Juventus would like to confirm good

Juventus would like to confirm good form and in a match against Genoa and had another reason to celebrate. Genoese Grifům Although unsuccessful, but they can be very unpleasant shock. The team Juventus are some very experienced players who have become a symbol of Italian Calcio. One of the oldest and longest-serving goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is. Representative winmasters Azzurri over time developed into the main character winmasters pariuri sportive bonus and his Juventus jersey winmasters pariuri online bonus is now going on its already five hundredth match at the highest level.

Came in to finish the match against Genoa with a clean account? When he was already thirty-six goalie still a boy, his favorite club in Italy was just Genoa. But since then many years have passed and winmasters pariuri online now boasts five Buffon selected titles. The other two had moreover been taken place after the corruption event called Calciopoli. In 2001 approached Buffon from Parma as a goalkeeper and a huge potential and it is clear that he managed to winmasters pariuri sportive online fill it completely. It is clear that if you have a gate so an experienced player, it is easy to work with. The same says coach Massimiliano Allegri, who took over the government after the successful Juventus Antonio Conte. “At key moments always miracles. He can bear the weight of the moment and it is the thing that distinguishes world-class players from the usual,” said winmasters bonus pariuri the former AC Milan coach. “Someone has to struggle to catch just one shot, but just at that moment you need it most.

Former Real Madrid player when you

But after one such ill-pass unibet bonus and this mistake could have half pitch punish defender Kaan Ayhan, but pointing right next to an abandoned net. Neuer’s hesitation rectify this in the second half header Draxler and subsequently helped him Jérome Boateng, who let shoot Maxim Choupo-Motinga, who was about to balloon up too long. Schalke had the upper hand, which crowned the buffer goal after an hour of play.

After the direct free kick home were stronger and ball from boots Choupo-Motinga had already headed for the goal line. The way for it to prevent it from Xabi Alonso, but noticed that it shades Benedict Höwedes. Former Real Madrid player when you try to kick the ball hit the first leg of Schalke defender from which bounced into his arms, and then a meter over the goal line. Bayern’s protests to the referee Fritz helped and allowed goal – 1: 1st Schalke then still sensed an opportunity. And again there was a Cameroonian national team in blue and white colors, but Neuer immature. In the final ten minutes already gamers lacked a bit of energy, so any unibet live other goal on one side or the other would be the most likely winner. But did not fall, so Schalke against Bayern celebrates after nearly four years of point gain.

Back to the starting lineup

Arsenal on Wednesday fled the gravedigger shovels: while in 88 minutes in his case could speak just enough of a shameful performance after the match with Anderlecht are basically osmifinalisté Gunners in the Champions League. But now Londoners have a good start scoring well at home and have a good opportunity immediately with Sunderland, who also needs to appease his fans . Even before last weekend, the situation was vastly different Sunderland: Black Cats in the previous three rounds have conceded only once and four times in found a number of positions in drawn contest conqueror of kings. John O’Shea thus not illogically spoke about the need to maintain a great defensive statement also match with Southampton – it already is grossly Sunderland went wrong. Instead Mackems suffered the heaviest defeat in the last 32 years (0: 8), augmented with their own two goals, and will now have to choose to recover. Arsenal also recently within the Premier League, presented as a team, division points which in any case is not against the grain. Gunners are just so although defeated undisputed leader of the competition (Chelsea 0: 2), but their position in the table – mainly due to five remízovým results – still can not do anything to brag about. Sunderland so far this year at their own game in four attempts did not fall even once, and although Arsenal in the league already overcame nine times in a row, surely he will want to at least put up properly.

Currently 17th in the whole table, however, this effort will not help injuries Coates, Jones, Giaccherini and Alvarez. Experienced bek Anthony Réveillère is then the club very recently and might not even catch handle all the paperwork. With Arsenal already unibet ponturi at the Stadium of Light travels long call in sick Theo Walcott, even though they unibet live might not encounter in any way involved (as the more or less counts), it will be definitely a big psychological boost. Back to the starting lineup would have already had to return also Mikel Arteta, who apparently immediately fills the suspended Jack Wilsherea. Garry Monk currently headed Swansea writes undoubtedly crucial chapter in his managerial career.

