The online betting site Sportingbet originates in a company founded in 1934 and is dedicated to gambling and betting. It was one of the first to offer the possibility of playing distance games, in fact already in 1998 had made available to the public a website for online betting. Today Sportingbet is one of the most used gambling sites in England and the translation of the site into 21 languages ​​has made it possible to access from around 175 countries around the world.

Sportingbet is also available in Italy as he has been able to obtain the indispensable AAMS license, so he can now operate freely even on Italian territory, without risking his online betting site being obscured How much illegal.

Bonus 100 € – Sportingbet sign up now!

However, the site does not only offer sports betting. In its 70 years of operation, Sportingbet has probably accumulated the expertise needed to be able to offer today several online services such as casino games, online poker, Vegas, various games, online betting, so-called skill games and game play bingo.

If you want to play Sportingbet online casino, you will need to download software on your computer. Only after you have done this you will be able to make your bets, your bets and your online bets.

Like most other online betting sites, Sportingbet also offers welcome bonuses to attract new members. Let’s see how they work and how easy it is (or difficult) to get them.

As for football or sports betting, Sportingbet welcome bonus announcement announces that you can get up to € 100 in bonuses.

But is it really so?

More or less, and now you will understand why.

First of all, the bonus is reserved exclusively to those who sign up for the first time at the site, and is divided into two parts. The first can reach 50 € as the maximum amount, but it will depend on the size of your first bet (mandatory to qualify for the welcome bonus), which must be at least 5 €.

The amount of the first part of the bonus corresponds to half of what you have spent for the first bet, so to get the maximum amount bonus (50 €) you have to spend at least € 100 for your first bet and also meet all the requirements On the game imposed by the website, such as the fact that this first bet must be placed on a single or multiple bet with a greater or equal to 1.50.

As for the second part of the bonus, which is called Bonus Extra on the Sportingbet site, you must have placed at least 6 bets (your first bet plus five more) to get a 50 € bonus. Obviously, here too, there are requirements to be observed on bets in order to get this second part of the welcome bonus.

Also be aware that in order to get this Sportingbet Bonus, all six bets must be made within 30 days of registration. You also have to be careful about how you register. The welcome promotion is only available to those who, when registering, remember to enter a special code provided by the website itself.
In conclusion, getting a welcome bonus on Sportingbet seems more complicated than on other sites, and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth spending $ 100 or more to receive a bonus that covers part of your spending and is subject to amount limits And time and compliance with various requirements, both on bets made and on the registration itself on the website.

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