Vaclik: In Germany, we want to attack more than Basel at Arsenal

Tomáš Vaclík’s goalkeepers are expecting a second match with their top rival during eleven days. Last week at the Champions League with Basel lost to Arsenal stadium 0: 2, on Saturday in the World Championship qualification 2018 will stand against the German advocates of gold. The 27-year-old golfer believes that the choice of Karel Jarolim will be better and more offensive in Hamburg than the Swiss champion in London. “They also want to hold the ball in the match, and this could be the same. But I believe we can present ourselves in Germany with an assault game, which we have not been able to do in London at all.I believe we will be more dangerous for the Germans than we were for Arsenal, “Vaclik said at today’s meeting with journalists.

Favored” Cannibals “Basle was surprised. we’re not surprised, but we’re not used to this pace and intensity. It was there and the first half we had a hard time comparing it, “Vaclík admitted.

He was sorry he did not catch up with his representative predecessor Petr Čech, who is only a substitute for LM David Ospinus. “He was very good at Paris, so I was expecting Petr not to catch. Of course I was sorry, it would be fine. I only enjoyed it twice when we played with Sparta against Chelsea.But without Petra it was a good experience, “said a smile eight times a representative who had talked with Czech at least after the match.

The Saturday qualifying duel in Germany will be the culmination of his former career. i> “I do not even have ten starts yet, so it will definitely be the hardest match for me. According to the names, the report and the sound of the German Nazi, I have not met 100% on the national level with a bigger opponent, “said the former goalkeeper Sparta and Zizkov.

According to him, the Germans have a mechanical impression. They are terribly powerful as a team, even though they have a lot of individuality. They go all the way like machines and do not let anything go.They are not going to enjoy the game but they are always going to work at a hundred percent, “said the Ostrava native.

The German team is most curious about the attacker Thomas Müller. . There is always a positive atmosphere around him, which I can see on social networks. He is the one who makes up a lot of bulls, and I’m very curious about him because he gives a lot of goals both for Bayern and for the peasant, “Vaclien said.

He is thinking about the second Tuesday’s qualification against Azerbaijan in Vítkovice’s mother. “I still have requests for tickets, I have a terrible deal and I will put it together until the last day. One hundred percent of it reaches fifty. We’ve been playing with the Serbs (4: 1) and it’s done well.I think the atmosphere was good too. I believe that we will do this and we will have a 100% balance in Ostrava, “Vaclik said.