We had a great future, said Eriksen

Tottenham Hotspur have insured the services of Christian Eriksen. The Danish representative had with the London club contract until 2018, now agree on a two-year extension …

Fosterling Odense still on the junior headed to Ajax, where he gradually developed into the first team and then to support the Dutch big club.

This was true until 2013, when the last offensive midfielder for Unibet bonus less than € 14 million move to Tottenham, with which last year completed the third Premier League.

Now, both sides agreed to an early contract extension that Eriksen at White Hart Lane will keep until 2020. “We had a great future and I would not prolong the contract, I’m not sure,” he said after signing the contract Eriksen.

Vrba has 35 candidates nominated for the ME

Do announcement nomination Czech national team at the European Championship in France remain exactly two weeks and coach Pavel Vrba has now with his colleagues a list of 35 candidates. Among them is the captain Tomas Rosicky, who along with coach George Skaláka seen during the last inspection tour in England from Monday to Wednesday. The nomination by Vrba probably the most open post in the attack.

Willow watched Monday’s first duel Skaláková Brighton in the English league and the second a day later seen in action Rosicky, who for the first time Unibet since returning from injury playing for the junior Arsenal the match.

“I’m with Thomas obviously in contact for a long time. He told me himself, what procedure should be a process of healing and Sporting Bet giving yourself together. Everything is absolutely fine, Thomas feels perfectly fine. That to me is obviously good news, “Vrba told reporters today.

“If he’s physically fit, has a good chance to be Unibet nominated. It is among the 35 names which we have written. More or less these posts have tripled, those skewering them even more candidates. Today we have an appointment narrower executive team, and maybe a cadre of 35 players will already a bit narrow, “said Vrba. Among the 35 candidates are two players from the first English and three in the second English league.

Rosicky return from injury after two months previously intervened in three matches in the junior Arsenal. “I have previously stated that I would like to make before the precipice Unibet before Eure played at least four of the five matches, which happens. So complied with all the things on which we agree,” said Vrba.

In Tuesday’s game, Rosicky was one of the best players. “Obviously junior competitions are slightly different level than a major league game, but Thomas was in the game a distinctive player. I’m glad I saw it. Of course I would prefer, I played for áčko Arsenal, but I’m glad that graduated here the burden he had, “added the coach.

With Rosicky he was talking about even the possibility that the EURO helped Unibet only at certain stages of matches. “We talked as well about this scenario. I told him it might be a player to us at certain stages of the game will help in some periods. If from the beginning or during the match, it is not essential,” said Vrba.

Perhaps the most offensive thinking over the composition, since most attackers are currently not experiencing a perfect season. “Of course it is always enjoyable when the coach has the players who the club is betting one goal after another. It’s one of the things a lot of thinking. Maybe it’s the post, which is Unibet towards the Euro at the moment was most outspoken,” said Vrba.

Conversely, the joy does Vrba offensive midfielder Skalák, which did not work the March preparatory matches against Scotland and Sweden, but is now getting into good form and Brighton, where he headed the winter, is already gaining ground in shooting. “Entry into the new engagement is never easy, so I get a lot of conclusions did not, when someone first two or three Unibet months go wrong. I am glad that in recent Unibet matches shouted goal and was very active. I believe that this form of transfers to other months, “said Vrba.

Manchester United – Norwich City

F1 US Grand Prix Auto RacingManagement stool under Louis van Gaal has considerably shakes – Manchester United under the guidance of Dutch coach added another unexpected defeat 1: 2 against Norwich, who won at Old Trafford for the first time since 1989.

The first half at Old Trafford did not always one last week. Domestic United clearly had more of the game, but even 70% possession they betting bonus nedopomohlo to Reds their promising combination dragged into gólového end. Goalkeeper Rudd did not even attributable to neither intervention, all five shot attempts Manchester had finished off his three rods.

Everything that went to the classical result poločasovému United, a goalless draw. But it seven minutes before going to the cabins rudely disturbed guests. Redmond first discreetly poked the ball Cameron Jerome, who despite the odds red jerseys and everyone fled in the face of goalkeeper De Geovi hesitate. Norwich despite an average performance resulted in half of the match 1: 0th

After the change of sides could wait another massive siege betting bonus wickets hosts, but a lousy situation even Manchester underscored Alexander Tetter after another counterattack Canaries, in which the United defense failed completely. First goal scorer Jerome this time assumed the role of an assistant, and sent his Norwegian teammate De Geovi toward a successful conclusion to the shocking two-goal lead.

