadást. Észak-csehországi Club ma hivatalosan is tolta az érkezés kongói csatár Ulrich Kapolonga, aki utoljára dolgozott az azerbajdzsáni-Karabah. A Teplice sikeresek teszteket.

Heti huszonöt Teplice csatár sikerült játszani két készítmény mérkőzések Köln és Hallesherem. Bár a cél nem adott, de a csapattársak esélye, különösen felkészült. Értsd meg kellett Litsingim különösen Franciaországban, amellyel ismeri a kongói nemzeti csapat.

Teplice kívül a meghosszabbított fogadóiroda magyar szerződés végéig, 2016-ig Egon VÚCHEM és a 2018 végéig Mark röviden. Ő majd elküldi a kölcsön Ústí nad Labem.Někdejší Arsenal csillag Fredrik Ljungberg, míg két évvel ezelőtt, lógott a köröm csizmát, de még mindig fel a mez egy profi klub. Három hónap, próbálja meg a feltörekvő indiai Super League. Melyik a nyolc klubok svéd fog játszani, de a meleg.

Svéd internationals töltötte legszebb éveit az Arsenalnál, ahol ő vezette át a West Ham még néhány egzotikus bet365 – http://bonusz-online.com/bet365/ působištím. Játszott Seattle, Chicago, majd egy pillanatnyi elkötelezettség a Celtic kipróbált és japán club Shimizu S-Pulse. 2012 augusztusában bejelentette, hogy az aktív pályafutása véget ért.

Év, de az év elment, csilingelő érmék és “Freddie” Ljungberg helyezi a csizmáját újra. Csalogatták a feltörekvő indiai labdarúgó verseny, hogy ez év szeptemberében indul. “Mivel szeptember csatlakozhatok következő három hónapban az indiai Super League, és megpróbálunk segíteni labdarúgás Indiában,” mondta a Twitter.

“Bár én elhagyta a zöld gyepen, a lehetőséget, hogy játsszon Indiában nagyon izgalmas. Várja, hogy megosszák a sportfogadás szempontjából tapasztalat és tudás, a Premier League”, mondta Ljungberg.

Reveal azonban, amelyben a részt vevő egységek nyolc fog játszani. Minden klub megengedett, hogy vegyenek részt a csapat nyolc nemzetközi hírű – Atlético Kolkata például csábította Luis García cél Kerala robbantó ismét őr egyik legjobb kapusok történetét a Premier League David James.

Sparta Praha – Slovan Liberec

bet365 officeHe speaks and writes about it for a long time, in the last week then more. Theoretically, Sparta celebrate winning the title already in Saturday’s game against Liberec. It would, however, have předehrávce Friday Teplice in Bohemia not to lose, while Sparta would have to score fullest. However, Liberec Summer has also something to play for.

Sparta and spring begins masterfully and yet unmistakably headed for his seasonal goal, which is to gain the highest trophies for the winners of the competition. In the spring league only stumbled on Bazaly, otherwise by all opponents always takes the three points. The league has not lost for 27 games in a row, last time was not Bet365 online bonus enough last May at Brno. Sparta then lost at home since September of 2012 These are impressive statistics. In Liberec, Sparta tied in the fall. The next important race boards Sparta almost complete, out of the game is only injured defender Costa.

“Celebrating title on Saturday would be nice, but if it is later, so we will also be happy. So for Friday’s match Pilsen with Teplice not neupínám and do not want to anticipate what will be the situation after the table. Changes in Liberec know Unibet bonus whether it’s a new coach or injured players, but basically the gameplay Liberec will not be much different, “said the fundamental things Sparta coach Vitezslav bench.

Liberec but Letná definitely not going to watch a masterful celebration. From the position of the fourth team table has a real chance to break through to the European Cup, in which in the current season so much excelled. The security procedure to Europe from third place in the North Bohemia loses five points, but theoretically they may suffice to keep ahead of the fifth Teplice. It also depends on who wins the Cup home. Outside, however, Liberec lost the last three games, in addition to Sparta won only three out of the last 20 duels. DeLarge does not compete due to injury, and sural Fleišman is uncertain start by Kovac, who will defend the colors of summer Sparta.

