Old good Arsenal has sacrificed for the coach, says Walcott

LONDON. Alexis Sánchez scored two goals and Arsenal footballers for thirteen minutes decided to win over Manchestrom United 3-0 in Sunday’s 8th round of the Premier League English Premier League.

The Chilean gunman opened the score at 6 minutes. Mesut Özil put themselves up by a goal after 19 minutes when Alexis Sánchez broke through. Arsenal jumped to the second side of the table with a two-point mankick behind Manchestrom City.

United are point (16) at Arsenal level. It is their third position.

Manchester has entered the duel at Emirates Stadium for the first time over the past hundreds of weeks as a leader of the Premier League table.Before the match with Arsenal he drew a four-time winning series.

Six September competitions turned into five triumphs.

Arsenal players were not in the best position. They drew for a shorter end in both the current duels of the group stage of the Champions League. Do not beat Dinamo Zagreb (1: 2) and Tuesday at home against Olympiakos Piraeus (2: 3). Arsenal and Manchestrom United strike.

Theo Walcott, who gave two assists to United, said the entire Arsenal team was sacrificing for Wenger’s coach. The French coach has faced a lot of criticism over the past weeks.

“We had a bigger desire for a good result since the kick-off. We looked very strong and dominated the big team.This is how we should play every week, “Thea Walcott’s express.co.uk quoted.

” Everyone worked hard – and that’s right. We all sacrificed our trainer. The first half was incredible. Then nobody would have liked us. It was an old good Arsenal. We have shown the best performance since I was at the club, “he added.

” We are second, two points from the first place. Criticism was exaggerated. We played some great games, we won four times out. We managed 5-2 in the Leicestro City during the week, “quoted goalkeeper.com.com Wenger.

” We have decided to start Manchester United as a strong high-pressure team.We wanted to get the balls and make a quick transition to the attack, “he told the tactics of a sixty-five-year French coach.

” I knew if we were going to do it, we would score some goals. We were disciplined and we defended well. “Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal did not expect such an assault on Arsenal at the start of the duel.” We started without emotions. It’s hard to understand. We have to find the causes of our failure, “he said.

” We did not expect it. We were at the front of the table before we won four duels. We were supposed to keep our Premier League leadership, “the Dutchman continued.

” But when you do this, you will not win in any match. We played every fight and lost every second ball. Our deposit was not strong enough, “he added.Henry “Arsenal must win the league this year. I do not know if they will get a better chance than this season. – Home of Fußball (@ExcitableExpert) October 4, 2015

“Before the game, I said that when they put their opponent in Arsenal, it would be difficult. More demanding, “van Gaal admitted.

“The biggest problem is that a lot of players now fly directly from London to showcases, so we can not fully prepare for the closest league match with Everton.”

The Wenger team enjoyed the taste of home victory over Manchestrom United for the first time since May 1, 2011. Worst victory 1: 0 was then walled by Aaron Ramsey at 56 minutes.In four more duels in front of his own audience, the Londoners tried a bit of triumph over United.

Both rivals have met 223 times in all competitions. Eighty-one encounters became Arsenal’s winger, in 93 cases Manchester United triumphed.