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Cross-country skiing: Bajčičák a raise at the scoring through chaos

NEW CITY AT MORAVE on January 3 (SITA) – Unbelievable result chaos occurred before Wednesday’s fifth round of the 2nd Tour de Ski in New Town in Moravia. For the second time during the race, the International Ski Federation (FIS) has specified the “rules of the game”. This was an ambiguous explanation of the regulation in two races with handicap start – 2nd and 4th stage. In the men’s category, in both cases, the first goal was scored by Lukáš Bauer, the first Norbert Marit Björgen fought the imaginary target band between the women in the second stage, Sweden’s Charlotte Kallova was fourth.According to the interpretation of the rules FIS it is not the winner of stage one skier who crosses the finish line first, but one that achieved the fastest track time, ie the time from the moment of its launch to overshoot the target photocell. Lukáš Bauer and Marit Bjoergen the way of firsts enjoyed prematurely because the fastest times achieved by other competitors. Only Charlotte Kallová the first in Pursuit 4th stage came thanks to the fastest time on stage. Bauer and Bjørgen came not only on points in the overall classification of the World Cup, but also financial bonuses for victories. Bohemia is poorer for 7,000 Swiss francs, mink 4,000 CHF.A mistake by the FIS admitted on Wednesday the director of cross section of the International Ski Federation Jürgen Capol: “Now is no longer the team can not do anything. Resolve that we will have the FIS Congress in Cape Town,” he admitted the ambiguity of the rules first man cross-country skiing. In reglements competitions is in fact stated that the Bet365 Kenya betting bonuses and points in the overall classification obtain “Winner of the day”, but does not specify who it actually is. Paradoxically he got on the interpretation of the rules Bajčičák Slovak Martin, who came in 2nd stage, while the finish line in 17th position, but reached the sixth fastest time.So if he completes the entire Tour de Ski, he scores points in the overall SP classification. In TdS, he scores the first 15 in each round, but gains only half the point value and must reach the goal of the final stage. The results of the pre-Newsprint sprint in Prague are also curious. Overall, all qualifiers are counted in the overall classification. The first 30 racers received a bonus of 60 to 1 second. However, the winner of the Russian races, Nikolai Morilov, has almost two seconds worse than the third Norwegian Tor Arne Hetland.It is also on the Slovakian Alena Procházková, which ended in the race eighth, but in the overall classification, it counts 13 time of qualification.

By the end TdS remain still three stages – Friday’s sprint free technique in the Italian asiago, and then another Italian resort of Val di Fiemme Saturday’s race classic technique mass start in which women will run 10 km and men 20 km and conclude Sunday – running uphill freestyle – women 9 km and 10 km men with handicap start according to the offset in the overall classification.It is in the final stage will thus again be a rule that the winner of the stage, not the one who crosses the finish line first, but whoever run-in track in the shortest time.

The updated results of all previous stages:


MEN – 4.5 km classic technique:

The first Lukáš Bauer (CZE) 11: 15.6 min, 2. Axel Teichmann (Nem.) +1.0, 3. Odd-Björn Hjelmeset (NOR.) +3.3 4. Jauhojärvi Sami (FIN.) + 3.5, 5. Mats Larsson (Swe.) +4.9 6. Jens Arne Svartedal (NOR.) +5.6…33. Ivan Bátory +28.7, +32 Bajčičák 40. Martin, 4, 68. Michal Malák (all SR) + 1: 13.5

WTA – 3.3 km classic technique:

1stVirpi Kuitunenová (FIN.) 9: 22.8 min, 2 Aino Kaisa Saarinen (FIN.) Of 0.7, 3 Justyna Kowalczyková (POL.) + 1.9, 4 Bjørgen Marit (NOR.) + 6,1, 5 Seraina Mischolová (Switzerland.) + 13.0, 6. Julia Ivanovová (Rus.) + 14.4…42. Alena Procházková (SR) +53.7

second Stage:

Men – 15 km free technique with chasing start:

The first Emmanuel Jonnier (Fra) 34: 43.9 min, 2 Lukáš Bauer (CZE) + 9.6 secs 3. Valerio Checchi (Tal.) +11.2 4. Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR.) +11 6, 5. Pietro Piller Cottrer (Tal.) +16.2 6. Martin Bajčičák (SR) and Fabio Santus (Tal.) both +17.6…+58.5 33. Ivan Bátory, 65 . Michal Malák (both SR) + 1: 57.5

FEMALE – 10 km free technique with chasing start:

1stCharlotte Kallová (Swe.) 25: 47.9 min, 2. Sabina Valbusová (Tal.) +2.1, 3. Marit Bjoergen (NOR.) +8.3 4. Riitta-Liisa Roponen (FIN.) +9.3, 5.