“Sparta is the best team in the league this season and probably rightfully earns the title. We have but their plans and they are not in accordance with the Spartan. Obligations we have towards our fans, we want to offer an attractive spectacle., A point of Summer would be tossed. Guys at pitch leave the heart, it is the basis. Sparta is a big favorite, but pre losers are not betclic odds online going to Prague. match of the summer is a challenge for us, “said determinedly coach David Vavruška guests.

1. FC Slovácko – Sigma Olomouc

Moravian engagement will be on display in the town of. Home Moravian Slovakia hosts a whole dipped in the fight to save the Sigma Olomouc.

Moravian Slovakia is in the first half of the table and the glide position has a relatively large margin of nine points. Virtually definitive peace in the whole series Habance coach brought a victory over a rival trápícím. In the last five mutual league duels but Slovácko sigma or one immature autumn duel ended in a draw in Hana 2: 2nd Home will have to do without injured Hlúpika and Melichárek and vykartované Diviše and Kuncl.

“In the last round in Liberec have suffered from poor performance in the second half. Olomouc still fighting rescue. Has a good team, but in the spring it fails. Expect the opponent will rely on the play of the defense perfectly secured. Though the Sigma spring of the league really bad balance playgrounds opponents, where not scored and gave only one goal, so we can not underestimate the opponent, “he assured the public football coach home Svatopluk Habanec.

Sigma in the spring and worried it may enjoy the victory over its direct competitors in the struggle for salvation, Slavia and Bohemians. Especially outside the Hanáci toothless. All spring outdoor performances lost in the score 1:13. Currently have a lead of just two points at the penultimate Slavia. Any points gained by the team for Psotkův was positive momentum in the last rounds. Guests should complete board, a question mark hangs just above the start of Ordos.

“In the spring we do not emanate away games. We of the outdoor matches played well maybe two, otherwise we were passive, waiting for the opponent makes. We to approach it differently and perform such feats as outside home. Slovácko now plays very well on the offensive , shows a very good and attractive football in recent matches. believe that we will in the end more productive than against Pribram and at least one minus point wiped out, “said coach Zdeněk Sigma Psotka.

Baník Ostrava – Dukla Praha

Ostrava will want week old cannonade against Znojmo and confirm in a home match. The Bazaly arrives Dukla that spring still looks in vain for his autumn form.

betclic bonusBanik week ago in Brno after fifteen rounds finally able to rejoice in the victory. Three points in the table came just in time, because the end of the competition already much around left and Ostrava whole and get a better position in the hard struggle to maintain. The euphoria of victory against the outside of Znojmo, Brno last whole table can be used at home against plaguing the Dukla, in the autumn on the pitch yielded only one goal. At home in the league Banik but also very successfully. In twelve games celebrated victory only three times, the last time in September last year. Because Bet 365 cards Sukup does not start due to injury then trio Petrus, deeds, Sinělnikovs.

“Dukla long time playing his style – a combination soccer stretched to the sides, with a rotation of players to tip Pospěch. Goal It is the player to whom we have to be careful. Again, it will be about attempting to play offensively, well Presov and gain an advantageous position after losses opponent, from which we can score. it’s an important game for us as well as all others. wants to continue the game with Znojmo and Saturday to handle, “said coach Martin Svědík.

Dukla says goodbye to the Unibet bonus online prospect of European Cups. It’s the bad form of spring, you guys from Prague after Christmas only won two league games, while just six of them lost. Last but victory came at just the latest in outdoor match in Jablonec, where Dukla showed that goals give forget. In Ostrava will be fighting against their spring home opportunity to atone for failures. Not once Dukla spring, for example, failed to keep a clean sheet. Guests will miss Koval, Néstor, Vorel and small.

