Nymph basketball players want to lose Eurocup at home

Nymburk Sunday’s defeat with Prostějov 101: 111 after a second lengthening, the league ended 59 winners, plus coach Kestutis Kemzura had to put much more weight on his key players than he had originally planned. The question, then, is whether a heavy, long, and losing game will somehow show up on Darius Washington, Peter Bend and others. On the other hand, other important players Chester Simmons and Radoslav Rancik were resting, and they should be tahoun in Belgium.

Charleroi lost both of his previous matches in the group and if he did not even have a chance with Nymburk, Were already very poor. That is why the Belgian unit necessarily needs to work.He will rely mainly on American Dylan Page, who still dressed for the Nymburk jersey in the past season and was one of his best players. The Czech champion will have to watch out for his very good shooting from afar. He has scored 15 and 18 points in previous two matches.

Next to him, Charleroi is also backed by other Americans Eric Wise and Andre Collins. The team is also 19-year-old Slovak pivot Michael Fusek, who is 221 centimeters to the top players of the competition.Yet he’s not getting enough experience and playing too much time.

Nymburk kicks off at the start of the season and has defensive problems, rebounds and unnecessary losses, but Charleroi tries to make a good turn in a home match with Oldenburg, Who lost 17 points in the second quarter, but eventually won 77:71. However, he must avoid the unforgivable entry to the match, which he repeated in Oldenburg even in Prostějov. “After turning around with Oldenburg, this victory was even better, but with the passing of time we tried to teach it and watch , So as not to repeat it.We do not always have to turn around, “warned Vojtech Hruban, ahead of a match that starts Wednesday at 20:30 in the live broadcast of ČT Sport.

The turnaround with Oldenburg could be one of the key moments in the fight for procedure. “It was one of our key matches for us. At home we have to protect our board, that’s the key to progress. And try to do something out there, “said Washington. It is in Charleroi that the chances of an outsider’s win are probably the biggest.