Stanciu is a pack. Sparta would go to host, says a Belgian journalist

Nicolae Stanciu (24), a Romanian midfielder who belongs to Anderlecht Brussels, would want to Letna, which he himself admitted in an interview that overprinted the Belgian and Romanian media.

“Sparta has an offer and I would like it. I would be delighted to work with a top coach like Andrea Stramaccioni, “he said.

Over the second sentence, a part of the Spartan fans are likely to raise their eyebrows due to the results in the current season, but the posse, like Stanciu, the team could have been a very exciting revival.

Is it real that a really high chicle has already put on a red jersey in the winter?Sparta has not yet officially confirmed it.

“We will not comment on our activities on the transfer market and the specific names,” said Ondřej Kasík, a press spokesperson.

It is certain that if Sparta wanted Romanian the representative to buy, she would have to prepare an incredible package.The guy, who, according to the most famous Romanian player, has been described as the new Hagi, has moved to Anderlecht from Steau for a record 10 million euros. And while his price fell during the engagement, Spartan boss Daniel Křetínský would have to sacrifice the amount, which is significantly higher than 100 million crowns – it would be a dizzying sum for the Czech situation.

“I think it is real,” says Belgian journalist Guillaume Maebe from Het Nieuwsblad. “Stanciu is not happy in Anderlecht because he is not playing much. And the coaching coach, Contra, has already told him that if he does not get on regularly, he will not call him. “Stanciu’s career was broken in Brussels, but it seemed to be well-off.Before he went to Belgium, he was interested in Premier League clubs headed by Southampton, but the six million pounds offered at that time to Gigi Becali, the impressive owner of Steau, did not seem to be enough.

That’s why he left the most important player the Premier League Championship, where Stanciu with three great goals in two matches defeated Sparta. The following doubles match with Manchester City was a farewell to him, then moved to Anderlecht.

The last season was still quite up to date, he scored eight goals and six innings.He does not fit into the plans of coach Hein Vanhaezbroucka and he will sit for the most part on the bench.

“There is certainly something about him, but he did not show he was such an extraordinary player as he seemed to come,” he says Maebe. “The amount Anderlecht paid for him was disproportionately high, with other players taking advantage of his time. There was no moral or behavioral problem with him, just the coach more often built another. ”

This is a major problem. Stanciu needs to feel confident and know that he is important to the team.It seems difficult to do in Anderlecht, but Sparta looks like a meaningful solution.

Especially when she declared that the main goal of the transfer period is to bring players to the position of “dozens” – Stanciu feels best . In addition, he made it clear that he wanted the most to the team he was so successful about. Will it catch up?