With Razie and Kožíšek they got to the World Cup in six sprints, the Norwegians reigned

Men were dominated by Finn Haagen Krogh and Petter Northug who imitated the success of their compatriots Ingvild Flugstad Östberg and Maiken Caspersen Falla. In the men’s category, the Russians and the Italians were finished on the podium, among the women it was the home team of Sweden and Polka.

“The sixth place is nice, even though I wanted another medal and Aleš would be great. It’s not exactly enthusiastic, but the satisfaction is, “said Kožíšek, bronze from the sprint of pairs in the World Championships in 2005 and 2007. Razy, who did not succeed in this winter, took the result of all ten. “If someone gave me a race before, I take it and I do not eat.We had a bit of luck and some luck, “Razys smiled.

But the Czechs did not start the best, Razým lost from the start and went to the tail. “It was not, there was some material betrayal. We had two skis ready, then I took the other and I was better off, “he said, and he felt terrible on the track.

“I thought it was fucking…and I was stupid. Fortunately, I still managed to concentrate, probably thanks to the course of the race. Finally, it was quite interesting. But if it all fell, we could be a bit better in the fight for the medals. “

In the first half of the race, the Czech officials closed the final ten but then they started to move up the starting field.Kožíšek in the final section drew the Czech tandem and with luck to the sixth position, because in front of him at the entrance to the stadium fell French. “This race is interesting because the skiers fall as pears from the tree. I fell at the Vancouver Olympics, in Sapporo at SW Sweden and the Norwegians, “said Kožíšek, who passed the goal with a manknot less than 17 seconds to the winning Nora.

They had the final absolutely under their direction. From the third of six sections, they did not tighten and went full. As a result, they departed from the rest of the field and Northug made the final 1400 meters with a lead of more than 15 seconds. Twenty-five-year-old skier, who has been serving the penalty for last year’s car crash, won a second gold medal in Falun.In total, the World Champion became the 11th.

As in the individual classical sprints, the Norwegian players dominated. In the women’s finals, Östberg ran their opponents on the fifth leg and Falla’s lead was seamless. In a dramatic silver finish, Sweden’s Stina Nilsson defeated Polka Justyna Kowalczykova.