Roman unit clashed

A couple of weeks back, staggering under pressure from the public and unconvincing performances. The last three rounds of the Roman team but succeeded very well.

First gave ourselves four goals Palermo, then you deliberate on one goal vzdorujícímu Sassuolo. Great experience indulged his passionate fans in the previous round. Roman unit clashed with Fiorentina and in one of the hits of the wheels cope. Team coach Stefan Pioliho took the lead already in the first half thanks to Filip Djordjevic and goal in the second minute of extra time sealed the score was noted down Senada Lulic. Win 2: 0 was also the third win in a row. After the unexpected victory, coach Piolo enthused: “Today I liked the performance of individuals, but victory belongs mainly to the whole team. There was no one to whom I could criticize even a single thing, all played with the enthusiasm and the three points we deserved rightly so. Returns we taste of winning and luck also favors our side. the last matches winmasters bonus pariuri show that we are improving and we want this to continue, “rejoiced Piola. Another good news for its absence of key players is a young man winmasters pariuri opposing team can not play because Omar El Kadouri.

I’ll take lisovky and see

“It makes me sad,” said the Czech závěr. Kapitána representation Tomas Rosicky waiting on Monday in Astana next two premieres. In qualifying European Championship for the first time to face off against representation in Astana Kazakhstan, and also betclic sport pariuri after years of play on an artificial surface. “I have no experience with it. Pupils, possibly by adolescents for me will be a big premiere,” Rosicky said at a press conference. On the unusual surface but will not be separately prepared. “I’ll take lisovky and see how it goes,” he added.

The big unknown is the midfielder for Arsenal and Kazakhstan. “I saw a lot of little coach had some little time we cut something, but I’m sure tomorrow it betclic pariuri online to us Naper,” said Rosicky. “In today’s football, but you have to prepare for everyone,” he added. “Just think how vexed the Dutch, who broke up ten minutes before the end,” said Rosicky Friday’s qualifying duel in Amsterdam, which even led the Kazakhs, but after exclusion Džolčijeva and collected two field goals in the end eventually lost 1: 3rd On the contrary, Czechs experienced a great entry into the qualification, when the Netherlands and most recently as Turkey defeated 2: 1st Rosicky therefore hopes that, even against weaker opponents on paper selection coach Pavel Vrba succeeds.

Bordeaux before representational pause

Can I also sit on the bench or be hurt. But I do not want to even think about it. ” Pets have a great offense, and unibet pariuri bonus especially because you have a solid four-point lead over second PSG. Compared to him, but have unibet bonus pariuri precisely match with TFC still good. Wards Alain Casanova will in any case have nothing to lose. Believing they can, for example, Wissamu Ben Yedder, to be their greatest weapon. Toulouse striker Abraham planted this year has six goals and is third best overall Suter. “Wissam is a super player who had a sensational entry into the season,” praised his fellow midfielder Adrien Regattin. “I hope that Sunday will score once or twice, so we arranged for victory. This would be great for him and the team. ” Bordeaux before representational pause a bit tarnished reputation, as it failed to score a single point of land Reims. If you want to get a table in front of the second PSG, which on Friday předskočilo it must clearly beat Caen.

However, guests outside to play very, very well, you all got just unibet bonus eight points in the attics of their opponents. It will be really interesting to measure the forces. Les Girondins rely on their home environment, where possible twelve points gained just ten.

After further action Helsinki was

Molinaro was perhaps the most dangerous player on the pitch, because hardly scored, he raced forward to the next goal. And perhaps it also gave the foul but if he judges wrong neodmával offside experienced Italian. The turning point of the first half came a minute later when when the Helsinki breaths to pressure, stopped their forward offending Anthony Annan received a yellow card.

