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Frk, it’s a cannon! His shot came in from the right hand side but the ball went wide

Martin Frk has always been a shooter, and a shot like a cannon is his cognitive mark. Coach Todd Nelson, who leads the Czech Hockey Team at AHL in the Grand Rapids team, even says that Frk has been one of the five hardest shooters he has met in the past 25 years. “Almost ten years ago, I noticed that my missile was bigger than the wounds of other boys,” says a twenty-three-year-old striker.

How hard is Frk’s missile? Nobody can say exactly, The former junior representative has not yet been measured, but the puck on his missiles but flying like a lethal projectile proves a lot of stories, like last week’s match against Manitoba.It is said that this wound has even squeezed the pole of the goal structure.

“It was probably the toughest shot I’ve ever seen,” Nelson admitted to “The whole invert turned to me with an overwhelming look “It was funny,” said the coach.

The Pecka he was talking about was not a goal, but many of the Czech striker’s sticks are. In the last four games he was able to rejoice three times, totally overtaken by goalkeepers seventeen times and is the best in the team.

At Griffins, another similar gunman, Finnish sharpshooter Teemu Pulkkinen, was in the last year. This at KHL in 2013 radar measured 161 kilometers per hour. The Czech hockey player claims that Fin has a more accurate shot, but he is harder.And Nelson coach agrees.

But where does the native of Pelhřimov come from? “I do not think I would be rehearsing something special in my childhood,” Frk said, but his surroundings noticed very soon, and he was increasingly listening to the “shoot” instruction!

“It was still, Solve the recordings and just try to burn the pucks at the gate, “he said with a smile.

A similar system works in AHL and clear evidence is the beginning of the year. Frk made his debut in the Carolina NHL, but soon returned to the Detroit organization and quickly headed for Grand Rapids.

The Griffins team was thirteenth in the Power Force Games. Now? The first bar! And Frk has succeeded eleven times in the numerical advantage.According to Nelson, he still has the NHL, but he has to work a bit more on defensive activities.

Meanwhile, the stories about his shot will continue to spread. “Do you know the sound when you’re on the ice and a puff passes through you? We can hear him at Frka on the bench, “Nelson boasts.

Ujčík remembers Augustus († 70): He was peculiar, but he acted fairly

As a peculiar but fair coach who has a natural respect for the players, Josef Vojvodík will be remembered by former excellent striker Viktor Ujčík. With the seventy-year-old giant of Czech hockey, who died today after fighting pancreatic cancer, he linked him to the Dukla of Jihlava, but also the representative.

“I will remember Mr. Augustus in good. We are so used to the Highlands, but one always knew what he was, “said ČTK Ujčík.

According to him, he definitely helped him coach hockey at the highest level. “It was obvious he knew what he was saying he had gone through hockey.He did not play for the players, and he behaved fairly to them, “added Ujčík, who now acts in Jihlava as assistant to Petr Vlk’s coach.

Hockey enjoyed Augusta.” He did not bind us overly tactical Instructions. It was clear that something was given in advance, but left us freely in the game, “said Ujčík forty-four, who under Augusta as coach assistant entered Jihlava in the home competition. Augusta is also indelibly written with a golden hattrick From the world championships 1999 to 2001. For the first time as an assistant to Ivan Hlinka, then twice as a coach. He finished the national team after the 2002 World Championship.Together they celebrated in 1999 and 2001, when Ujčík was also in the selection.

The death reports were not surprising. And because he leads Jihlava junior with Patrick’s son Augusto. “It was a very sad thing, of course, but on the other hand I understand that it must have been liberation for Mr. Augustus,” said Ujčík.

P> In addition to common sporting success, August has a good memories outside the ice. And one remembered him immediately. “We were riding together at the juniors meeting and I drove, we were quite hurried, but the motorway in front of Prague was blocked, so we took it on smaller roads with different abbreviations.When we were successful and Mr. Augusta stepped out of the car, he just knocked and said ‘no more with you’, “Ujcik laughed.” Chechtal was there and, of course, on his way back he went with me Again, but we were already on the road and on the highway, “added Ujčík.

