Reinforcements and old locals. How the circumstances change in the Spartan group

Eleven new players, eleven foreigners. Sparta had a significant change in the summer, but not all of the reinforcements in the team brought quality. And Andrea Stramaccioni, on the other hand, gives a chance to those who were here before the arrival of an Italian coach. As the position of players changes, the most visible is Václav Kadlec.

The coach criticized him, did not play for the matches, almost sent him away, and now builds on him. “It’s a turn of fifty degrees. But no one is written that it can not return.I do not have to go down, keep making and goals, “Kadlec said after Sunday’s victory over Teplice (3: 0) against which he scored twice.

At the very first duel of the season in Belgrade the 25-year-old striker did not travel at all and against Crvena zvezda six newcomers – Dúbravka, Kaya, Štetina, Plavšič, Mandjeck, Janko. In addition, Civic and Ben Chaim came into play during the game.

Even in the retaliation Stramaccioni believed more of the new players, from the beginning there were six on the pitch, just the place of the wounded Kayi went Mavuba. Since then, the number of newcomers has been decreasing. Whether because of health problems or poor performance.

On the other hand, in Sparta’s weakest performance this year, there were mainly those who have been in the club for a long time.In Brno, where Sparta missed the last team table 0: 2, only Biabian, Mandjeck and Ben Chaim were replaced by Janko.

Only three of the backs in the base line had Sparta even in the previous match with Slovácko and then also Brno and Karviná. One of them was the goalkeeper Dúbravka, who got to the basic eleven thanks to the departure of the present number one Koubka in Rennes.

A week ago in the derby Slavia, Biabian, Ben Chaim Mandjeck, came from the first minute next to Dúbravka. After a defeat and defeat 0: 2 Stramaccioni again made changes, Mandjeck replaced Mavuba, after the illness was given a chance Štetina after a long time and instead of Ben Chaim.

The Dúbravka and Biabian’s French offensive midfielder are also regularly taking on new players.He has always played in the basic set since his arrival, leaving only three opening duels – both cups with Crvena’s show and the first round against the Bohemians. “Biabian was the first player I ever wanted to play in Sparta,” said Stramaccioni.

After a promising introduction and matches in Mlada Boleslav and Liberec, however, the 29-year-old French footballer definitely does not. The question is how long Stramaccioni will still hold him.

Plavsic and Ben Chaim, the other winger players, are just changing. Vatajel was the first team in the league.

The most difficult player ever is Lukáš Mareček, who was the only one missing in a minute in all eleven competitions.On Sunday against Teplice, however, for the first time he entered his “place” in the middle of the backup, hitherto played a hitchhiking.