Five minutes after changing sides and unity forced substitution jersey hosts after successful completion of the combination on the left side of the box got Cristian Molinaro, who tried hard to score his second goal today. Aimed but too imprecise. Likewise led young midfielder Benassimu which fired from a greater distance also outside. After further action Helsinki was fouled by Demba Savage, who illegally stopped Omar El Kaddour. Judges free kick whistled a poorly constructed defensive wall GRAN release the ball to the keeper Padelliho. He excelled but perfect jumping off the goalpost. And it was perhaps the key moment of the evening, because only about five minutes later the ball from Vives got to Brazilians Amaurimu that great shot from twenty yards surpassed relieving goalkeeper Eriksson! Amauri scored the goal was of course still active, so the center of Maksimovic took the role of shooters on their shoulders and finished. Fortunately for his guests projectile narrowly missed the post. Twenty minutes before the young man did Benassi space more experienced Antonio Nocerino, who had sided deliver new energy. At that moment he was on the pitch also productive striker Fabio Quagliarella, who replaced the scoring Amauriho. Goalkeeper Padelli obviously bored and had to be constantly on the alert, but it should be noted that attempts were rather Helsinki promotional purposes.

Spartak Myjava – MFK Košice

bet365 logoVýchodniarom Myjava ül! Ezt támasztja alá, hogy win további kopaniciach, ahol megnyerte a három pontot ezúttal ellen miestnemu Spartacus. Döntött, hogy a legvégén a mérkőzést, és biztosított a döntetlen a csapat lépés az ötödik helyre, csak megelőzve a Chennai.

A közönség nem volt az első štyridsaťpäťminútovke sok oka az öröm, a szépség, a futball gyep csak keresett hiába. Működne több aktív játékos Kosice, egyszer sem volt a lövés csak hátradőlt a támogatást. Azonban a külső kapu, Strely a vendég-player Ostojic a 23.minúte döntetlen tíz percig rajta. Már fél óra után a játék hirtelen lőtt Djodjevič, só vyboxoval és sľubnej helyzetbe, majd magam Sekulić, azonban nem tudja kezelni a végjáték, és mieril hogy nem megfizethető. Háztartási veszélyesen fenyegette az első alkalommal 42 percig., Amikor Tofiloského belenézett pék. A legteljesebb következtetéseiben volt esélye, hogy még a félig Šulek, de Tofiloski kezelni, és nem változott az eredmény. Az első felvonás, és a közönség nem látja a célt. További információk - http://e-sportfogadas.com/bet365/

Reméli, hogy jobb és szebb részvényeket adott játékos után váltás oldalán, azt vallotta a gyorsabb mozgás és sľubnejšie szivárog. Öt perc a játék lényege, hogy lőni van Pačinda de figyelmes Solnička nem engedte fő cél. Körülbelül nyolc perccel később ugyanaz a játékos talált nabiehajúceho köti, hogy közelről lövés az első len fodros oldalsó Network. Régóta játszott aktivitás nélkül, az egyik vagy a másik oldalon egy esélyt kicsi volt. Amíg öt perccel a befejezés előtt is mérlegserpenyő a Kosice oldalán tilt Skvašík, de csak mieril a központba. Vagy nem pedig egy kiváló lehetőség Haskič ellen Solnička jó volt megint. Mindenről, végül úgy döntött, hogy megköti a következtetéseket. Lopta becsapott megalkuvást nem ismerő nem adott lehetőséget, hogy a kapus, és gondoskodjon a váltás a csapata az ötödik helyre, csak egy ponttal megelőzve a Myjava!

Stoke City – Manchester United

A büszke klub a Manchester váltogatja a kínzó szegénység . David Moyes helyezni a játékot , Stoke teljes Stellar trió Mata – Rooney – Van Persie , de még a testét Britannia Stadium sikertelen . A hős a játék , ez lett dvougólový gólszerző Charlie Adam , aki majd maga a címvédő legyőzte Stoke biztosította az első győzelem Man Utd harminc év után . Red Devils volt az ideje, Van Persie equalizer röviddel a szünet után használhatatlan .