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Condition Coach Bridger: The goal is not to leave the player after the FOUR

He does not have a college degree, he has never played a top hockey and he’s on his way. Fitness coach Michal Bridnář pays attention. There are players who go to him regularly and bring others, but on the other hand he is also a subject of criticism and hints in the field. Jiří Hudler, Jakub Klepis and Petr Vrana. These are, for example, the Bridgette’s trustees. “It’s not a diploma but I’m still learning,” he says.

The world has collapsed four years ago. At that time, physicians Michaela Bridnářová diagnosed a heart defect, for which he had to end the professional boxer career from day to day. In the meantime, he had been training ten times a week, all of a sudden. His story turned in the best possible direction.

He became a fitness coach. A sought-after fitness coach.In the summer, for example, George Hudler made an offer of his dreams to travel to the US and physically prepare him for the next season in the NHL. “It was about two months, some of them in Malibu. It was enticingly tempting, I had a boil for two days, but I had to reject it. I had a deal with several players that I did not want to say, “I’m leaving, do what you want.” It would be a great experience, I could make money, but I did not want to disappoint anyone, “he said.” After he had finished the boxing, he did not know what he was going to do. He made a fitting preparation through a friend of the ice hockey player David Štich, who first addressed him. Gradually, others joined.

In the summer of 2014 he joined Slavie.After a while, he finished. “I think it’s because of the split. Coach Ladislav Lubina wanted the players to run long tracks, I did it altogether, “said Stewart.

But the team wrestled at the bottom. The barrage was approaching, and the players asked for the club themselves to want him back to the team. “It was a tremendous appreciation of my work,” admitted a thirty-three-year-old “kondičák.” Last summer he started training in Mladá Boleslav because several of his players took part in it.After a few weeks he finished, again feeling that there were also disagreements on how to physically adjust the hockey player. “Mr. Excellent addressed me and so I joined the team but after the departure of the holiday something changed,” said the end of the Skaters.

“How are system-educated players that they have to go to blood, To the maximum and to go four, so it is not so. And thanks to the technology they will only get what they can take that day. Training based on feeling can not determine hockey limits and give him what he needs, “he has approached his approach.

There are also clubs that say the players are forbidden to visit Brimnár. “It will come to me that some team fitters think I’m taking a job or being a competitor for them.And yet none of the trainers ever contacted me to be entertained about what I do and why I do it. “

This is the proof and cause of why the Whipper is not sitting all over. “For me, the only feedback is the satisfaction of the players who bring the others and Mr. Dostal,” Reacting to critics Bitternář.

Doctor Jiří Dostal is from the Institute of Sports Medicine, he is the well-known knowledge from which The bumper draws. Constantly. And it brings technological innovations that, for example, measure the oxidation of muscles, strengthen breathing muscles, and so on. So Dostal has professional support.

That’s Michal Břínář. A coach without (official) education, yet immersed in medicine.And he is going upside down, because if he goes with him, he will hardly succeed.

When the frost runs through the muscles

The entrance to the gym, where Michal Brentnář works, will impress you. The mezzanine is decorated with graffiti, the area before the reception itself looks like a secret service. It seems that only strong characters can fit inside the cut figures. But beneath the stairs there is material goodness. The box full of eyelids from the plastic bottles with the inscription “for Lukáš”.

The sawmill wanted to help a nine-year-old Lukáš Kamenčík, who suffers from polio. Lukášek is a hockey fan. The players joined Bhrynářovi. Jakub Klepiš, Petr Vrána et al. They have selected donations and a financial sum of 18 thousand crowns.Money needs a new wheelchair.

“It all made a huge impression on everyone. When we saw Lukaska for the first time seeing us approach the corridor to us, the room fell silent. We were frosting around our bodies. In a second, we realized that our common worries are petty, “wrote Bismarck.

Little Luke was very happy. And the others, too, could help.