Ujčík remembers Augustus († 70): He was peculiar, but he acted fairly

As a peculiar but fair coach who has a natural respect for the players, Josef Vojvodík will be remembered by former excellent striker Viktor Ujčík. With the seventy-year-old giant of Czech hockey, who died today after fighting pancreatic cancer, he linked him to the Dukla of Jihlava, but also the representative.

“I will remember Mr. Augustus in good. We are so used to the Highlands, but one always knew what he was, “said ČTK Ujčík.

According to him, he definitely helped him coach hockey at the highest level. “It was obvious he knew what he was saying he had gone through hockey.He did not play for the players, and he behaved fairly to them, “added Ujčík, who now acts in Jihlava as assistant to Petr Vlk’s coach.

Hockey enjoyed Augusta.” He did not bind us overly tactical Instructions. It was clear that something was given in advance, but left us freely in the game, “said Ujčík forty-four, who under Augusta as coach assistant entered Jihlava in the home competition. Augusta is also indelibly written with a golden hattrick From the world championships 1999 to 2001. For the first time as an assistant to Ivan Hlinka, then twice as a coach. He finished the national team after the 2002 World Championship.Together they celebrated in 1999 and 2001, when Ujčík was also in the selection.

The death reports were not surprising. And because he leads Jihlava junior with Patrick’s son Augusto. “It was a very sad thing, of course, but on the other hand I understand that it must have been liberation for Mr. Augustus,” said Ujčík.

P> In addition to common sporting success, August has a good memories outside the ice. And one remembered him immediately. “We were riding together at the juniors meeting and I drove, we were quite hurried, but the motorway in front of Prague was blocked, so we took it on smaller roads with different abbreviations.When we were successful and Mr. Augusta stepped out of the car, he just knocked and said ‘no more with you’, “Ujcik laughed.” Chechtal was there and, of course, on his way back he went with me Again, but we were already on the road and on the highway, “added Ujčík.