We have to deal with Azerbaijan, said Sivok

Azerbaijan already has six points, so we have a good draw for them, while we have already won the home match against Northern Ireland, and now we have the most difficult match in Germany, and now we have to make it home and win, Sivok said in today’s meeting with journalists on his arrival in Ostrava.

The teammates have to redeem themselves from the Saturday match in Germany, where they lost 0: 3 and they were not obvious to the world champions. “It’s true that it was the toughest rival I’ve ever played.Maybe it was because we just did not want to defend. It was harder for us at the back, “Sivok said.

” The Germans played with one touch and we did not even reach them. In addition, their invaders had great startups, they were still dragging us down and down. I like them that they are not lazy and constantly offered, giving the teammates the opportunity to solve the situation on the pitch. They know what they play, they have the quality, and there is no player to solve something in walking. This is amazing, “ melted over the game of Germans.

On Tuesday, the national team faces a different match in which it will probably have to conquer the opponent’s defense. ” It will depend on us we can compare it and how we will play ahead.Against Germany, we were basically 90 minutes under the pressure of our opponent, now we will have to play and create more. It will be totally different matches, “Sivok said.

At the same time, he is aware of the strength of Azerbaijan, whose football has gone up in recent years. ” Times to win over Azerbaijan 4: 0 , they’re gone. Now everything is much more balanced. I do not care what the outcome of winning, the main thing is to have three points, “said a thirty-three year old.

” Previously, these teams were clearly defeated and it was mainly a scoring question. Nowadays, all the representations are engaging high-quality coaches to teach them to defend themselves. “

The Croatian legend Robert Prosinecki is sitting on the bench of Azerbaijan. ” I know him from Turkey, where Kayserispor was headed.He has a well-acted tactic. This also confirmed against the Norwegians. His team held the ball perhaps 30 percent, but kept a clean bill and scored goal. And I remember Nory as a strong team, so Azerbaijan must have quality, “says Sivok.

I have a minimal experience with Azerbaijan football. ” In Bursaspor, I have only teammates Deniz Yilmaz, who received an Azerbaijan passport. But he puts himself together, so he’ll only be in retaliation. Otherwise, I saw only a couple of cuts. Their players are excellent on the ball. They are similar to the Turks, speed with good technique, “Sivok said.