Šilhavý wants to set the right team chemistry in Slavia first

The new coach of the famous players, Jaroslav Šilhavý, lasted only less than four months on the Dukly bench and admitted that in today’s farewells with the players at Julisce he had mixed feelings. But the offer from Eden could not be denied. “I admit it was difficult to make decisions, it is not quite standard, I was contractually bound elsewhere, I was only leading Dukla in I had mixed feelings today when I was enjoying the morning in the cabin, but I explained to the boys that everyone must have ambitions, and I believe that they themselves understand that such a bid does not refuse, “said Shilhavý to journalists .

“I am very honored and delighted to have come.There is something new about Slavia, and I’m glad I can be there. I was thinking that it could not happen, but to my surprise it was done. “

The successor of the retired Dušan Uhrin junior takes over the team on the tenth place of the league table, but the Pražané have one “It is always important to have a certain chemistry in a team that is in Slavia now completely does not work.It will be my first assignment that individuals who I think are very good players in Slavia work as a team, “said Šilhavý.

Would like to change the approach of players who were not perfect in the last matches . “The leadership was talking about certain shortcomings. I’m going to tell players that it would be cheap and cowardly to hide because it was taken by a coach and they are out of blame.He has to take it and look at his performance to change his approach and thinking in his mind, “said former coach Kladno, Pilsen, České Budějovice, Liberec, Jablonec and Dukly, who also worked as an assistant Sparta.

Nobody will have the assurance of a place in the group and would probably sit on the bench with Gina van Kessel’s most expensive reinforcement if he does not work to the fullest. “Every individuality, the star must be subordinated to the team . Whoever does not want to submit to it can not be in Slavia. Our philosophy is unambiguous – a victory. We want to bet on players who have a winning mentality.In a short horizon, I want to meet the team so we can say in the winter: ‘We need these and these not’, “ outlined Šilhavý.

When he negotiated with the board, the chairman of the board Jaroslav Tvrdík he asked if he would be too good for Slavia. “I told him something in the sense that decency is not stupidity,” Smiling smiled. “But who knows me from the field, knows that “It has been a hard game with me,” added a coach who had won a league title with Liberec in the 2011/12 season.

He returned to Slavie after 23 years, at the beginning of the 1990s, Eden as Captain. “There was still a wooden tribune at that time,” he said with a smile. “I have spent more than a hundred matches, engaging in Slavia has started my career for success, whether in the role of a player or mainly a trainer.Slavia had problems, but now it started. I believe he will go up and again to run the best, “added the record player in the number of league releases.