Sparta’s favorite role is not to fit, we need to improve, “says Simons

Coach Zdeněk Ščasný was not happy with the nervous performance of Sparta in the 4th Prelude of the European League against Sönderjyske (0: 0). He was hoping for a far more offensive performance, Sparta did not play a role favorite and he would have to improve considerably in the domestic revenge in a week.

“Yesterday I said that two matches were played and I knew why because I saw them in almost every home game, and I knew their style was uncomfortable for the rivals and that it would be bad if we adapt to it, “Ščasný told journalists after the match.

“Sönderjyske was not surprised.But one thing is a theory, but if you do not have opponents who play a similar style, you will not be able to get ready for their game, “he told the Danish rival.

that every standard situation would be dangerous, so from this point of view I’m glad we did not bite, even though Koubek was holding us in two moments, “he appreciated Sparta’s defensive work. ” On the other hand, I imagined a better quality “

” Our biggest mistake was that we did not go into the combining game from the back as we had. We missed a faster transition and played as if it were maintenance, “said Ščasný.

He could not have enjoyed the uncertain performance of his warders. ” I was nervous about several players.We have a lot of roles that we do not like, “said Ščasný. ” But we have to confirm it at home whether we want it or not. “

Offensive speech with Spartan the coach tried to revive by replacing Daniel Holzer, who was replaced by Martin Frydek, and at the end of the match by the deployment of 19-year-old striker Matěj Pulkrab.

“Not that Holzer would disappoint me but on the left side we are in the first half did not play, so when he got the ball, he was uncertain. So I gave Frydek there and there were decent events, although there was a missing ending, “ commented on the substitution of Ščasný.

” I decided for Pulkrab because they started to look great in training and needed we hold the balloon.David Lafata is more of a kind of pressure and we did not have that moment, “ said about a change in the attack.

Still, the rotation of the goal and the minor reluctance to the coach did not bring the coach. I was not the quietest of the match. Their way of play did not fit us completely, we have to play differently at home. But we can not just rely on the home environment, we have to back it up with performance, “added Ščasný.