Volleyball paradox. Zlín improved the score, but the coach still raged

In the tenth tent of Venice Jizera and the eleventh CAC Prague he left four points, Ústí donated points two.

“Key players do not maintain stable performance,” Macek said, as the result of the team’s swing that failed to make a 3-0 victory on Monday the last of the Odoleny vody. “We can go back to the Usti, but there are not enough matches to play with such opponents at home,” she said. “After the opening set, she did not testify to her at home, winning her at a flop of 25: 15.

“We left a little sleep and then we underestimated it,” Motyčka admitted.

“We played the game unreasonably,” said Zlín coach, (19:25, 18:25, 10:15) shows that Zlin could not think of success.

The score of the lost sets (19:25, 18:25, 10:15)

“We played unconcentrated, without deployment.In the sets that the guests won, they did not make mistakes and that was enough for us, “Macek said in a critical review. “I did not like the structure of the attack, we played at random, the attackers were wrong. We had to help with the service, but besides the first set and a third, we were not able to give tactical service at least to the club. We were still in the middle of the pitch, with each opponent advising when he was recorded. We played shamefully. ”

Right after the game, he invited the players to himself, a long and energetic speech led to Slovak recorder Peter Barták. He was mostly deprived of his deployment.

“When he is not in the game, he falls. The recorder is the brain of a team, everything around him, and when he does not play – even a speech, it fits into manchaft.He is a legionnaire and is here to play, he has to improve, “says Macek. The time to prepare for the next match in Liberec has a lot. Due to the participation of five Zlin players at the European Student Games in Barcelona, ​​he translated it to November 23rd.