“While Ostrava is the last place her playroom, this is definitely not rung. In the last round after a change of coach caught profit and a clear victory in Znojmo. Appeared on the Betclic bonus team for us unfamiliar faces like Narh or Lindpere, also has at its center enough gear types, so their quick transition to coaching, we have to prepare, “said the coach rating Luboš Kozel.

AFC Ajax – SC Heerenveen

Fotbollsspelare Ajax , medan det i de tre senaste matcherna bara en gång nått trepunkts vinst , men på grund av andra konkurrenter tvekan äntligen håller på toppen av tabellen inför den konstanta , vilket är fyra punkter i andra Twente . Försök nu från sina egna fans slog Heerenveen tävlar mot vem han misslyckas på lång sikt , och till och med nu är det inte en enkel uppgift . Gästerna hör sjätte plats och vill kvalificera detta år direkt till EM , men på den fjärde Arnhem har redan förlorat sju poäng .

expekt front pageAjax efter en mycket bra start på det nya året började plocka upp en framgång efter den andra och efter åtta segrar i rad slogs om första plats , men sedan bara bundna med Utrecht och efter en ansträngd 2-1 seger över Groningen bunden förra helgen Zwolle . Wards av tränare Marco van Basten visar upp en mycket ojämn prestation , men fortfarande har en expekt bonus chans att slåss om titeln . Heerenveen under de senaste fyra matcherna spelas två segrar och två förluster , men inte tillräckligt för att Cambuur med Twente och lyckades slå Den Haag och Groningen sist .

Home tränare Frank de Boer kan förlita sig på den fullständiga sammansättningen av en spelare i söndagens succé kommer in med ett oskrivet blad . ” Vi var alltför vana vid seger och under de senaste tre dueller vi trodde att det skulle lösa sig . Å andra sidan , varken de fem punkterna i dueller är verkligen inte illa . Uppskattar särskilt framgångsrik över Groningen , som bet365 bonus spelade riktigt bra . På Även om vi nu kan hålla en liten kant till den andra , men vi får inte låta så ofta att förlora , ” sade třiačtyřicetiletý coach som kan leda sitt lag till en fjärde titel i rad .

I höst match båda lagen skildes i godo efter 3-3 tittarna kunde njuta det vackra spelet , nu när allt mer självsäker Ajax . ” Vi får inte underskatta Heerenveen , fortfarande en av de bästa lagen i vår liga och lyckas reta alltid . Övertygad om att vi är det ett par gånger och i min mening kommer detta att vara annorlunda och med nu . Att ha ett bra spel inövade flytta den offensiva halvan och jord unibet bonus kombination är nästan felfri . Vill Han ingjuta vårt spel för fönster på försvar , defensiva bara för att det är en av svagheterna i Heerenveen , ” redogjorde för situationen de Boer .

Hans sex år äldre motsvarighet van Basten kan inte använda tjänsterna Dijkse med Kruiswijk grund av muskelproblem , Zomer på gräsmattan lät ett skadat knä . ” Om vi slår Ajax , måste vi undvika onödiga misstag och behöver visa överlägsen prestanda . Opponent får inte låta dem spela och bara fokusera på defensiven , skulle det vara vår död . O obestridliga kvaliteter Ajax , utan tvekan , att slå honom på hans stadion är mycket svårt ett rykte som vi kan så ett av de fem fallen . Förhoppningsvis som kommer att hända just nu , skulle dessa punkter har hjälpt oss mycket , ” sade devětačtyřicetiletý strateg .

Massimo Bonini – One of a kind

En esta sección se muestra sobre todo los grandes jugadores de los países pequeños . Esto incluye el contraste seguro que no cumple con muchos jugadores en el mundo . Aún así, sin embargo, encontrará muchos jugadores que han hecho mundialmente famoso nombre , aunque derivado del país totalmente mediocre. Un partidario típico es también un “héroe” la edición de hoy – el centrocampista defensivo Massimo Bonini . A pesar de que venía de un fútbol enano país, pero se las arregló para brillar en el estimado de la Juventus .