Louis van Gaal at that moment to ring almost edge – to lose such a result after a series of unsuccessful results could already be too much even for patience club management. Hope soon sparked Anthony Martial. Fresh holder of the prestigious Golden Boy in the sixty-sixth minute took advantage of confusion in the penalty area after a quality center Young and a sharp blow under the crossbar Rudd did not give any betting bonus chance to intervene. Ten minutes later, could be offset, however, Juan Mata with his free kick to Rudd came.

On the other hand, had a far better treatment whip David De Gea at relieving wound Mulumbua behind the penalty area. Time, however, played against United and even with the advent of the ninetieth minute was becoming increasingly favorable to Norwich. During the four-minute setup tried to encourage betting bonus offensive and center-back Smalling, but his header from just a few meters failed in the face of Rudd steer a finish.

Manchester United against Norwich so unexpectedly failed and at their own stadium commands with the defeat of 1: 2 and a dream fight for the title, he begins to increasingly move away. Reds failed to score fullest fourth time in a row and it was not so surprising that by emptying the grandstands Old Trafford at the end of the match finally see a backlash.

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Chelsea FC – Sunderland AFC

Britain Soccer Champions LeagueTreatment withdrawal Jose Mourinho at Chelsea with immediate effect. London unit Indeed, after two defeats in a row, thanks to an early trefám Ivanovich with Pedro cope with Sunderland resigned and eventually won 3: 1st

Guus Hiddink, while still on the bench, as the newly appointed Chelsea coach did not figure, but his aides Holland with Newton managed to prepare the Bet365 team for Saturday’s clash flawless. The winner of the match was decided in the very first fifteen minutes, the home he boarded with verve, which under the leadership of Jose Mourinho was not visible, and soon took the lead: Willianův corner stopped fierce header into the net Branislav Ivanovic. And when in the thirteenth minute Ivanovičův kick ended up inside the penalty area ideal for football boots Pedro, a Spanish representative could raise swift blow to the already 2: 0th

Neither this whirlwind goalscoring appetite Blues neukojila not continue and it was they who clearly dictated the pace of the match and created a distaste for the opposing manager Sam Allardyce more and more chances. Especially in the twenty-sixth minute lead Oscar had increased, however, after individual Bet365 penetration through completely surrendered defensive hosts wrecked his shot at the goalkeeper Pantilimon. Brazilian midfielder ever played as if it was topped with live water – in the opening half hour to shamelessly scored two hilarious footer and added a trick called “Rabona”.

Until the thirty-second minute managed to push out corners and mátožným guests Watmore but promising leak could finish better than a shot off roughly Courtoisovu goal. Immediately quickly she countered on the opposite side of Diego Costa, but the handsome combination with Oscar Willian finished the morning just over the crossbar and then, after a Pedro headed head of the awkward position beside. Even so, the famous trio Abramovich-Drogba-Hiddink from his box at Stamford Bridge could be fully satisfied in half, Chelsea with an overview leading and calmly he could lead a much bigger Bet365 difference.

Any hope of an unlikely turnaround at Sunderland Chelsea extinguished immediately in the beginning of the second pětačtyřicetiminutovky. Willianův penetration stood up Pantilimon, but only for a foul. In addition to a yellow card and his team also caused harm to a penalty, with whom he counseled Oscar in cold blood and increased to 3: 0th Stands at Stamford Bridge but just could not comfort her – instead of celebratory chants rang out often cry, “Where were you When We Were sh * t?”, A pertinent question to the players, so why not play from the start of the season and under Mourinho …

Eight minutes after the change of sides with Sunderland after all care at least a hint of drama Bet365 thanks to a hilarious played a standard situation. A cross to the back post fell on his head completely unoccupied Kaboul, who found himself alone banner stretched Courtois. Belgian goalkeeper failed this morning to keep the glove and instead it went to the side of the pitch so that the ball bounced off the nabíhajícího Boriniho network. The Italian striker, who joined on the lawn just a break, then nearly added a second goal, but his technical experiments eventually sent right next door.

Since then, however, Sunderland and suddenly energized image of the game and not have any definite impression. But ending the Black Cats came not continue, as confirmed by Jermain Defoe uncontrolled blow from promising positions, which should be used at least to check Courtois. Now miss these chances resulted that with increasing time Chelsea players had no reason to nervousness and could conclude the match control. In addition, forward recovery also brought alternating Loic Remy, who replaced Diego Costa. Spanish representative you when leaving the ground heard a mix of applause and boos. But Oscar a Bet365 few minutes later, could enjoy a standing ovation.

Seven minutes before the end he had an excellent opportunity to return home ahead of Pedro Three-goals, but in the face Pantilimon you let the ball run and eventually sent it too high. The late drama could take care of after hesitation nut active Defoe, but neither touched with a shot to Courtois came. Match of view and the Blues Bet365 reached a successful end – Chelsea interrupted a series of setbacks, and after winning 3: 1 can again look brighter tomorrows.

