What shape does the globe have? I’m afraid of my own opinion about the collapse of America

Twenty-five-year-old Irving believes that destiny destined him for bigger things than playing basketball. Getting him to the top level and securing a hundred-million-dollar revenue.

His hands control the ball as few others on the planet. Equally unique is his performance as he walks in front of the microphones and opens his mouth.

During this summer, Irving set out to leave Cleveland. This is neither the first nor the last – but such defiance usually takes place when players in vain desire for winnings.

Cavaliers are the finalists of the last three NBA classes and dominated the famous league last year. But Irving does it otherwise, he’ll make him happy to leave behind the horizon of his current partner, LeBron James.

The Ohio Club eventually sent him to Boston.In the jersey of the celebrated Celtics, Irving is so satisfied that the team will rely on it. And his joy is manifested by Cleveland calling himself “bagpipes” and Boston “heaven”. His messages to James and the fans of the former home can be found here.

Whether this change was a good idea, marks the first Boston season with Cleveland, playing night on Tuesday as a new NBA opener.

Someone would Irving after his testimony to Cleveland could call himself a soloist, another would prefer the word self. But maybe it is different and he just needs to go upstream.

The specific nature of Kyrie Irving is revealing already since this February.From nothing, he began to talk about the fact that the Earth must be flat and that the Illuminati control it. That testimony is all around us, it’s just that they can not talk about it in the media.

Shortly before this year’s NBA stars, Kyrie invited two matadoros from Chilling Frye and Richard Jefferson to their podcast, Road Trippin ‘With RJ & amp; Channing.

The native of Melbourne, who attended Duke University, told them and the rest of the world that:

– The earth is flat. Marley killed the CIA because they were striving for unity among the people.

– The Americans never landed on the moon.

– Dinosaurs did not exist.

– Extraterrestrials are trying to give us thoughts.

Irving simply claimed he refused to believe the official version. “Certain groups” may seem to the public. “We have it right here. I tell you, we have it right before our eyes.They lie to us…We do not get all the information, just the ones we decide to give. They point you and show you what to believe and what not. The truth is right here, you just have to look for it. ”

It was a solid halo. Already because Irving then confirmed to the American and world media that he did not really joke among his teammates.

And then he got his words trapped. He said it was “scientifically impossible” for the Earth to be flat. The media have allegedly politicized its statements. Over time, he repeated his “truth about the earth”. In September, his charade ended when he acknowledged that he only provoked. And he said how satisfied he was with his tactics.

It should not be just a joke. Kyrie Irving has decided to support people in their own opinions.Even the delusions are fine in his opinion – the essence is when you are yours.

“Why should we be punished for not agreeing with what most people think? It is right to think independently, formulate your own thoughts and opinions, and be able to pass it on, “Irving concluded.

Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com came up with the idea that dear Kyrie was probably as stupid as journalists ask LeBron James for political and social issues. In order to catch his attention, he said something awful.

Irving followers

your own life. Especially in the United States.

Someone joked when Irving was backed up, and the media had been frightened for a few days.Maybe Shaquille O’Neal first said, “The earth is flat, because otherwise all the Chinese would fall.” Then he turned it around with a quote that anyone who believed it must be an idiot.

Other athletes on the plated globe may be living. Draymond Green, another star of today’s NBA and graduate of Michigan State University, said, “The Earth could be flat. I do not know, I have not found out enough. I do not think it’s absolutely crazy. It’s just (Irving’s) opinion. It’s hard to call a strange opinion crazy. He thinks. I do not know if the Earth is round or flat. I do not know, she could be flat. ”

More or less Joe Brough, Irving Boston teammate Jaylen Brown, Wilson Chandler of Denver, and Darius Slay,Also another NFL man Sammy Watkins thinks the Earth is flat. Why? Because they hear from the media that it is a sphere. That sounds logical.

they did not laugh. Bill Nye said he was “on the lookout for publicly known people – or people in general – to suggest that Earth does not have to be round.” More irrational was Irving’s favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. “We are in a free country, you have to have the right to think and say what you want. If he wants to believe that the Earth is flat, be it. He plays basketball and can not work in NASA.I want to say that if you have problems with understanding the world around you, avoid calling where necessary, “he said sourly. And he suggested sending Kyrie Irving and all who think that the Earth is flat in space. It was still in the spring.

In July, secondary school physics teacher Nick Gurol portrayed his experiences that his students did not trust Irving’s words. “I started to panic. What did I fail to believe that children believe in a plate of Earth, because it was said by some basketball player? “He asks. “Students think I’m part of a plot.”

And Irving? He’s already discovering other human activities. Maybe farming.He wants to buy land and would like to provide them with a new self-sufficient community.

Or is it just some unforgiving forums?