The Turks still believe in the progress, although the team does not have a good atmosphere

Turkey’s two-game European championship with Croatia and Spain has no point in a 0: 4 score, but they still believe that on Tuesday’s end of the group with the Czech team they will still save the way they did at the end of the qualification. And despite the fact that there is not a good atmosphere around the Turkish team.

“Unfortunately, we did not start the tournament well, not even in the qualifying, and we finally managed to move. in the game, and I believe we will be able to reverse this as a qualifier.Tomorrow we will defeat the Czech Republic and we will keep in the tournament, “said Volkan Babacan at the press conference.

Because of the bad score, the Turks have a bigger difference over the Czech team, and this may not be enough. “It will still be very interesting. If we dredge, we do not know who will move. If the Czechs win, they have a great chance to go. If we win, it depends on other results. It’s a little chess, “said coach Fatih Terim.

” We had a lot of obstacles ahead of us and we did it. Now is the right moment to prove it again. If we get out of the crisis and move forward, we will go far.Our motto is: it’s not over until we say it’s over, “he added.

At the press conference, he was dismayed, speculating about disagreements with some of the players, the coach was also upgraded by fierce criticism media, apparently aimed at his family. “Today is not the time to talk about the slander, the lies and the rumors. But soon enough, I’ll put it up and put it to court, “Terim said.

” Our public television has invited a professor of history to the post and he has criticized the national team. It was a show that did not even concern football. I have a lot of friends among the academics, but when I ask them about football, they say they do not want to mix that they do not understand. But you are criticized by a professor of history in public television.That’s why I’m upset and frustrated, “said Terim.

Satisfied with the players. ” I’m not going to conceal that we have some problems. It has to be admitted that our performances in these two games were not good, it was a big difference compared to the matches before Eur. We need to improve. I will do everything to remind players what to do. Sometimes it does not work. But we have to be careful about the Czechs, their game has been very popular with me lately, “added Terim.