Matějovský headed from Sparta to Mladá Boleslav

Marek Matějovský leaves Sparta after six years. The 43-year-old former deputy headed from Letná for a year-long visit to Mladá Boleslav where he started his career. At the same time, the Central Bohemian club signed an annual contract valid from July 2017. Mladá Boleslav reported on the return of her offspring after eight years at a press conference.

“As Marek left for Reading, when I’m still in the club, it’s time for Marek to return to Boleslav, and I’m glad that the situation has now happened Tomáš Rosicky came to Sparta, which I tried to use.What Tomáš Rosický means for Sparta, Marek means for Boleslav, “said Josef Dufek, president of Mladá Boleslav.

Since Matějovský had a contract in Sparta until 2017, he will be in Mladá Boleslav first and the Letenni will be part of his salary by the end of the season.

“I’ve always painted myself so much that I will be here once again. The time has come now. I believe I can make a connection with the time I left. There were successes, even in the basic phases of the cups. I hope this could happen again, “Matějovský said.

” I said in the past that there was no other club in the Czech league where I could work. I did not want to crack somewhere, trying luck somewhere beyond the borders.I was glad to have been able to make a decision, the decision was unambiguous, “added Matějovský.

In Mladá Boleslav he has worked for thirteen years and helped the team to advance to the highest competition.” He belonged to key players, with his performances he spoke about the first invitation to the national team and also about the transfer to English Reading in 2008. After two years he returned to the league and dressed the Sparta jersey, where he also made the captain and the club helped four trophies in six years. p>

Recently, however, due to a knee injury, he dropped out of the set, in addition to Rosicky’s arrival, his situation would be even more complicated, so he decided to return home.In addition, Mladá Boleslav needs a spielmachach after her injury to Jakub Rada.

“I have been in Sparta for six years, and for the last three four years, every transition period has been mentioned to me, that they would try to find other alternatives It was already behind Mr. Lavička and it always came out that I was in the basic set up Mr. Ščasný mentioned this to me in the winter and now in the summer but I played some matches. so that they may miss me, and then there was nothing more to be done, “said Matějovský.

So far, he does not know when he will be able to take the arthroscopic procedure. “I will try to make it as soon as possible. At this point I started training on the pitch.I believe that it will be better every day and I will get a full swing soon, “he said.

In Mladá Boleslav he will also take a coaching role. ” We have already agreed that he will take care about nine decades in our academy. I think Marek could work in the top management and in a few years even in my position, “Dufek smiled.

In the Czech league, Matějovský played 254 matches and scored nine goals 15 other games and one goal scored in national jersey.