¿Y por qué sólo uno de su clase ? La razón es clara – el único ciudadano de San Marina ganó la Copa de Europa. El camino a la final y el beneficio solo , pero no fue fácil. Como lo es para muchas historias deportivas generalmente había producirse su Massimo Bonini a través de un montón de trabajo , el sacrificio , el talento y una patada suerte gota . En cuanto a las estadísticas en la selección nacional probablemente diría que su carrera no puede ser significativo. A finales de 1990 , Bonini consiguió el mejor lanzamiento en su país en sus treinta años!

Desde los años de la escuela se hizo cargo del fútbol y de la clase de gimnasia sobresalido en ella. Nadie se sorprendió , porque junto con Bet365 bono bocadillos y bolsas escolares para llevar a la escuela y el fútbol. Después de cambiar la última llamada y salió corriendo con el fútbol . Sus actuaciones en los “grandes” camiseta de fútbol comenzaron en SS Juvenes en 1973 , lo cual es una opción conveniente dado el nombre de una popular maestro italiano . Después de cuatro años se trasladó con sus padres a la ciudad de Serravalle Bellaria – Igea Marina en la provincia de Rimini, donde se matriculó como un talento todo terreno en el equipo local , que había realizado en la Serie D. En Italia es el más alto nivel no profesional , lo que puede lograr .

Una temporada de encendido y apagado

El club se quedó sólo una temporada , y después de treinta y tres partidos en los que anotó un gol , eligió debutante Serie C , por lo tanto la competencia profesional. En Forlì pronto se convirtió en fans de su espíritu de lucha y la devoción . Desde la posición de centrocampista defensivo , aunque no es muy visible, pero cuando el campo se había perdido, sus compañeros de equipo hicieron los problemas de la transición en ataque, el retorno correr hacia su puerta . Se convirtió en simplemente una pieza invisible pero muy importante en el tablero de ajedrez imaginario. Sus obras han notado los vecinos de Cesena , que tenían ambiciones de llegar a la segunda más alta competencia. Esto necesita un caballo de batalla en el centro del campo y recomendó a los exploradores sólo Boniniho .

En Forlì duró sólo una temporada y después se mueve de nuevo. ¿No debería tan lejos, porque es de Forlì -Cesena distancia durante treinta minutos. Entorno Bonini Stadio Dino Manuzzi en la que se reunió Cesena , muy conocido y muy pronto se convirtió en una pieza clave de la lucha del equipo para el ascenso a la Premier League. Lo que es más , sesenta se unió en su jersey y contribuyeron al procedimiento deseado a la Serie B en 1979. A principios de los años ochenta , además de Bonini primero probó lo que se siente al jugar por la representación. Todavía no , pero algo faltaba. En primer lugar , no era una persona mayor, pero Jednadvacítka . Y sobre todo, no era una camiseta de San Marina, que en ese momento no funcionó como una sola selección nacional , por lo que en lugar de Bonini llevaba jersey Italia. Para la organización de la UEFA era simplemente italiano. Para él, sino , fundamentalmente, no importa, porque a pesar de su interés ganó gran club .

MFK Ružomberok – MŠK Žilina

A cél az, Ružomberok, mielőtt az új szezon Nehru menteni, és befejezni legalább a 8. helyen. Tekintettel arra, hogy az elmúlt évben akartak egy csésze, és harcolt az előzetes kerek, érthetetlen. Tekintettel arra, hogy a harmadik újonc ment a közgyűlés formájában olcsó és Tawambu Dubek – érthető. Žilina, éppen ellenkezőleg akar menni, sokkal magasabb, mint a legutóbbi kilencedik helyen. Ez lesz annyira, hogyan kell játszani az első fordulóban.

