We are looking for the beak, the right: or the Concourse for the new Lahma

Tuesday, July 20, 2014, Maracana. One of the most famous stadiums of football history is witnessing the fourth German title at the World Championship in history. And just a foot of a seventy-tall fellow with raised eyes raised Gold Nike’s head. The Germans became world champions, led by Philipp Lahm.

The long-standing support of Nationalelf and Munich Bayern started the tournament as a defensive midfielder – the position Lahma discovered by Pep Guardiola and he very Bet365 much liked it . During the championship, however, coach Joachim Löw moved to his usual place on the right side of the defense, where he took his typical high standard.When the German and international media scrambled five days after the Brazilian final the report, the soccer world was in shock.

I’ll end, Lahm announced. One of the main symbols of the German football tournament, which began with the engagement of Jürgen Klinsmann with then Löw’s assistant, decided to hang up the nailing boots. In just thirty years. And in a form that would no doubt be lost to the Euro two years later.

Who would replace Lahma as the Bet365 offerta delle scommesse captain of a representation coin? Bastian Schweinsteiger, one of the great figures of the German decade’s golden decade.But with the question of how to deal with the end of one of the best real beats of the last decade, the Germans do not know the advice today.

This is illustrated by simple statistics: this eighteen match with a classic four-person back row. In the matches played on the right defender (not on the wing wand complementing the trio of stoperas, which Löw also uses from time to time, see the four-quarters ME with Italy), we have seen four times in action Rudy and Kimmich, three times Cana, twice Höwedes, Giner and Rüdiger once Grosskreutze.

Do you ask what do these seven German representatives Bet365 have in common? Even in one case, it is not the origin of a true defender – not even the extreme beak.If Kevin Grosskreutz, who has played a lot on the right-hand side for the last four years (although it was originally a left wing), is closest to Lahm’s defense side, Matthias Ginter – while the young man was raised as a guard but underneath Thomas Tuchelem spent a great fall on the edge of the defense last season, where he was given the chance to Lukasz Pisczzek. In other cases, they are trackers or mid-way buffers.

The whole affair got an interesting spot this year when Jogi Löw published a nomination for the European Championship; nor have you found a Bet365 single right beak in the wider range of 27 names. Even Tuchel discovered Ginter was not there.The election eventually fell on Benedict Höwedes; an experienced Gelsenchirken footballer with a stand-in on a post that he does not own, has one valuable experience – in Brazil he played the left stick and finished it with a title. After two matches in the group, however, coach Löw decided to try the Unibet bonus le scommesse mobili young Kimmich on this post – and he did not abandon it.

A guy that belongs to the future. The native of Rottweil left in front of Stuttgart as a defensive midfielder. But he fell into Pep Guardiola’s cracks and his favorite habit of finding new posts for players.In the wounds of Boateng, Benates and Badstuber, a twenty-one-year-old man played a large part on the backboard and did not do anything wrong. The highlight of the whole Bet365 season was Dortmund’s duel for him – the duel of the bundesliga leaders of the Kimmich table has mastered excellently, for which he earned the theatrical, but more sincere praise of the Catalan coach who did not miss the television cameras.

In France, Jogi Löw also inspired Kimmicha to play the right field of play in the match against Northern Ireland. Kimmich rewarded him with top performance in the forward direction, which he continued in the eight-finals against the Slovaks.The match with Italy, Bet365 where he joined as a wingback next to a trio of stopers, and a semi-finals with home-based France, however, revealed Kimmich’s limits in the back – especially against Italy, where Jerome Boateng had several times to defeat his defeat. has left a good overall impression, resulting in a slightly surprising nomination to the ideal eleven of the tournament. That he is still counting on this position with coach Nationaelf, showed the first sharp match of the new cycle in which the Germans in Oslo defeated Norway, and a universal soldier in the Munich service with his coaching coach relied on a goal for confidence.

High, responsible, strong in personal battles.The Freiburg rebate has excellent preconditions for being a very solid stoper. For a moment, he is, as he showed at the recent Olympic tournament where he played in double with Niklas Sülem. So what was the surprise when Thomas Tuchel gave Gintner a chance on the right track at the start of the previous Bundesliga Bet365 season – and Ginter shocked the performances that seemed to be out of the textbook for the modern extreme defender. His confident and offensive speech is adorned by many great centers, many of which have escaped goal assists. The only damage is that Dresden coach Piszczek is clearly clear to Dortmund coach, and “Matze” has to look for a place in the basement rather than the center of defense.In any case, the Germans have a defensive universe who did not say their last word in the representation.

That was, sir! But that spring, and especially the conclusion. Berlin Hertha shocked a great deal of the season with outstanding performances, but for a long time the team from the capital had been watching the Champions League. At the end of the season, Bet365 however, Dardai’s team was making a crush on what he could but was eventually seventh. In the overall season, apart from Vladimir Daridy, other players also drew attention, and one of them was just a young German beck. A stable member of the 18th-century representative of the cadre played on the right flank, which also represents his greatest strengths.The former Cologne player has a lot to offer in order to support the attack, but still has its limits in the back, as shown by the matches at the end of the season.

Place me where you will remember and I play a great game. Something like that could be written in Erik Durm’s biography. The 24-year-old world champion from Brazil is another proof of how strong Dortmund names are at the edges of the defense. He is able to play on the left, many times last year he was able to make a perfect attack on the left wing when Marco Reus was not available. He always plays modernly, offensive, as he likes the extreme defender – but at the same time he is responsible for the goal and dedication in personal battles.Originally it is a real Bet365 beacon, which should probably be his main place in Dortmund, after Raphael Guerreiro’s arrival on the left. But now, with a knee brute, you have to wait for his other reliable performances in BVB’s colors.

– Besides, they already got used to it. But that does not change the fact that the newcomer to the Bundesliga map of Leipzig has a few talented players besides money and a controversial reputation, including the 20-year-old Bohemian offspring. He also showed his versatility when he played a very good OH tournament on the left-hand side because his usual post had to switch to Hoffenheimer Jeremy Toljan.