We can not use our potential so far, volleyball players Prostějov know


In their hall, they defeated the Italians 1: 3 after the 15:25, 23:25, 25:23 and 15:25 sessions. “Still losing to 0: 3 is depressing, so we take the set,” coach Miroslav Čad evaluated the match.

Prostejov entered the match badly, could not hide the violent attacks of his opponents, and himself broke down on well-functioning blocks. “We’ve improved gradually in hand, but there was a big difference in network defense. They are clearly better team. We tried to keep up with the offensive, but unfortunately it was not enough, “Chada admitted.

After a clearly lost start set, the home players gradually woke up when Markević handed out five points in a row. In 21:21 but the set ended. A similar scenario was offered by the third set, but with a happy end for Hanačky.Cuban Matienzo and Vargas have begun to push in the attack, and even when the home came home with a three-point lead, they eventually won 25:23. But it was not enough to turn the game.

“We played two sets well, good, two bad. We certainly have great potential, but we can not fully use it yet. We are often mistaken, unnecessary, sometimes stupid, and we can not think of success in such a difficult game, “Kathleen Weiss said in the club web site.

The Czech champions remain in Group C without the last point, on the contrary the Italians they helped chances of progress. With three winnings and one defeat, at least until Thursday night, they rose to the forehead.

“The home was a really strong opponent and we had a hard time here.That’s why we are very pleased with the quality of the winning event and the three important points in the table, although nothing has yet to be decided. We have two extremely difficult battles ahead of us in our very busy group, but today we can be completely satisfied. Defeating Prostejov on his ground was not easy at all, “said coach Massimo Barbolini.

“It’s about our moral victory,” said Italek Valentina Tirozzi, and said: “We have overcome fatigue, have done good and have managed to respond in the best way to losing the third set. It’s just a damage to Carl Lloyd’s hand, “she concluded.