Droppa did not have engagements in the summer, now he is in the representation for the first time

Lukáš Droppa is experiencing these days a fairy tale and the culmination of his previous career. In the summer, he took part in the camp without engagement, then headed for Tomsk in Russia, and on Monday he was unexpectedly welcoming first-person prizes to the A-team for the World Cup qualifying matches in Germany and Azerbaijan.

I did not have enough time to absorb, I still did not stop, I slept two days ago but in the meantime I do not have time to think about why I’m here or I will not play how great it is for me to succeed. “

” I’m just training here, I have not done anything yet, I have not really kicked the ball.So I would evaluate it in just a few days after the event if we do some good result, if it is to help the boys on the pitch. Then I may be happy, I have not achieved anything yet. “

The former Sparty player B, Vlašim or Ostrava has been very busy last year and after the 2014/15 season finished in Polish Wrocław, then played the season in the Pandurii Romanian team, but the club had financial difficulties and Droppovi finally managed to get out of the way.As a non-employment player he took part in the ČAFH camp, after which he headed to Tomsk in Siberia and after all the patriarchs came a reward in the form of a nomination from the representative coach Karel Jarolim. “On the one hand it’s a fairy tale because I have spent the last few years, especially with regard to the money in Romania, the association of players has helped me to get out of business, and I have been able to end it, I was unemployed, but I was not afraid of engagement, I had enough offers. to Poland, to the Czech Republic, but when there was a chance to go to Russia, I preferred Russia, “Droppa said.

” I try to go one step ahead, I’ve had a chance to go to Spain, to Málaga, a little while ago.Now it’s not possible to jump from the Romanian leagues to English, “added Droppa.

He played in youth representations, but he never talked about the A-team. guys did not even know where I was playing, that’s funny, “he smiled. ” But there’s nothing to be surprised. I have not been in the Czech Republic for three years and not everyone is watching the newspaper. I did not want to be visible anywhere. In Poland, however, journalists often wrote about me and asked why I was not in the representation that I was doing that. I did not say that. At that time, players were probably better players and Vrba coach did not have to deal with it much, “he said.

He also got into the representation due to the injuries of several midfielder.For example, the key midfielder Vladimir Darida is missing, on Tuesday’s training he also injured his knee Martin Frydek. “I’m not stupid, I see who the players are in my position and who do not.I really do not know the layout planned by the coach to play Unfortunately, Martin Frydek hurt, it all hit us.I noticed that the other player in my position “

He looks forward to Tuesday’s match with Azerbaijan in Ostrava’s Vítkovice. “I’m already calling fans from Ostrava to be back home, and I told them I was looking forward to playing the newly reconstructed Bazala, Ostrava belongs, it would be 100% better, but I’m looking forward, “ added.