Anna Hansson (Sweden.) +12.7 6. Katrin Zellerová (Nem.) +13.5…26. Alena Procházková (SR) +1: 06.8

3rd Stage – Sprint equipment:


1st Nikolaj Morilov (Rus.) 1: 41.3 minutes, 2 Simen Ostensen (NOR.) 1: 40.2, 3 Tor Arne Hetland (NOR.) 1: 39.5, 4. Andrej Parfenov (Rus.) 1: 40.5 5. Petter Northug (NOR.) 1: 40.8, 6. Maxim Vylegzhanin (Rus.) 1: 42.4…50. Martin Bajčičák 1: 45.6, 53. Ivan Bátory 146.5, Michael 61 Malák (all SR) 1: 48.4


1stArianna Follis (Tal.) 1: 52.6 min, 2. Pirjo Muranen (FIN.) 1: 53.5, 3. Marit Bjoergen (NOR.) 1: 52.6, 4. Magda Genuinová (Tal.) 1 53.4, 5 Virpi Kuitunenová (FIN.) 1: 53.1, 6 Justyna Kowalczyková (POL.) 1: 57.4,…8. Alena Procházková (SR) 1: 54.9

4th Stage:

Men – 15 km free technique with chasing start:

The first Pietro Piller Cottrer 35: 30.4 min, 2. Valerio Checchi (both ITA.) +4.5, 3. Emmanuel Jonnier (Fra) +15.3 4. Martin Koukal (CZE) +18.4. 5. Fabio Santus (Tal.) +30.7 6. Martin Jaks (CZE) +35.0…38. Martin Bajčičák +2: 20.3, 42. Ivan Bátory +2: 34.6, 63. Michal Malák (all SR) +4: 53.4

WOMEN – 10 km free technique with chasing start:

the firstCharlotte Kallová (Swe.) 26: 21.9 min, 2. Kristin Störmer Steira (NOR.) +3.0 3. Claudia Nystad (Nem.) +4.2 4. Natalia Korostelevová (Rus.) +5 , 0, 5 + 8.7 Stefanie Böhlerová,…36. Alena Procházková (SR) +2: 09.3

5th Stage:

Men – 15 km classic technique:

The first Lukáš Bauer (CZE) 38: 26.9 min, 2. Jens Arne Svartedal (NOR.) 27.8, 3. Nikolaj Pankratov (Rus.) +28.5 4. Mats Larsson (Swe.) +40 0, 5. Eldar Rönning (NOR.) +49.9 6. Jevgenij Dementiev (Rus.) +55.9,…30. Martin Bajčičák +2: 03.8 54. Michal Malák +3: 31.4, 62. Ivan Bátory (all SR) + 4: 41.7

FEMALE – 10 km classic technique:

1st Aino Kaisa Saarinen (FIN.) 28: 55.7 min 2.Virpi Kuitunenová (FIN.) +2.6, 3. Therese Johaug (NOR.) +13.3 4. Oľga Ročevová (Rus.) +14.3, 5. Valentina Shevchenko (Ukr.) +23.0 6. Charlotte Kallová (Swe.) +25.2…24. Alena Procházková (SR) 1: 23.2

Overall standings in the TDS after 5th stage:

< p> ATP:

1st Lukáš Bauer (CZE) 2:02:04 h 2. Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR.) +2: 07,3 min 3. Pietro Piller Cottrer (Tal.) +2: 32.8, 4. Rene Sommerfeldt ( Nem.) +2: 39.3 5. Emmanuel Jonnier (Fra) +2: 41.7 6. Jens Arne Svartedal (NOR.) +2: 47.6, 7. Martin Jaks (CZE) +2 48,5, 8, Tor Arne Hetland (NOR.) +2: 58.7, 9. Jevgenij Dementiev (RUS.) +2: 59.0, 10, Axel Teichmann (Nem.) + 3: 04,0…33. Martin Bajčičák +4: 52.5, 52. Ivan Bátory +8: 22.8, 61stMichal Malák (all SR) + 12: 17.0


