Jarolim sees the reserves mainly in the end and is considering Schick

Last week, coach Karel Jarolim scoured the first two matches on the football stand against Armenia and Northern Ireland. None of his new entrants turned him off, but he sees large reserves in the final phase. He thinks he will be nominated by Patrick Schick of the 21st, and believes that the captain Tomas Rosicky will continue in the prestigious career.

The new coach representation defeated Armenia 3-0 first in the first Wednesday and then on Sunday entered the world championship qualification mainly because of the bad endings with a 0-0 draw with Northern Ireland. “Feelings are good, but it would be better if we won the first qualifying match.” I was disappointed in the result, but no more of the overall speech.Unfortunately, until the final stage, only 15 of the 15 shot attempts were between the sticks. The situation we had to do was better. There is something to improve, I see the biggest reserves there. But the overall manifestation that we want to play combined, on the move, that was fine, “Jarolim told a press conference.

In both matches, he set up a group with two attackers. We’ve decided for a set. Some performances were better, some worse. For us, it was important knowledge, and further progress will be made. But in terms of access and deployment, I was not disappointed, “Jarolim said.

In October, the matches are expected to be held at the German Gold World Defenders’ Grounds, and then at home with Azerbaijan.The new coach thinks of calling one of the twenty-one, an adepte especially for the attacker Schick.

“Patrik is the type of attacker we currently do not have. but he is a hot candidate for a championship, “said Jarolim, who watched the twenty-second in a qualifying duel in Belgium on Tuesday.

The successor of Pavel Vrba also believes that the captain Rosicky, who returned to Sparta last week, will continue in the representation. “We’ll see how it will look like it’s going to be a game and fitness, I waited for a moment to decide if she would continue her career and where we would definitely communicate with each other.I think he will be keen to represent himself when he is healthy, “he said.

Besides, the coach is already starting to think about the upcoming match in Germany in the month. > “I just wish the players were in the best possible condition. We will now deal with the analysis of the German team. I have seen their match in Norway, a little different level is waiting for us than Northern Ireland, “Jarolim said.

” The Norwegians played from a deep block, that’s the way to hell. It will be important that we do not give the Germans room and approach them quickly. We must be active, “he added.