Ezen felül, Peter Maslo jól ment, és ez a csapás a változás a védelemben. A menedzsment a klub megállt fiatalító káder csapatkapitány kapott csak 25 éves Greššák, és a padon újra zasadol régi-új edző, Ladislav Simca. Másrészt, a klub még mindig lehajtható a játékosok, akik taki ugyan nem ismert, de az elmúlt szezonban rendszeresen objavovali a gyep, és itt az ideje, hogy kifejezett kifejezettebb. “Mi vagyunk a közepén még a többi játékos. Bartos Mi, Lovas, egy új játékos érkezett Turčák so-játékos van. Ezek két évig káderek van némi tapasztalata, ezért meg kell kezdeni feltölteni őket, hogy ezt a tényt,” skonštatoval vezető pilóta a hivatalos honlapján. Ružomberská labdarúgók szinte az egész felkészülés Vedd Backyard, de a terv is päťdňové koncentráció Csehországban, melynek során odohrajú három előkészítő ülést. Próba a bajnoki a tervek szerint vasárnap július 6. at popradskom NTC egy lengyel ruchome Chorzów.

Takumi gyenge szezon, az alsó klub április időtlen. Valami hasonló már Guľovci azt kérjük dopustiť, ezért szeretné, hogy az új év kalandja elszántan. Ismét kezdve Rózsahegy és tudom, hogy meg tudom csinálni ezt Süper megszünteti a divat játék. “Tavaly esett sok újonc, ez jó a foci, és jól illeszkedik ez alkalommal, de majd lőni legalább egy cél több, mint nagy,” mondja, mielőtt live score duelom edző Adrián Gula. A főpróba a bajnoki kötött kanári Lengyelországban Wisla Krakow, hasonlóan az egység várható még a Rózsahegy. Még mindig kérdéses, a Start Greaves és William. Végleges van Žilina, ha Bojana repülő. “Még mindig meg kell felszerelni az összes közigazgatási ügyekre., De készek vagyunk íme, hogy lesz elérhető,” tette hozzá a pilóta a hivatalos honlapján a klub. Az előkészítés során a kapuban forgatni a Krnáč Le Giangom, a poste egységek azonban indulhat egyetlen. A sárga-zöldek játszott a nyár folyamán, a hét előkészítő párbaj, amelyben rögzített két győzelem, két döntetlen és három túlfűtött. Egy adott mérkőzés pontszám legalább egy, de lehetőleg a püspök készítmény vált Čmelík három kovásztalan beavatkozást. Miután két cél Lupča észrevette, hogy egy fiatalember Gorelčík, egy Jelic, Mihalik és a többi közül junior žilinských Michlík.

Látal duel with Libercem prestižněji does not, favors the opponent

Czech coach Kosice Slovakia Radoslav Látal does not double-header 2nd preliminary round of the European League against compatriots from Liberec no prestižněji. Slovan considered as a big favorite, which will seek to position his team the most complicated.

“I would not say it’s the prestigious match for me, so do not buy it. Observations on the opponent’s obviously easier to come by. This is true for us, and for Liberec. Known to each other so much that few things surprise us,” he said at a press conference Látal .

The clear favorite is by opposing him. “Liberec has a very experienced team, a lot of players played good matches in the Europa League. Last season progressed from the group on and experiences play in such matches as tomorrow big role. From our team to the Europa League play only three or four players, so I consider rival for big favorite, “said Látal.

“Our team is inexperienced, but that is not to say that we give up. We will try to Liberec the most complicated and fight until the last moment,” said former player Olomouc, Ostrava and Schalke 04.

His team does not go into Thursday’s duel on a winning streak since losing the first two rezultate live pariuri competitive matches of the season. After a weekend home defeat in the league with Banská Bystrica coach spared criticism of the foreign players from the Balkans.

“‘s Irritation was, we wanted to get to the psychological well-being.’m Not saying that we odflákli, but we made a blunder. Come-concentration of some players who were among the driving forces of the team,” said Látal.

Errors them awake. “They know what happened. We will try to rectify tomorrow., If we repeat those mistakes, then we have no chance to fight for the procedure,” he added čtyřiačtyřicetiletý former coach of Ostrava.