1st Virpi Kuitunenová (FIN.) 1: 32: 21.4 hours, 2. Charlotte Kallová (Swe.) +25.0 secs 3. Justyna Kowalczyková (POL.) +42.1 4. Oľga Ročevová (Rus.) +45.7, 5. Arianna Follis (ITA.) + 56.2, 6. Aino Kaisa Saarinen (FIN.) +1: 17.6 min, 7, Valentina Shevchenko (Ukr.) + 1: 18.4, 8. Astrid Jacobsenová (NOR.) + 1: 30.8, 9. Seraina Mischolová (Switzerland.) + 1: 38.6, 10, Natalia Korostelevová (Rus.) + 1: 42.0,…29th Alena Procházková (SR) + 4: 56.8

Kucka has a tattoo of Sparta. It is necessary to destroy stitched, says AC Milan player

Slovak football player Juraj Kucka (30) remembered his influence on Letna and sent his former teammates salute before Sunday’s derby. He bought a “Spartan” tattoo. “Sparta forever! On Sunday, it is necessary to destroy stitched, “he wrote to photograph his right side, on which shines a great Spartan warrior in Letna colors.

The new ink ornament he made his tattoo artist from Genoa, where Kucko headed Sparta in , 2011.Now Kucka is among the stars of the Italian AC Milan, but I still root for the Prague club which it into the big world of football ejected.

Fans Sparta lovely gesture appreciated. “Hats off, Kuco, such srdcaře like you, we now need to” write and hope that the Slovak footballer once Letna return: “Super, Kuco. Perhaps once again wear to red jersey. “

Kucka during the two-year engagement at Letna played 45 league games and gave eleven goals.The last chapter of his professional life he wrote in Sparta, where the injury but did not start in the league for a minute. As this engagement remembers? Where do you see the power of the biggest rivals Letná club Slavia Pilsen?It is necessary to destroy stitched, says AC Milan player.

Legend Farda: Jagr in the NHL beg to Slavia can hold only two-thirds

Age has no chance. Definitely come to the former national team striker Richarda Fardu that the seventy-years can not commit to the sport. A native of Brno hockey has always near. “I can go play when I can. Otherwise, often for Slavia, but there can hold about two-thirds. Starring tragically, “does not hide the indignation of the former Slavia coach who got them in 1994 to Extraliga.

Without the daily movement would not he. Ageless Farda was very upset when he had to leave out in mid-January ice hockey exhibition due to an injured knee.But now the last survivor of the Brno championship title in 1966 and six-time medalist at the World Championships in order and can continue to play sports. “Without the tennis that I play every day, it was hard. I’ve not un-stuck and also played hockey, “he gasped, the world champion from the domestic championship in Prague 1972nd

Age is therefore just a number for you?
” Yes, but damn big. (Laughs) I do better at it. As long as I can move, so I want to have fun and play sports. When I do something, it is the main, they are among the young. They help me.with them we forget how old I am. ”

you expect, even in his eleven years younger friend Karla Jarolíma, with which you play tennis regularly?
‘ Of course. (Smiles) We play together all the time. How is responsible only nároďák football and has really nothing to do. So almost every second day we go play. ”

Who is better?
” Karel. (Laughs) After all, it is about more than a decade younger. To that used to play football. He’s running like crazy there. Half an hour I manage him, but then I run out of breath. We have a long exchange.Nobody wants to go wrong. ”

I see that bored…
” I may have retired, but I’m not going to just sit at home and čučet into space. I enjoy myself as I can. I got it the way that I wake up in the morning and need to go to the gym. I still have to do something. Without tennis, I would certainly not be. Once I’d been invited to the event, where I could play, so I can not refuse. In January I wanted to play hockey with celebrities from the Czechoslovak lion, but his knee was bothering me, so I could not. I hope it comes out next. On such events I am always looking forward. Meet known or know new people. ”

You said you feel better when you are around youth.And what about the young Czech players in the NHL, you watch them?
“Absolutely. Maybe Pavel Zacha. It seemed to me that he had problems in Liberec, but overseas took off. He has great character and he thinks he’s technically in the game. I believe that in New Jersey will show even more. Otherwise, I salute David Pastrňák, highly technical hockey player. Captivates me as advocates in Boston. ”

