Like Houdini. The tennis player Safarova escaped from a nine-mechbox

The slender leaves of the white-eyed peasants near by did not move in the heat and the wind. A sharp sun rattled at court number 3, which made it uncomfortable for the players to serve. The Safari did not succeed, so she preferred to repeat it.

Paid. Ace. There was a winning strike from Forhendu. And point directly from the service. Conformity. Ufff.

A crowd of fans with flags cheered and encouraged: “Come!”

Twenty-nine-year-old Czech in the auditorium except a cousin knew a few acquaintances.Support from the tribune helped her in a situation that seemed almost hopeless. “Especially aggressive,” said Safarova.

When she thought she was out of the worst, she had gone berserk. Fourth mech for Cicking Wickmayer, who broke into the game as a fury.

“Yanina started great and I was just trying to hang in the game,” Safarova said later.

This year’s fabulous forhend meant again a relatively agreeable match. That? That the crisis could be blamed?

And hell. Double error. Fifth Mechbol. The leftist from Brno threatened to stop counting in time. “Especially aggressive. Come on for a point. ”

In the next exchange, she forged herself into a small yellow ball at full risk. Her survival in the tournament was a few centimeters.Wickmayer was just looking…

Lajna! Otherwise, the gentle and dear Saffar had put on the face of a fierce warrior. Congratulations.

At one point, she recalled how, in January 2014, in her own swordfish, during a battle with later champion Li Na, she had missed the court. “Now fate could make up for the bad luck,” she thought.

She just reached 6: 6, and before the tie-break she thought she was running out of the worst bum: “It’ll be okay. ”

And then? 1: 5. 3: 6. Wickmayer again had three chances to close the game. Five out of the last seven Grandslames have been wrecked by the former World Twelve right away. But the Sapphire has imitated the art of the literal wizard Harry Houdini, who is famous for leaks from all kinds of trappings and traps.

Her situation also looked hopeless, but…

Ace! Ace!!! 5: 6. At the eighth time, the Belgian sent the ball into the car, and the audience shouted: “Lucka, Lucka!” But then even the development did not turn. The Return of the Safari slammed the tape. Her coach František Čermák hid the tension behind the sunglasses. “Does not matter. Come on! “The audience burst out.

” Especially aggressive, “she told her favorite, and obeyed the next shootout. Wickmayer in the emergency fired next. 7: 7.

The arena raged the question: Which of the adversaries will allow earlier? Wickmayer faded. Lucie Safarova-Houdini once again attacked. 8: 7. “Hop, hop, hop!” Called the fans.

The psychically wrinkled Belgian served in the net.Come back again. Her eleventh bluff! She leaned down on the bench with her bowed head. 9: 7 for Safarova.

Even though the score was balanced, the player was basically determined. The destroyed Wickmayer eventually got into a single game.

The Czechs arrived at the sixteenth ace. “Luko, thank you!” The audience chanted. She even worshiped some of the local youths in white T-shirts and called her surname: “Safarouva, Safarouva!” After saves the wounds, illnesses, gaps and failures, Safarova blinked her fists and waved. Fate has mercy.