Vacuum after Lose 0: 3 with PSG: Paradoxically our best match in LM

Although Basel soccer players lost on Wednesday at the Paris St. Germain clearly 0: 3, so according to Tomáš Vaclík’s goalkeepers paradoxically they gave the best performance in this year’s Champions League and so did not deserve the cruel result. The 28-year-old goalie believes that the Swiss champion will be able to torture more and score in two weeks’ time at PSG.

“It’s a cruel result, paradoxically, we played the best of this year’s Champions League match. but we did not change the chances we created, but they were more productive, and the result is clear, but the match was not clear, “Vaclik said in an interview with CTK.”In the previous duel of the Basel group lost in London with another favorite Arsenal” only “0: 2. “Arsenal was better, and we had a better chance at his stadium, and we did not really resist his stadium here, creating more chances in the first half than Paris and paradoxically ending 1-0 for them,” he regretted the former the goalkeeper Sparty, Zizkov or Vítkovic.

For the first time he beat him in the 40th minute Ángel Di María, after an hour of adding Lucas Moura fuse and in the setting he scored a penalty shot of the best home shooter Edinson Cavani.

“Before the first goal there was a deflected ball in the ball and hit his right foot into the gallows. Lucas was blatantly rebounding after our poor defensive intervention.He was alone and put it on the ground to the pole, so I got it. I went to the other side and there was no chance. “

Aside from Cavani and Di María, Adrien Rabiot, a 21-year-old midfielder Adrien Rabiot, made the most of his opponents. the first half also destroyed the hard shot. “I have not seen him play this game a lot. As high as it is technically well equipped. And he played very well for his age. Rabiot probably surprised me most, “Vaclique said.

According to him, it is Basel’s strength to score a home match with PSG. ” The group evolves with the two advancing already decided. Arsenal and Paris have seven points, we have one with Ludogorce, so it is expected that it will not be for us anymore.But I believe we will have a bit of luck at home, and we can do more to PSG than they do, “said a ten-time representative.” It would want us to make a point with Paris , because next game we are going to Ludogorce, where he will probably play for the European League. He would have some head start before a match. The team is not doing well for us, but we still have three matches and we will continue to fight to turn it, “Vaclik added.