Matějovský hopes to play a group of cups again with Boleslav

As Sparta Mark Matějovský has recently indicated that he does not count too much on him, it was a clear choice for him to return to Mladá Boleslav. Thirty-three-year-old midfielder hopes he will build on his previous achievements in the city of the car and re-enter the club where he grew up football, he will play the European League base. I hope to repeat it, ” told Mladenovsky journalists.

With Mlada Boleslav he played in 2006 and 2007 the UEFA Cup group, the predecessor of the current European League.The Central Bohemian team continues to get into the cups, but it does not manage to go over the front.

“I tried Sparta with how many times it is not easy. I believe that I will help to push Boleslav to taste the European League again. I remember that the stadium was stuffed with a rupture, it is seen in the league with Sparta, Slavi, or Pilsen, “he added. a younger-born child in Mlada Boleslav.

He returns to his former club after two years in Reading, England, and six years in Sparta.”I worked in Sparta for six years, and for the last three four years, every transition period has been mentioned to me that I’m not going to play much and will try “(Pan) (coach),” I’m not sure what to do, He also spoke to me in the winter and summer, but I did play some matches, that Sparta’s opinion was such that they could miss me, and then there was nothing to be done, “added Matějovský. > Despite his commitment to Sparta, he will only remember in good spirits. “Memories are nice and no one will take me.Sometimes it was a bit more demotivating when it was a bit screaming (team position), but it is football life. Throughout my life, I tried to quit, and I was doing it for a long time. But the power of the players who have been playing in Sparta for six years is not running here, “added a former representative.

Return to Mladá Boleslav also made it easier for him to live there. I said in the past that there was no club in Bohemia where I could work. I did not want to go anywhere across the border anymore. I’m ready for great expectations. There was a lot of fans in Sparta, I’ve got something to do, “he said.

” There’s been a lot of change here, new cabins have been made. Honza Kysela, Honza Šeda, a masseur, a physiotherapist and a guy named Kustod are here.Otherwise, the cabin has changed and I will have to know the guys on the march, “he added.

After a small procedure on the injured knee, he can not play matches at the moment. ” When I can get in, I do not know. I will try to make it as soon as possible. At this point I started training on the pitch. I believe that every day it will be better and I’ll get to the bottom sooner, “he added.

In Mladá Boleslav he will also be training children. ” We agreed that when I that time will allow, I will help in the youth categories, where my son works. What will happen in the future, I can not say yet, “he added.