The Vsetín ice hockey is a move to the first-round playoff

What does he expect from the first hockey league, where this year’s six-year-old champions have stepped forward after years of futile efforts? ”

” We want to play-off, but I do not have time to think, it’s all hectic, “says Tesařík a week before the first season’s sharp match. p>

The A-team hockey players started to settle in the new cabin last week, part of the second of five stages of the modernization of the Lapachi winter stadium. And the Carpenter takes care not to miss anything in the cabin.

“There’s a lot of stuff. Recently I was looking for a carpenter, we need a new dryer, grinder, air-conditioning, “named Tesařík.

It must be done by Saturday, when Vsetín will meet Ústí nad Labem in the restored first-league premiere.And next Wednesday, he will welcome Karlovy Vary, who fell from the extraliga in the spring.

The tesařík also makes a cadre. At one point, the two-digit number of players tested ran for the inventory. “Some of the guys from the last team have surprised us,” says the Vsetín manager, who last finished the contract with the trio Markovič-Vítek-Žák.

Half of the team is new. The exit / arrival ratio is currently 11:11. Vsetín did not agree with the experienced defender Petr Kuboš. “The change could be expected.The majority of the players returned to the club, “says the second coach of Luboš Jenáček.

The first league driver was reinforced by hockey players with extra-league experience – Hruška, Horčička, Frolo, >

“If we did not have the money, we would not buy them,” said Tesarik’s budget.

Vsetín had to increase it, but it is not yet filled. “Now we are talking to the city about further cooperation. The town hall is very important to us, “admits Tesarik.

No insignificant part of the budget will be provided by the fans. Of the capacity of 5,400 seats, they have already bought 1,000 permanent tickets; prices are in the range of 2,200 crowns per place to the sixth most expensive for the Gold category.

“The fans are Robe our second general partner.Because of them we do it. Without them we would not. They helped us and match the sponsors, “Tesařík thanks for his support.

The hockey euphoria in the city has not escaped after the process. The Lapachi professional competition last played in the 2006/07 season. Vsetin then eliminated from the extraliga, to the detriment of Usti nad Labem to the highest competition with which he will enter the season.

“Someone reminded us, but we do not feel sorry.On the contrary, we are glad that Ústí came up to us and exchanged the first round with us, “says Tesařík.

The newcomer will be the home match against Prostějov from 17.30. author | Petr Fojtík, sports editor of MF DNES With the contribution of Tomas Zeleznik

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