United elvesztette a reális esélye a cím jó héttel ezelőtt , de a játék a játék csökkenti az esélyét az Európa Kupát. Veszteség a Bajnokok Ligája után újabb vereséget a hat pont – Liverpool , akik a hőn áhított negyedik helyen található , egy extra vasárnapi játék a pályán WBA jó . Öt pont akkor elveszíti a Everton , aki egy helyet az Európa Liga .

Stoke City , aki hála a fantasztikus győzelmet ugrott a tizenegyedik helyen, három ponttal vezet a glide helyzetben, de a meccs nem jött közvetlenül a jobb lábát. Az első nagy esélye volt Wayne Rooney , aki , miután egy sor központok terheletlen helyzetben ő méterekkel elkerülte a kaput . A cél az, hogy megvárja, amíg a végén a birtokában. A közvetlen szabadrúgásból a harmincnyolcadik percben Charlie Adam letette a fegyvert, és fújja ztečoval Michael Carrick vissza David De Gey .

Rafael Nadal

United remélem, hogy be újjáéledt megváltoztatása után oldalról , amikor Juan Mata szépen meg folyosón a Van Persie , és ő kapta a labdát a levegőben, mint Begovic a hálóba . Joy osztályokon de David Moyes nem tartott sokáig . Mindössze öt perc alatt egy tény, a halhatatlanság mondta Charlie Adam , amelyre végül visszafelé Fejes Walters és híres , szerzett egy szép pumelicí az akasztófa hazatért kezelése.

Potter biztosan nem a legrosszabb csapat , és továbbra is támadják a jövőben. Miután egy hosszú autós Stoke el Evra fejét labda csak a széle a doboz , hogy hova tegye a példaértékű Oussama Assaidi és David De Gea volt igazán nyúlik sebét vyškrábl fölé . United vágyott legalább a településen , de nem tudták , hogy megteremtse a megfelelő nyomást . Matova lövés gyenge , és elindult kifelé .

Érdekes keres esélye meghiúsította Ashley Young , de fejesét nem tekinthetők teljes egészében Golovko . Egyszer egy hét perces beállító kapcsoló vendégek a következő fokozatba. Rooney nagy Primak csodálatosan Begovic húzta a botot , és az ezt követő dulakodás Cleverley lőtt magasan fölé . Fazekasok védte eléggé méltán olyan átkozottul fontos három pontot.


Dinamo Minsk – ACF Fiorentina

Violets do not show such sovereignty with which he led last season. Within the Serie A they fail and may also injury to the biggest stars. Decent shape does not have Mario Gómez, so to score a goal is to coach Vincenzo Montella charges big problem. Will they get the right wave against domestic Dinamo Minsk?

Two final match Fiorentina always tied and the points shared. At first she could not even score a single goal in Sassuolo, then one has received from domestic FC Turin. Granata, while also not experiencing perfect season and most of the offensive stars of the club went abroad, but the keeper managed to overcome Neta at least once. For Viola finally leveled Khouma Babacar.

Absence of a born shooter Fiorentina never bother. At least on paper. In real life, namely Giuseppe Rossi was either wounded or Mario Gómez from the mold. When they dreaded duo coped with the new season and has played with each other, gradually Rossi first injured and then Gómez. A cadre of Vincenzo Montella actually never materialized potential that the paper has. Similarly, this will also be on Thursday evening, because now Viole also missing several key players.

Being a physiotherapist at Fiorentina, so have his hands full. Of the many players who Viola jersey dress, meets in nomination for the match against Dinamo Minsk guys like Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Mario Gomez, Giuseppe Rossi, Joaquin or Marko Marin. That’s not all, because Montella can not even count the defensive mainstays Stefan Savic and Gonzalo Rodriguez.

Now fast train Colombian Juan Cuadrado should be one of the greatest threats currently violas, which on its ability to rely much. Even resisted the lure of the elite clubs, Cuadrado had a long interest in Juventus Turin, Rome AS and abroad came the teams Manchester United and Barcelona in particular. Cuadrado was one of the shooters Fiorentina in the first round match against French basic groups Guingamp. First, it is widely Juan Vargas, was followed just express Cuadrado and nearly completed youngster Federico Bernardeschi.

