Hope he took the Sáblíkové mass fall. Worn and disappointed she resigned

While the main package was waiting for the fallen contestant, the caramel victims were perhaps the biggest favorite and defense of the two previous champions, the Dutch Marianne Vosová.

Sáblíková was no longer among the participants of the championship battle. The nervous introduction of the race has taken its toll. “It was pretty hidden, what we said was filled, the movement in the parcel was excellent,” praised the coach of the coach Tomáš Konečný.

But at the Mirador peak in the middle of the group there was a collision and Sáblíková was just in the middle of the road She could not avoid the scrum. “I saw that it was blocking me, I started too, but I did not abdicate,” she said in an interview with Czech Television.She dropped straight to the asphalt, sliding over it. “Unfortunately she did not fall to the side, to the trench.Not there is nothing broken,” Konečný was afraid.

Sáblíková did not want to give up the race over all the bolts, but she had a wheel locked in the opponent’s wheel and could not ” “The Peloton has gone and before the mechanic came, I lost two minutes,” she regretted. “It did not make sense anymore.” The twenty-seven-year-old speed skater was shaken, bared on all sides, on her elbows, her blood flowing from her knees, her bumpy flank. And while she was in the care of a team doctor, Konečný interpreted the feelings: “She is disappointed, she believed, the circuit was sitting there a lot, and after Nikole Noska had a great place between juniors, the whole team was hot and we saw that it was.Martina went to start with having it, but cycling is sometimes a lottery, it’s about luck. Sorry. “

” Unfortunately, it’s happening, “saddled Sáblíková.” Fortunately, I did not go so bad. When I saw the girls she was taking on the stretcher…”Sáblíková showed up at the top of the bike season that she was doing well on the flat track, which was not exactly the same as hers, and she was twelve.And in a mass race, which had made two climbs in each of the seven circuits, the Czechs could use their skating power.

“I was beautiful, I did not have a problem in the hills, It was not hard to get it off, okay, “she said.

” She had the power to fight the best, which she had shown in time, “Konečný reminded. Plus was the fact that the circuit was not technical, it was going on wide trips and Sáblíková, cycling not so experienced yet, had room to overtake. “But the beginning is always nervous, it squeezes and falls,” added the team chief.

The high speed champion who dreamed of starting at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 in the role of a cyclist had already dropped in his Limburg Championship premiere And also gave up.However, another collision does not deter it from further exposure to the peloton. “Probably not, it’s happening, it’s a sport, sometimes it’s lying down, and sometimes I just get into it.”

Winner is Ferrandova-Prvotova

But it did not seem to have been a triumph.

The quartet Vosova, Emma Johansson (Sweden), Elizabeth Armitstead (UK) and Elisa Long Borghini (Italy).It seemed that only one woman in this group would leave without a medal, but in the end it was all different.

None of the four more than a kilometer ahead of the goal did not want to board and the conclusion was so intense that another 11 racers . The medal for the winner Ferrand-Prvotova and the silver German Lisa Brennauer eventually left this group only for the bronze Johansson.

The waxes in the finisher soon came to power and closed the top ten to come up with a unique series. Since 2006 she has always been a medalist. It has three golds (2006, 2012 and 2013) and five silver ones.

On the same long track, the juniors introduced themselves in the morning. The only Czech representative Roman Lehký závod did not finish.The medals were decided only in the spur of the German Jonas Bokeloh.