Floorball players have tied up with Switzerland, the quarterfinals of the World Cup are close

“The Swiss played defensive, waited for a mistake, but they were extremely defeated in defense. They do not work very well, we get over it. I was surprised that they were not as dangerous on the balloon. We sensed it in the second third that if we press, we have a chance to get the balloons. Unfortunately we did not score goals. We played very well, but the goalie caught us, “said Czech team coach Radim Cepek.

The Swiss and Czechs have three points in the table, the score is as follows: +4 goals for Switzerland, the Czechs have +1 goal. When both teams win tomorrow, it is going to be a better score from the first place.

In a cautious introduction, chances were missed, and Mikeš appeared in the singles, who was standing in front of Pascal Meier.In the middle of the opening part, the Czechs played in a numerical advantage and in a good position overcame Curney. The Swiss were more successful in power play. In the 17th minute, with the end of Tokoš’s punishment, the balloon on the Christopha Hofbauer stick bounced off under the top pole.

When Mikeš’s exclusion was first defeated by bekhendem Jendrišák, he ended the cross pass of Christopha Meier Scalvinoni. On the other hand, half a minute before the first pause was fired at the end of Tomasik and Curney dropped from the penalty shootout.

At the beginning of the second act was close to the goal at the jubilee 100.the start in the representation after the stop Sweet, then Tomasik burned and Tokos had another possibility. The Swiss had a tight lead in Gerber’s elimination, with the experienced fighter Frederick coming in for the first time.

On the other hand, he missed shortly after returning from Gerber’s bench. The 35th minute after the combination of the second Tomašík formation, he had the biggest chance of settling on Pascal Meier himself but did not beat him. Another possibility was Curney. Kafka stopped the penetration of Friuli.

In the third period, the Swiss were threatened, then the entire Tokos, Sweet and Tomasik formations were created at 47 minutes. In the meantime, he himself overcame Scalvinoni himself before Kafka. In the 52nd minute, Tomasik scored the right stick at Kuchenov’s elimination.The goal was not finished either by a combination of Jendriak’s shot. He made his way through the home side after 57 minutes, following a free kick by Deutsch and Jendrišák.

United States – Japan 9: 1 (5: 0, 0: 0, 4: 1)

Russia – Canada 8: 9 (3: 2, 3: 4, 2: 3)