Cuadrado could leave the Tuscan capital, but according to his own words is happy. After winning the game, the league told the journalists: “I’m so glad I decided to stay at Fiorentina. We have great players and the atmosphere in the team is like a family. Much I appreciate what you did for my club and I want him to maximum repay., if I sign a new contract? do not know yet, I am thinking only about the present. You’ll have to ask my agent and owner of Della Valleho. ”

“Up front we have also Maria Gomez, who is now in an ideal position. Printing on it a lot of pushing and no wonder that he does not play well. Needs a rest and relaxation, that has been through a lot. All know that this is a first-class striker, who has its qualities and can teach us a lot. When you look at his whole career statistics and those speak for themselves. we know that the goal will be to put on a conveyor belt, a great fit for our team, “says award-winning player.

Dinamo Minsk’s team, which would Fiorentina could show up and practice their shooting skills. In the last match of the league Minsk and just dominate from PAOK Thessaloniki cashed six times. In domestic competition tied with BATE Borisov and Torpedo Žodino. Will Viola, despite extensive hospital to meet the expectations or Dinamo Minsk will see the first points?

EA Guingamp – PAOK Salonic

Un participant neașteptat al Ligii Europene de Guingamp este o sarcină dificilă – dacă astăzi împotriva PAOK puncte nevydoluje, aceasta va fi șansa lui de a avansa uite zgârcit. Grecii pe de altă parte, a intrat în competiție în cel mai bun mod posibil ..

Guingamp este al doilea cel mai prestigioase competiții europene de club pentru a se califica direct drept câștigător al Cupei francez, antrenor Jocelyn Gourvennec, cu toate acestea, se va concentra în primul rând pe liga națională. Este logic; Anul trecut a cunoscut Breton întreg sezon începător și salvate în Ligue 1 în ultimul minut, în acest an se pare că aceasta este în așteptare unibet bonus pentru aceeași lupta pentru supraviețuire. După opt runde este ultimul, deși pierderea lui în poziția “sigur” nu este prea mare.

Problema fundamentală este productivitatea EAG – după plecarea din elita Suter Mustapha Yatabarého în Turcia a părăsit echipa nimeni care ar putea trage în mod regulat obiective, și deși Gourvennec dovedi tarifele lor vycepovat în echipă extrem de compact și responsabil, fără goluri este foarte dificil de a colecta puncte. Umple-l arată ultimul duel liga din motive de Montpellier, în cazul în care Guingamp loc de joacă cu siguranță nu a dezamăgit, dar i-au ajuns încă la un acord cu pierderea 1: 2

“Suntem frustrați pentru că simțim că ne-am jucat foarte bine,” nu a ascuns Gourvennec. “Noi nu am face orice greșeli inutile, cu excepția pentru pasaje scurte la începutul celei de a doua jumătate a anului. In primul joc, am fost echilibrat, și chiar și colectat după gol două minute după schimbarea de părți sunt Betclic bonus nivelate pe merit scorul. În acel moment m-am gândit că avem cel mai rău din spatele . este o rușine atunci când se poate stabili afară și apoi doar pierde “, clătinând din cap.

În ciuda rezultatului negativ poate Guingamp notă cald care Mosson a fost cel puțin echipă echilibrată. “Am avut unsprezece fotografii, șase de marcaj. Odată ce ne-am lovit chiar bara transversală. Avem tot norocul. Acum trebuie să ne mai presus de toate se lipesc între ele și să încerce să elimine toate micile greșeli care ne-a costat puncte,” planuri Gourvennec.

Echipa franceză în primul duel al Europa League a pierdut clar 0: 3, dar nu era in teren Fiorentina, este favorit al grupului. PAOK și Dinamo Minsk de el ar trebui să fie posibil pe rivalii de hârtie, rezultatul inițial al echipei grecești, cu toate acestea, a trimis un avertisment clar pentru Bretania – Acasa-6: 1 peste rival din Belarus în mod clar că, cu PAOK pur și simplu trebuie să numere.

