We need to clean our heads and defeat them at home

Slovak midfielder Jakub Hromada on Friday against Pribram debuted in the basic team of Pilsen and in five days he got a chance from the beginning and in the opening duel of the 4th Champions League Championship Championship at Razgrad. The 20-year-old footballer had to beat the defeat of 0: 2 at the Sofia Premier Cup. But he should be forgotten and try to defeat Ludogorec on Tuesday at home.

“Nervousness has faded at the start of the game. “If we had a better result, it would be such a cherry on the cake, but unfortunately,” he told the journalists of the Hromada, which has been hosting the Pilsen Festival since summer in Sampdor Genoa.

“Our form is not as imagined, but we certainly can not think we can not do it.On the contrary, we have to clean our heads and get ready to win home, “added Slovak Youth Youth Representative.

It was rumored that the West Bohemians could not score at the rival stadium. We could have scored a goal and it would be more acceptable for us, we had some opportunities. A pity on the penalty in the second half, which got the rival on the horse. We have been playing worse, and then added a second goal, which is not good for us. The cards are dealt and we are only halfway, “

Shortly before the pause he could go on Ludogorce himself, but the ball was unfortunately picked by his teammate Ďuriš, who stood in the offside. > “I got a good passport for defense from Aleš Matějů.Míša Ďuriš did not even see me; I was already thinking how to end it and suddenly it ran over me. I admit I did not even see him. “

The players of Razgrad, according to him, showed offensive quality and Pilsen took a lot of power. ” We knew they would work very fast with the ball . Their offensive five is very smart. It has made us trouble, always had to play. We lost much power by having to play in the defensive block. Then we did not have the strength ahead, maybe it wanted to solve some situations better. It’s a bad result, but it’s all open, “said Pilsen midfielder.

For his performance he also earned praise from coach Roman Pivarnik. ” I was very happy with the stack. He did a huge job.He has not played for three months, before being injured in Senica. He came with a big deficit and gradually got into the cluster. I was pleasantly surprised, “said coach Victor.