Vaclik did not expect the difference between the Czechs and the Germans to be so

Although Tomas Vaclik kept his team several times, he did not defend three goals in his network, and Czechs lost 0: 3 in qualifying the German World Cup. Goalkeeper Basel admitted he did not expect such a big difference between the two teams.

“I think it was a pure domestic domination by the side of 3: 0, we wanted to be dangerous ahead, “It was not that we just wanted to defend ourselves,” Vacliel told reporters in Hamburg.

“They were so powerful they were able to respond to all game situations , which they found, excellent.They showed why they are a clear favorite of the entire group and the world champions, “added Vaclik.

At the end of September, Arsenal was similarly dominated by his Basle in the Champions League. on Arsenal, this was something like that. I did not think it was going to be that much before the game. The Germans were dominant today, they were just better, “Vaclik said.

Between the sticks he tried to do what he could. ” Unfortunately I got the goal from the first shot in the 13th minute. It is difficult to evaluate. I caught something, but in a state where there was something, I was unhappy and cleaned up, ” was sorry for Vaclik.

minute Germans second goal of Thomas Müller in the game increased to 3: 0, but the Czech goalie was not worried about the debacle. “No, I was not afraid that it could be overturned that we would have to get six goals in half, as they scored the third goal, they were taken away and they let us record too, that we should lose a bigger difference , or to leave with a debacle, I was not afraid, “Vaclik said.

He valued how the Germans combined and dictated the pace. “He could play a midfielder with us and Neuer, but they are obviously better, everybody is playing in the top clubs in Europe, and it is clear that they will be strong on the balloon. benefits and renumbering in all areas, “he added.