Acest tabel indică, de Winmasters asemenea, liga din Grecia, în cazul în care echipa de la Salonic conduce după cinci runde; Ea are 13 de puncte, ceea ce înseamnă că organismul a pierdut doar o singură dată și rămâne neînvinsă. Acasa va trebui să acorde o atenție deosebită Stefanos Athanasiadis, care a marcat un hat-trick împotriva Minsk; Alți jucători de renume se numără PAOK din Grecia portarul reprezentant Panagiotis Glikos, un apărător experimentat român Razvan Rat sau Forvard slovacă Róbert Mak.

1. FSV Mainz 05 – TSG Hoffenheim

On Friday předehrávce is expected to play a very balanced and unlike last year, this time the encounter was not seen goalscoring feast. Both selections were prior to this match as well as the same score points and shared the fourth place, thanks to a goalless draw have improved and far in front of other duels 6th round tied for second place. Mainz and Hoffenheim excelled especially on the defensive and too landed actions really were not seen.

Slightly the upper hand throughout the match had TSG, but ultimately the goal is forthcoming. Hoffenheim could take the lead in the 9th minute when bet365 fired from the border of the penalty area Modeste, and Karius goalkeeper with his shot was eventually able to cope. Then they played more in the middle and another big chance was seen in less than ten minutes before the break. He got into her Mainz, namely Đuričić, who found himself alone in front of goalkeeper Baumann. His conclusion was not completely happy attempted parachute is the guardian of TSG and read the account scored a very good procedure.

Five minutes after the break to go up the guests. After a great first bet365 penetration firing active Modeste and then got into the Heading ending Firmino, however Karius goalie was out of work. The greatest chance to match guests work out exactly after an hour of play, when to ring design goals.

After further penetration was again seen Firmino and their goalkeeper Karius pumelicí scared, but ultimately only time to hit the outer rods and followed only by goal kick. In the final twenty minutes began two choices affect the nervous impression on them, and it was seen that especially do not want to collect. By promising position came in the 70th minute Volland, but at the last bet365 possible moment, the ball ran away and was so at the chance.

Ten minutes before the end to decide Firmin, even at this time, and not aiming exactly the bomb closed only in the side net. In the remaining minutes, one goal was not significantly compromised and after the final whistle, so shone on the board just a bet365 goalless draw. The next round will invite TSG in home strong Schalke, Mainz will come to the land of competitive Gladbach.

Schalke 04 – Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund failed to redress the previous two hesitation Veltins Arena and left with empty hands. Schalke soon took up two-goal lead, although Borussen almost immediately able to reduce, but another blow to the already wards of Jürgen Klopp could manage.

Königsblauen started better. First it tried to Meyer, but the guard did not come Dortmund shrine. Just a moment later, holding out the angle Choupo-Moting, not to him but Weidenfeller recipe could be found. From the subsequent corner but hit: Aogo found its center head Matip, who opened the score 1 – 0! Immobile could catch up, but missed the goal at all.

betathomeAdditionally struck again soon die Knappen. Again, all preceded corner kick Aoga, Weidenfeller subsequently advised attempt to Huntelaar, but followed dorážkou Choupo-Moting you already know could not board 2 – 0th Borussia However, after double strike on the contrary, she added …

A soon came deserved reward. Ramos spoke in front of the goal Aubameyanga, who knew a lime and promptly Betclic reduced to two: the first Until the half-time break with Mičuda shifted from one side of the pitch to the other, no more dangerous actions, however, were not seen.

Shortly after changing sides could catch up again Immobile, Fährmann but his effort displaced at least stick to your own sanctuary! Then Piszczek misjudged a long ball, which got Choupo-Moting entire event after he finished Boateng, but from outside the penalty area boundaries demarcated area found.