Drogba back in Chelsea, which is now all officially confirmed

drogbaOne more reinforcements eventually in the course of the interchange term gained Chelsea. Back to the London club returns Didier Drogba, who had no involvement in the operation after the completion of Galatasaray. 36letý footballer signed a contract for one year …

“It was an easy decision. I could not refuse the opportunity to once again work with Jose Mourinho. Everybody knows about my special relationship with this club, I always feel at home. My desire to win is still the same and I look forward to the opportunity to help the team. Excited I am the next chapter of my career, “he told the club website.

The representative of Côte d’Ivoire’s first came to Stamford Bridge a decade ago from Marseille and became one of the leading figures of the team. In total Chelsea scored 157 goals in 341 matches, among others, won three Premier League and the Champions League once.

After two years retire tried his luck in the Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua, in January last year, then transferred to Galatasaray.

Tréner Herrera po postupe Mexika vyzdvihol kapitána Márqueza

bet365 sportTréner Mexika Miguel Herrera po výhre 3:1 nad Chorvátskom a postupu do osemfinále majstrovstiev sveta vyzdvihol kapitána Rafaela Márqueza. Tridsaťpäťročný obranca Leónu gólom a asistenciou výrazne pomohol k tomu, že stredoamerický tím šiestykrát za sebou postúpil na svetovom šampionáte zo skupiny.

Márquez, ktorý svoju krajinu reprezentuje už na štvrtom MS, preukázal v pondelkovom zápase v Recife veľkú skúsenosť a prehľad pri rohových kopoch. V 72. minúte otvoril hlavou skóre a za desať minút z ďalšej štandardnej situácie pripravil tretí gól pre striedajúceho Javiera Harnándeze.

Herrera vymenoval bývalého stopéra Monaka či Barcelony kapitánom Mexika krátko po svojom príchode na lavičku vlani v októbri. “Potrebovali sme lídra, ktorý bude koncentrovaný a angažovaný, bude veliť, kričať a odovzdávať moje inštrukcie na ihrisku,” uviedol Bet365 bonus mexický tréner na tlačovej konferencii.

“Neváhal som ho zvoliť kapitánom. Bol jediným kandidátom, číslom jedna na třiadvacetičlenné súpiske. Dostal za úlohu viesť tím, preto mu hovoria šéf,” doplnil niekdajší obranca Herrera. Jeho zverenci v skupine A získali sedem bodov a len vinou horšieho skóre skončili na druhom mieste za domáce Brazíliou. V osemfinále narazí na Holandsko.

Mexičania boli od začiatku lepší ako Chorvátsko, ale prevahu dokázali vyjadriť gólovo až medzi 72. a 82. minútou. “V prvom polčase nám možno trochu chýbala odvaha. Mysleli sme na to, že nás remíza posunie do ďalšieho kola,” priznal štyridsaťšesťročný kouč. “Cez prestávku sme sa rozhodli vysunúť Rafu (Márqueza) dopredu na štandardky. Po prvom góle sme mali veľkú radosť,” uviedol Herrera, ktorý zápas intenzívne prežíval na lavičke.

Veľa sa hneval, že rozhodca za stavu 0:0 nenariadil penaltu za ruku chorvátskeho kapitána Daria Srny. Arbiter pritom Mexiko poškodili už v prvom dueli s Kamerunom (0:1), keď kvôli mylným ofsajdům neuznali dva regulárne góly. “Videli sme v našich zápasoch veľa chýb. Spojeným štátom a Kostarike sa to nestalo. Rozhodca nás štvú, v dvoch z troch zápasov boli proti nám,” dodal Herrera.


Uruguaj zdolala Taliansku a postupuje zo skupiny

Uruguaj to dokázala! Porazila o Godínovou bránkou oslabenú Taliansku, ktorá tak na majstrovstvách sveta končí. Stretnutie ale bolo skôr bojom – futbal bol dnes až na druhom mieste. A kontroverzie ukázal tiež Luis Suarez, ktorý podľa všetkého opäť “hrýzol”. A to doslova.

