The Russians are canceling TV shows in Pyongyang and are calling for a boycott

The call to boycott came from the mouth of Ivan Melnikov, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament. The decision of the IOC is “unimaginably tough” and is part of a policy of “total persecution of Russian athletes in order to humiliate Russia.”

The final decision, he says, is on the leadership of the country. If it decides to participate, then “it will be important to lead the information campaign around the games in a different way,” he said.

VGTRK, in response to the IOC verdict, announced that it cancels broadcasts from the Olympic games.

“We will not be carrying the Russian Olympic Games in Pyongyang,” the press service of the holding said.CEO of another national media group Gazprom media Dmitry Chernyshenko told reporters that without Russian participation, Russian TV viewers will not be interested in the game.

The coach Yevgeniy Trefilov, who led the Russian handball players last year gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. “People, remember. Everyone in the corner will turn into a tiger, “he told Lausanne, where the IOC met Tuesday. On the other hand, star hockey player Ilja Kovalchuk called for the participation of all Russian athletes who would have a chance to start as neutral. “It was clear that such a decision would come. But when the athletes go, they will unite the country.All clean athletes have to go, “he told R-Sport.

The Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee Leonid Tjaagov is in the same position. “Let’s go to young athletes who did not compete at the Sochi Olympics. Let’s just race them out and show us that we are from Russia and we are not outrageous, “said the official who led the National Olympic Committee in 2001-2010. Some Russian sports unions announced that their participation on games they decide later. Consider a situation like, for example, toboggers or figure skaters.

The double skating champion Jevgenija Medvedevova, who would be a big favorite for gold, must also decide.An 18-year-old figure skater today, as a member of the Russian delegation, spoke at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

She said she could not race like a neutral sportswoman. “I am proud of my country, it is an honor to represent her at the Olympic Games. It inspires me, and it gives me the strength of my performances, “quoted her web site After the verdict, however, it was more restrained. “It will still be discussed and such questions are coming soon,” she said.