After an hour of the game after a fight with Ramos inside the box Matip commanded the country Judges Gagelmann but let the game flow freely and indignation throughout the Colombian striker and Dortmund racers, including rozezleného Jürgen Klopp, a penalty kick does not buzz. BVB dictated the tempo of the game, while Schalke have focused more on the defensive. Last hopeful possibility Borussen had about ten minutes before the final whistle Jojic, but his head did not succeed. Even within the set Betathome time could lead insure S04 Huntelaar, but round nonsense it had not pointed to the Dortmund goal.

SC Freiburg – Bayer Leverkusen

Neither napošesté the footballers Freiburg failed to win and remain dangerously close to the very bottom of the table. On the other hand, it must be recognized that a goalless draw with aspirant for the title is not completely useless result ..

Leverkusen came to Freiburg with ambitions of winning, but they have got a huge financial blow in the 28th minute when, after his second yellow card excluded notorious cliffhanger Emir Spahic. However, home of their power play failed to create anything worthwhile themselves and eventually played out a decade after the red card Paul Krmaš. Overall, Bayer was the favored certainly more dangerous team.

Home coach Christian Streich before the game talked about how his charges in the past duels damaging the referee; twice as follows Freiburg came in settings for a chance to win the season premiere. Today, however, probably no complaints about the man with the whistle will not: Leverkusen in the first half earned just five yellow Bet365 cards. Two of them received Spahic, who so after half an hour of the game commanded under the shower.

But play power play is one thing to use the situation to create a second pressure. Visiting coach Roger Schmidt after weakening reorganized their forces and guests should not engage in domestic opportunities; honorable exception was the situation of 37 minutes when in a good shooting position got Felix Klaus, but missed. On the contrary, the Bayer from numerous disadvantages seemingly doing nothing and shortly after changing sides could open the score through Kiessling, against whose header had to pull goalie Roman Burke.

Swiss goalkeeper subsequently Unibet casino bonus attempted a clever lob from half field Hakan Calhanoglu catch, but the ball was heading too high. According to the image of the game, however, it seemed that the power play plays rather Leverkusen. When Krmašovo exclusion in 78 minutes (after a foul on Lars Bender) compared to the force field, and guests should at once a psychological advantage – the conclusions of matches lately really do not rely Freiburg. Karim Bellarabi and Heung-Min Son were very close to the leading goal, but hit only two Bürkiho structure, which ultimately decided the division points.

VfB Stuttgart – Hannover 96

Stuttgart has finally made it! Wards Armina Veha managed to win a sixth try for the first time, when the closest possible score overwhelmed in great form playing Hannover. VfB thus climbed from glide zones, while guests vacate positions to ensure the Champions League.

The author of the only goal of the match was Daniel Schwaab, but it must be said that this win was by no means undeserved – Stuttgart in Lower Saxony derby was the better team, on which was mainly due to man of the match, Daniel Didavi active. It seems that Vehovi wards gaining breath; gain three valuable bet365 points affirmed draw 2: 2 of Dortmund. After being fired sporting director Frediho Bobic and Stuttgart still unbeaten.

Didavi was significant at all on Wednesday at Borussia soil, which scored both goals, and a good form carried over into tonight’s game. After his pass into the first chance he got Timo Werner, his shot just pointed out. Didaviho passports were one word great, flew to Hanover lime with regularity, and more recently disgruntled home crowd made ​​it clear that the bet365 young winger like it.

Next, he was trying to knock the footer to the network Christian Gentner, in a way, however, was attentive defender Marcelo. Home were in the first half clearly the better team, but after changing sides could surprisingly collect first – Hiroshi Kiyotaka found on a breakaway Leonardo Bittencourt, whose return pass to Manuela Schmiedebacha could result in scoring position, if it were just a bit more accurate. On the other hand, subsequently goalie Zieler bet365 shutout Didaviho shootout.

The goal is thus expected up to 69 minutes – Gentner opened to the corner bar closer to where lurked ready Schwaab and cleaned the ball into the net before it could prevent Miiko Albornoz kick to safety. Hannover had another good chance to attempt settlement through Joselua, home defense but despite exerting all efforts to resolve everything and bet365 defended so well deserved win VfB.