The belfry over Belgium is pleased that the team is performing modern football

Even though Czech football players in the 21st year after the 1: 2 1-0 defeat in Belgium in the 88th minute defeated the direct progress to the European Championship, coach Vítězslav Laviček was pleased with the performance of the players. He feels the team improves with each game and is glad that the elements of modern football are seen in the game.

“We feel frustrated and disappointed, but the way we played yesterday The team is healthy, it has a healthy character. The start of the qualifying round was not easy, the team was a little embarrassed, embarrassed by what it could do.Our annual tour, however, showed that boys have quality, good cohesion and the desire to move to the Euro, “said Lavička at a press conference after the games in Montenegro, where the team won 3-0, and Belgium.

“Lvits” after defeat in Belgium no longer have the final first place, which means direct progress, in their own hands, but they have a two-point lead, but they have only a home match with Moldova, while the Belgian team still plays Montenegro and Latvia, and the four best teams from the second places in the groups are waiting for a barrage.

“We know we do not have our situation in our hands. The most important thing that interests me is to prepare well for Moldova. Unfortunately, we will not affect others.From my own experience, I know that Montenegro is very unpleasant, which has shown us in Uherské Hradiště, “ reminded Lavička 3: 3 draw.

” Our goal, the championship Poland, we have moved away a bit, but I firmly believe it does not end. We did not give up our trip to Poland, and I still believe we will move, “added Lavička.

His creditors, despite defeat favored by Belgium, overcame 18: 8, but they did not even change the most chances. the inner feeling of the game was good. The modern football was there, but against such rivals you need to have a chance to realize, “said Lavička. ” Otherwise, I think a good signal for the future of Czech football is how the players are presented.They still keep hope, “he said.

Still, he sees considerable reserves in the game. ” We have reservations, I do not deny. When we look at other teams in other groups, we do not miss the number of goals. “We are working to make it more compact,” he said.

The match with Moldova might miss the striker Patrick Schick who could move to the A- team. “He was the best in both matches. I believe we can find a solution to replace it if necessary. Lukas Julis, Standa Klobása, was with us. The alternatives are, “said a coach.