Taliani bojovali o postup medzi najlepších šestnásť tímov. Pred zápasom veľa aktérov avizovalo atraktívny herný štýl, aj keď Talianom stačila len remíza. Možno aj preto do základnej zostavy okrem strelca Maria Balotelliho nastúpil aj najlepší strelec Serie A Ciro Immobile. Napriek tomu sa diváci po prvom polčase gólov nedočkali.

Už po púhych štyroch minútach upadol Mario Balotelli v pokutovom území Uruguajčana, ale rozhodca Marco Rodriguez sa rozhodol nepíska. Hlavnou zbraňou Taliansko mali byť opäť štandardné situácie v podaní záložníka Pirla, ktorý sa uviedol ďalšiu skvelú nahrávkou na Balotelliho. Neskôr volil prekvapivo strelu miesto centre a to nebol vôbec zlý pokus. Lopta totiž dostal faloš a brankár Muslera mal veľa čo robiť, aby situáciu zvládol na prospech svojho tímu.

Po polhodine hry squadra azzurra začala poriadne hroziť, ale ich snaha sa nestretávala s úspechom. Aj preto musel do akcie brankár Gianluigi Buffon, ktorého najprv preveril Luis Suarez, po ňom sa do šance dostal ešte Lodeiro, ktorý potom dorážal. Ani jeho pokus ale nebol úspešným, pretože Buffon bol včas na svojom mieste a skvele si odviedol svoju prácu.

Postupná rozohrávka Talianom moc nevychádzala, ale spĺňala remízový stav. Zmene stavu nepomáhal ani Andrea Pirlo, ktorého nahrávky nenachádzali svojich adresátov. Mario Balotelli sa v priebehu polčasu vytrácal z ihriska a tréner Cesare Prandelli sa rozhodol reagovať – do druhého polčasu už útočník AC Miláno nenastúpil. Na ihrisko sa namiesto neho dostal Marco Parole, pôvodným povolaním stredopoliar.

Prvá polovice veľa futbalových okamihov neponúkla a začiatok druhého polčasu nebol o mnoho lepšie. Zo strany Talianov sa stále jednalo o snahu predovšetkým neinkasovať a až potom sa pokúsiť o strelenie gólu. Uruguajci sa síce stále viac snažili napádať rozohrávku Prandelliho tímu, ale Edinson Cavani niekoľkokrát prekročil v snahe o získanie lopty pravidlá.

Štandardnej situácie Luise Suareza sa nepodarila a Cristian Rodriguez minul z uhla bránku Gianluigiho Buffona. Takže Uruguaj musela začať od začiatku. Pomohla jej situácia z šesťdesiate minúty, v ktorej Claudio Marchisio dohrával súboj o stratený loptu s Arevalo Rios. Príliš sa mu to nepodarilo, pretože trafil holeň Arevalo a stávkové kancelárie online arbiter Marco Rodriguez stál meter od neho, takže dobre videl. Neváhal takmer ani minútu a siahol do vrecka pre kartu. Oproti všeobecnému mienky však nevytiahol žltú, ale rovno červenú kartu!

Na Italy toto oslabenie veľa doľahlo, takže sa ešte viac zomkli do obrannej fázy. Napriek tomu sa Juhoameričania dostali k zakončeniu pomerne ľahko. Luis Suarez sa rútil na brankára Buffona a mal na kopačke vytúžený vedúci gól. Bol síce tiesnený trojicou obrancov, ale podarilo sa mu vypáliť. Hviezdny strelec Liverpoolu ale napálil loptu do skvele zasahujúceho brankára Buffona.

Na opačnej strane sa o niečo podobné pokúšal Ciro Immobile, ale ten bol skvel strážený Gimenez. Immobileho do šance vysielal Marco Verratti, ktorý sa o niečo neskôr zranil a musel byť striedaný. Tréner Cesare Prandelli si asi posledný striedanie chcel nechať až na záverečné minúty, ale musel reagovať na nepriaznivý vývoj udalostí.