Tichon’s are lying to thousands of people. In Moscow, they name the street

On Thursday afternoon, a long crowd of people formed before the Ice Palace before the official commencement of the funeral split. Up to ten thousand people wanted to bow and quietly say goodbye to Tichonov coach.

In the Soviet era – and at the price of dictatorial methods – he created an invincible “red machine” from the ice hockey team. With the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States three times won the Olympic Games, the college under his leadership has won eight world championships.

Since the beginning of the week, Russia coaches the coach. The local people considered him a symbol of a powerful Cold War era. One of the Russian servers has written in a concise manner: “Tikhon is more than a coach – it’s a national treasure.” Tichon most of his career was at the Moscow Army Club.And it was in the CSKA home that a tryzna was held, the body of the late coach was exposed in an open coffin surrounded by huge wreaths. The hall was dark, the lights were aimed only at club characters in the middle of the tribunes, and the inscription in Cyrillic: “The legend forever”
“The whole world mourns.Viktor has created a generation of players who celebrate our hockey, “said President of the Russian Hockey League and former goalkeeper Vladislav Tretyak. “I was lucky with Viktor to work in one team. He was an example of courage, discipline and love for the homeland. He was a professional with a big P. “Even the former star striker Pavel Bure arrived, who in 1991 did not take the Tikhonov coach to the Canadian Cup, so that the young talent did not run into the NHL. Still, Bure ranks among those who recognized the legendary coach. “He would be able to train any team in the world,” said the famous Russian ice hockey player, among others the best shot at the Nagano 1998 Olympic Tournament.

The current members of the cadre were sitting in the jerseys on the bench, People wore Tichon’s flowers. Good-natured celebrities from different areas came to say good-bye. St. Petersburg willingly released the assailant Viktor Tichonov, the grandson of the famous grandfather. The younger Tikhon sat bravely in front of the coffin in the first place. No tears.

And singer Josip Kobzon, holder of several Soviet Union awards: “There will never be a second Tichon in our country!”

After a pious act in the ice hockey arena there was a funeral at the Vagankov Cemetery, mass was held in the adjacent temple of the Resurrection of Christ.

The Russians now want to keep the thoughts of the hockey “dictator” and also to commemorate his memorial.Izvesty newspaper, Moscow politicians have already suggested to Mayor Sergei Sobjanin that some of the streets in the Russian metropolis be named after a hockey coach. They also offer some sports facilities.

Tichon is simply eternal…