Newcastle United – Aston Villa

Eric FurlattNewcastle had at home against Aston Villa has firmly poised for a third victory in a row, but great shot Jordan Ayew eventually wiped goal Fabricio Colocciniho and emerged from that division points after the final result of 1: 1st For both teams it is similar to the result of insufficient because remain fully soaked in the rescue battle.
After the vast majority of the first half was a disappointment, only one team, and the home. Villans worked matte appearance and might be glad to keep breaks to an acceptable condition score. After changing sides as if he ran on the lawn completely new team and vice versa charges Remi Gardeho second pětačtyřicetiminutovku Bet365 possessed in style. Yet they remain completely alone at the bottom of the table and the rest of the season will also face the historical statistics – who had been the last to Christmas, usually with the Premier League at the end of the season as well say goodbye. Ville at the moment to rescue missing for ten points, Newcastle holds precisely that first nesestupové place.
Magpies went into the match in good spirits, after all the Bet365 scalps of such teams like Liverpool or Tottenham must lift the confidence to everyone. It is however difficult to stay motivated and focused even against the weaker Ville, and now with the Newcastle players have long-term problems. After the initial half hour, the audience at St. James’ Park waited only isolated and ending up only with the approaching end of the opening half home unbent.
First, there Sissokovy centers failed duo Mitrovic-Wijnaldum get into the network, but active Serbian striker, who replaced during half on the pitch injured Papisse Cissého, forced Brad Guzan in Bet365 goal Villans to quality intervention, which came from a corner kick. He warmed up Siem de Jong seemingly foiled, but curiously slipped the ball through the penalty area Coloccinimu that their goal after more than thirteen months sent home management. And when the free-kick but the keeper Elliot outwit Leandro Bačun, went into the cabins for tight management of Newcastle.
Match testify or uncomfortable conditions in the lead with waterlogged lawn, but even that Aston Villa after changing sides stopped to a great performance. Elliot’s first ventilated glove Veretout Jordan Ayew and then wildly blown domestic goal, but it also witnessed a host of new activity. Perhaps the key moment came in the fifty-seventh Bet365 minute when De Jong found himself after an excellent pass Wijnalduma of excellent opportunities, but culpably missed.
Villa punish right soon – passed sixty-one minutes and was flattened. In Rudy Gestede forced Elliot to výtečnému surgery fingertips, but the ball Bet 365 bounced fell to Jordan Ayew and Ghanaian national team without hesitation beautiful found himself alone shot silenced the home bleachers, except for areas reserved guests.
The astonished Newcastle already this situation Bet365 could bounce a little lacking, so well run over the game even lost. Gestede had four minutes after Ayewově goal narrowly missed the slip and thirdly withstood excellently Elliot. Both teams then in the final minutes longed for victory, but not the last chance of the match cleats relieving Perez’s goal ended.

Vysočina Jihlava – FK Teplice 0:2

Teplice nakon neuspjeha s Mlada Boleslav i uzeo Jihlava mogu ponijeti sve bodove. Za dugo vremena, činilo se vezati prije Ljevaković lijepo zabio četiri minute prije kraja zapečatio ishod Hora.

Jihlava je bio početak utakmice bolja momčad, te je razvio dvije vrlo obećavajuće prilike. Batioja ali je poslao skoro i dom morao požaliti. Ikauniaks još uvijek pokušavaju sreću iz daljine, ali nije bio uspješan. Teplice također je dobio u nekoliko prilika. Vondráška nema problema lasica Hanus i Rabušic opet je promašio cilj.

Drugo poluvrijeme otvorio je opasan shot Planine i deset minuta kasnije je sve bilo gotovo u središtu Krob propustili gorje jako vruće. Branka bilo petnaest minuta prije kraja, što je lijepo omotan s loptom Fillo Hanus pažljiv i brzu akciju osujetile paddocks. Gledatelji uživaju nakeonec ciljeve, ali u 78.minutě a osim u kućnoj mreži. Lijepa pucao iz Admir Ljevaković dobrih trideset metara prethodi neiskorištene šanse Hronek a još je imao rezultat od 1: 0 za goste Jihlava žao.

I kao što je nedavno na češki scena se, prikupljanje vrata koja dobiva tim u konvulzije i očaj, a on nije u stanju reagirati. To je tako čak iz Jihlava da na kraju 86.minutě zadao coup de grace Jakub Hora, koji je postigao nakon dodavanja Krob izložen cilj. Teplice pa su se kući iz Highlands vrijedne pobjede 2: 0th. more info: http://bet-hr.com/bet-at-home