There are three Czechs in the eight-league Champions League. Vaclik, Such and Schick are following

Bayern, who, following the September defeat in Paris, has recalled coach Carlo Ancelotti, but despite his successful retaliation, he is coming second. Compared to St. Germain has a worse score.

The scorer was Robert Lewandowski and it was obvious that Corentin Tolisso were going to go into the middle keeper.

The Parisians began to play well in the second half, when they lowered their tenth goal in Champions League Kylian Mbappé. But home Tolisso replied with a second goal in the match.

So Germain suffered a second defeat in four days.On Saturday, the Parisians unexpectedly succumbed to Strasbourg in the home competition, but Bayern’s surprise is less surprising.

Czechs in the eight-finals

All three Czech footballers, who are on the list for this year’s Champions League, to the eight-finals.

While Tomas Vaclik and Mark Suchy are Basel’s key players, the second-place win behind Manchester United confirmed with a 2-0 victory over Benfica in Lisbon. Patrik Schick is still on the debut in the most prestigious European competition.

He did not even see AS Roma with Karabakh on Tuesday, who sat down on the bench from start to finish.In the spring of the competition, his team, after a tight 1: 0 victory, came from the first place, because Chelsea, which has a worse match with Italy in the second match of the group did not beat Atlético Madrid (1: 1). > Only the Spanish doubles finalist from the last four seasons will play only the European League in the spring, so the football players of Pilsen can look for it on Monday’s drawing. The same is true for Slavia if it moves from a group on Thursday.

The CSKA Moscow “crashes” also after a 1: 2 loss at Old Trafford in Manchester, European competition number two in the spring will also play Sporting Lisbon.

After Tuesday’s 0-2 loss in Barcelona, ​​he finished just behind the Catalans and third in Juventus in the group.The second final placement was secured last year by Turin, winning 2-0 in Greek Piraeus. Olympiacos scored goals Juan Cuadrado and Federico Bernardeschi.

Autumn without points in the Champions League turned away at the last minute by Belgian Anderlecht, who in the sixth game of the group defeated 1: 0 Celtic. Only the Benny Lisabon has ended with a zero, and Feyenoord Rotterdam can be added on Wednesday.