When 6 is more than 7. Why does a native of Libava bow down all over New York

His art showed Porzingis in recent days and at the European Championship, which dragged Latvia in the quarterfinals and was perhaps not the biggest star of the tournament.

Was it remains the best move of the former president of the Knicks and the famous coach Phil Jackson, when he had secured the notorious Sevilla pivot two years ago in a draft. Though many say it was more of a coincidence…

The tough club fans of the New York City have been catching their heads. Eternally smiling blond is, however, quickly got to his side with great performances and now the city is practically his.

Long gone are the days when fans in white-orange-blue shirts welcomed Amarého Stoudemirea and Carmelo Anthony as new reinforcements and saviors.The first to be part of his career was the Israeli title, while the other is still in the Knicks, but his departure seems to be a matter of weeks or months.

America’s precious vampire is no longer seen on a promotional poster for a new season. Instead, Porzingis was complemented by the Spanish substitute Willy Hernangómez and the young French player Frank Ntilikin. Betting on youth.

The New Yorkers, despite the weak results of their sports teams, like to show off their colors. There are clearly Knicks and T-shirts and they are mostly PORZINGIS nameplate.

A freshly twenty-two-year-old star along with the odd American footballer Odello Beckham Jr. the biggest figure of the sport in the iconic city.Far less popular are the 7 (Carmelo Anthony) white jerseys, nowadays the fans are wearing a sixth. Porzingis’s T-Shirts go to dragon, having been the 16th best-selling jersey in the NBA this year, this year’s jump to seventh.

Just five days ago, Madison Square Garden’s most famous arena was dressed in a green-blue garment. That’s what the New York Liberty has achieved in the WNBA play-off.

But on Sunday evening, basketball players Liberty fell out and on Monday, the Garden was dressed in New York Knicks and partly by the Rangers of Ice Hockey.

Governing posters with a new season, the main face of Porzingis. Even in the team’s fan shop in the arena, the player with the nickname The Unicorn is clear.His jerseys are by far the most, Anthony is forgotten, Derrick Rose forgotten.

Even in New York, they are now following the EuroBasket. However, it is only true basketball maniacs. The championship, which gains very little popularity among NBA fans, has a new dimension for Knicks fans this year. In addition to Latvia, the New Yorkers could keep their hands on Lithuania as well, with Mindaugas Kuzminskas waving, another favorite of Willy Hernangómez fans from Spain remains in the game. The main attraction, however, was the performance of Porzingis.

He has already excelled in the preparation and has fully relied on the European championship.He was his third best shooter, out of seven matches four times crossed the 25 points limit and reached his team up to the quarterfinals, where, after a balanced battle, Latvians succumbed to Slovenia 97: 103.

But defeat certainly did not cause Porzingis’s performance. He was warming up and Slovenia slumped 34 points. It was one of the best shooting nights in the history of EuroBasket. In the US, he heard about his performances and also congratulated him on the Knicks Twitter account.

New York Porzingis turned his side . Gone are fanclub photos after the draft with their heads in their hands. The past is perhaps the disagreement with the leadership of the club that left with President Jackson. Now, Knicks has to get back into the play-off and succeed there to become a legend of the club.And that would make Kristaps happy.

“So far, it has been difficult for me in New York, people are very demanding. But my journey is just starting out and I hope to stay here for the whole of my career. I want the club to go back to play-off and people enjoy it. New York is my second home, “said Porzingis a month ago for NBA.com.