Restart. A healthy body, another coach. Biathlete Vítková is still smiling

Joy with pain, such as the last season of Veronika Vítková. The body was too unresponsive for the body.

The consequences of the cerebral hemorrhage that it suffered in the summer of 2009 stretched for five years. Doctors later diagnosed her hormonal imbalance. Meningitis also affected the pituitary surrounding, causing extreme fatigue. It was more at high altitude and in the evening.

Sochi’s Olympic battles have become a great purifier for a 25-year-old biathlete by his venue and by the late start of the races. be about. Mixed relay silver was a cure for suffering.

At the very end of the winter, albeit throbbed with virosis, it also added 9.Place in the overall World Cup ranking. She was crying exhausted, “I can not walk anymore. I’ll drop the skis for a long time. “

Eight months have passed. He’s headed for the pool-win winter and smiles in one piece. He has reason. Or there are a whole lot of reasons.

Everything is suddenly different.

Since spring no illness, no injuries, no physical weakness. While half of the representation has addressed or addressed health ailments, Vítková has nothing. “I have to tap it,” she says.

After a thorough examination from the doctors, she heard: You’re all right. On her head, this message was like an injection of comfort. “I’m quieter now.I was thinking too much about the fact that I could be better if my body did not restrict myself. “After nine years, she ended up working with personal and coaching coach Jindřich Šikola, who joined the juniors team. “We both needed the change,” he admits. “This relationship brought success, but it has been somewhat more tense lately.Something like a father-daughter. “

” We still have not completely solved it, “Vítková says. “We have not been together since spring.”

Under the new coach of women, Zdeněk Vítek, his second-born cousin, is getting used to a somewhat different training regime. “We’ve been running more with Jindra over the summer,” he says. “This year we were rather on roller skis and in addition on bicycles. And we started to work a lot. “

Another is the mood in the team. Not only because Gabriela Soukalová does not train only with a male partner. The women’s and men’s teams are running together nowadays, which was not the case. “It’s a lot better than when we only met in racing in the past.The mood is supreme. “

We could add new outfits to the list of changes. The white design, in which the Czechs became famous during the Olympics, vetoed the representatives themselves. “When we go to races for three weeks and we roll around in white underwear, it will not last long.”

The 2014-2015 season is a great re-run by Veronika Vítková. With a healthy body, a younger coach, another training and a new “robe.”

She needed such an impulse.

In 2012, she finished twenty-five, then sixteen, then ninth. If she improved again by seven bars…”Will I be the second?I would not be angry at all, “she laughed at such counts during the March Cup final in Oslo.

The official goal is more modest:” I would like to stick to the Top 10. ” The former junior world champion, who has repeatedly stood at the podiums of the cups and has a medal at the top of the podium, certainly thinks higher.