The Hockey Comet is full of shine. At the start of the extraliga, he is heading without a spotlight

“We have shown that if we continue to fight, we can also turn the match that does not work best. It is only good that we can match such games to our side, “said Jan Hruska, Brno’s striker.

Since the start of the spring play-off, which culminated in the championship, the blueberries in this sector have become champions. Just consider: only three of the last 24 games lost, only one in the normal playing time!

Of course, this list includes ten matches from the summer, which only had a test character, but even the Brno invincibility fascinates .When superstitious fans can assume that everything goes too smoothly.

“Victory does not hurt or hurt anyone,” says one of Brno’s coaches Kamil Pokorny. “Of course we want to transfer it to the extra-league. Our eyes and our minds have overturned it. ”

Only on Friday, when the Comet crosses the sticks with Třinec in its arena, everything is out of focus. “Of course, it’s good we’re doing well, but now it’s a thick line. If we do not get into the extralig, no one remembers it, because it’s still just a preparation, “says Pear. “We have to prepare for matches that will be real and will be counted in the table.”

However, the last four blue-and-white balls were also counted in the table.And in the Champions League, their balance is eloquent: four starts, four wins. “So far, we have remained spotless,” said Hruska, whose team secured the advance to the eighth round. “It would be stupid if we dropped out of the basic group. We want to get as far as possible. ”

The Champions League, where the club was originally looking through the fingers, eventually came to the comet. “Matches are attractive for us as well as for fans. There is a different style of hockey and we can learn something. The opponents were of good quality and all the matches were balanced, the purpose of the preparation was fulfilled, “said Tomáš Vincour.

Ready Comet looks really perfect. Are there any clouds in the sky in Brno? “We need to make sure our beginnings are better.It can not always be that we will turn the games, “Vincour points out.

“There is still room for improvement. We have scored a goal from the power play, but we have had a lot of them and need to be more effective in them, “Pokorny added another flaw in the beauty. Another scramble is an unfortunate Saturday injury to defender Tomas Malka.

However, the positives clearly prevail. “We want to join the season last year. So with humility and respect for the opponents and the effort to play your hockey, “Vincour said.

What is going to be different in the last year is the color of the jerseys. On Saturday Night Star Comet revealed that against old habits will play at home in blue and outdoors in white.