The end of the damage. Swimmer Baumrt slams her biggest enemy

In the Hungarian capital, thanks to a new personal record, it has advanced to the finals on its key, hundred-meter track. She finished seventh. She enjoyed her performance and touched Tomáš Baumrta, father and coach in one person.

“He has not made such a gesture since my victory in Herning (ME 2013 in a short pool). He had no tears in his eyes for a long time. I’m so glad I could make him so happy, “she was enjoying her proud father.

They both waited four years for a positive performance at the top event. “I know it’s just swimming, but it was a terribly long time and I did it hard. For Dad, it was hard to believe that I will improve and the results will come, “admits the small Czech, who surpassed its own Czech record from 2013 on the bank of the Danube.At that time she shone in Catalan Barcelona.

Now he is acting calmly. Freshly achieved results apparently liberated her long tied mind. “It is a great relief for me,” he does not conceal and adds a few apologies to Czech journalists.

When she did not manage the final of the European Championship in Israel’s short pool two years ago, she was angry with them. “I do not like you,” Baumrt fired at that time.

She explains the situation all the way back: “When I say my goals in the first place, I make a whip. Suddenly everyone knows what I want to achieve, and I’m tied up.I was sorry that I was nasty to you, but I could not fight it, “he says, then smiles a little nervously.

“You asked if medals and so, and I started to be allergic to it and went straight to the bottom,” explains the media pressure. But it was not Baumrt’s performance worry only about curious journalists. “I think everyone has the greatest enemy in himself. The only thing that prevents me from swimming is me, “admits now.

When he thinks about his previous career, he realizes, “I was lucky to win a medal by miracle. When I was only fifth in Israel, it dropped me in my head.You start wondering if it’s worth it, worrying like that, when you spend so much time and energy, “she’s plotting the disappointment of her unfulfilled expectations.

My father and the general public.

Not only was 2015 heavy, but also the next. Baumrt was looking. The break came up this year. My father adjusted the workouts, changed Simon very well, and she started to feel good. She was also helped by a concentration camp in Denmark, where she had a psyche and was lonely but very well trained.

The results have begun to show up, at the June meeting in Rome, Baumrt improved one of the records. The form was upgraded in the Budapest Dune Arena.Did she beat herself in her? “I hope so.”