Successful coach Peshan after the tour: We were a team with a bigger heart

No one was hiding the joy after the winning quarterfinals. The players, the realization team, the Czech fans. Positive emotions were also revealed by coach Filip Pešán.

“The euphoria is great. But as I observe manchaft, I feel he does not want that peak to be, “he suspects. “The Finns were strong. In our band they were playing us, twice shot down…But it does not play hockey. I am very glad that we were able to fight, in the end they plugged into the gates and settled, “the Czech coach describes the key moments of the tournament.

Among these was undoubtedly the goal of Kristian Reichel, who broke the Finnish pressure and brought the 2: 2. “The boys realized that our rival, who had dominated at the beginning, did not run. We found out that just letting Finy play is suicide.The boys themselves made a little bit of a grin and Kristián Reichel’s goal was the summit of our upsurge, “comments Pešán.

The Suomi hockey players burned out of all possible positions, 54 of them missed a total of 54 missiles. In addition, a large number of Finnish attempts were able to block the devoted players. “We were definitely not better, but we were a bigger team. And thanks to that, the fortune eventually turned to us. From the morning I saw how the team lives and how they want to advance. I’m glad we did it, “says Peshan.

The way to victory was literally fought. Three minutes before the third siren national team lost the goal and the coaches soon reached the lottery without the goalkeeper. However, the game in six was a great one.Filip Zadina was running from blue to the net, and the duel continued 3: 3. “Man is so-called, hero or zero,” laughs Peshan. “I’m glad it came out, and the guys helped my decision,” he adds more seriously. Although the 58th minute match came back, the Czechs could not win the victory. “There was still a small step, and the Finns were extremely dangerous. The couple who played the game deserve discharge. He must be tired but very happy, “says the coach.”

The nerve-wrenching duel did not bring about a ten-minute extension and ended up in separate raids.What did the coach choose for a skill competition? “I have nominated five names and told the boys that the order is on them. In the morning we heard Martin Láska’s analysis of the opponent’s goalie and the guys used some things. Between the Concrete and the Rifle Side, it was one of the recipes, “reveals the coach of the 20th and Extreligion Liberec coaches.

Although they did not come to the main coach, they showed what they could in a sharp match. “I rode with them. Of course, I mostly won, but we have handsome boys. I was struck by a little bit and I am delighted that we had a happy hand, “says Pešan with a smile. One of the cornerstones of the sensational triumph was undoubtedly the goalie Josef Kořenář.Besides the huge number of dangerous wounds, he also picked up four of the five separate raids. “It was a feeling. I respect all three goalkeepers, but for me Pepa Kořenář was the only one for the quarter-finals. And he will also be in the semifinals. “