Do you see some great talent in Europe?
” The big surprise for me is Martin Nečas. Hats off to him. I think he greatly helped perfect the onset comet into the season. In addition, he played alongside Martina Erata and Marka Kvapila. He was very lucky. In my youth we were not so lucky.We hardly got into the first team, because they did not want us there earlier. Today, suddenly comes a seventeen or eighteen year old youngster and started in the very first line. This is something incredible. Necas However, this possibility deserves it plays really well. ”

Here, lately a lot of talk about the fact that Czech youth and their education lags…
‘ legitimately. I would do one thing and that I’d training of children expelled all parents. ”

bad for kids?
” Just recently I was a peek at my six-year boy girlfriend, who plays for Star Prague. Parental behavior was catastrophic.They really pushes the coaches. Switzerland would not be entitled something like that. There is no let on ice. In the Czech Republic, however, still they go and they do not like what and how it trains. Then I wonder that some trainers are unable to lead the youth. Normally, this is just a battle for the puck. ”

Do not like football?
” How many youths game lacks recordings and beautiful start. How, then, want to continue to play hockey? It is then for coaches. Glory Lener thought transferred to the Czech play something from Sweden, but I have not seen any improvement. But it’s hard when they want here only coaches to win.Is not interested in how young people could better learn to skate forward and backward pass and relax. ”

It sounds hard enough.
” When you play one on one I see no effort to make player circled opponent. Instead, better suited puck in the corner and there was fighting him. For me, this is not hockey. ”

Almost the same opinion on the matter was also the former national team captain Igor Liba, who claimed that the hockey world turned cleverness suddenly shows in Canada, here we are trying more of hardness…
“He’s right. The contraption, which Czechoslovakian hockey had lost. Forget that Canada always played like today.During tournaments, we are there for them could not even watch the game. Just cut and fighting it together. Now we play like we Canadians and shows a nice technical hockey. Nobody shoots the puck forward, where there are no teammates. When I coached, I always told his charges that the disc is not a boomerang. Just so you come back, kid. If you do, you have to fight him back. It simply does not exist overseas. ”

You yourself have played in the 70s WHA, competing project to the NHL. It was a different world than we see the sea now?
“It was horrible. Just the same fights and completely different rules. Now you can play overseas gloves.Before there were so many killers who just fought. With hockey, it had nothing to do. Now it’s completely different. I just Vali eyes that NHL players can play in one week should be up to four games and travels in the whole of North America. When you wear the skates, so it’s good, but then one must feel as ghost. I would say that it plays an important role habit. The more you play games, the better.Once there, however, someone comes from Europe, the replacement must be two games a week and suddenly he added the next two matches, so it must be for him an awful Darda. ”

How big Darda it by you for Jaromíra Jágra has forty-five?
“(laughs). Jarda is God. I recently watched a match in Florida. Jagr still skate like crazy! He drives forward, backward, and I still wonder if ever succeed. It is true that he does for hockey everything. It gives a very hard time. He trained so well at the start and stayed there.I used to go as a coach coaching Jagr team, so I know how Jarouš trained once and forties. ”

Do you think that even extended overseas career?
” I believe . Jarda is still one of the best players in Florida. The young men, with whom the touchline, playing well. So I would say that there is still beg to stay. What would he do here? He played for Kladno? That he still definitely not. It also will determine whether the Panthers get into the playoff. If not, he would Jarouš for grabs for the World Cup, but I doubt his return.Now has a young girl and wants to enjoy. (Laughs) When Florida goes wrong, I’d like to see in Las Vegas, where should a casino across the street. (Laughs) That would have liked. Venca Nedomanský is there as a scout, a lot of money. Maybe he reached for it. ”

watching and Slavia, the club where you are trained for six years?
” Often I’m going to peek into the match Eden. But I can not stand there too long. Up to two thirds because they play disastrously. You can not look at it. After the departure Vládi Růžičky began sesypávat everything. ”

For a person who helped Slavia to Extraliga, it is certainly cruel, is not it?
” Of course. The descent into the Premier League, plus the autumn crisis.That’s horrible. The worst thing is that the issue yet. I keep asking people from Slavia on the situation. Absolutely nobody knows what will happen with the club. By descent worsened everything. Quality, youth, team performance and the audience. On the one game that I saw, there were about two hundred people. It makes me sad. “