The sprinter won the silver medal at the ME Mountain bikes

The penultimate, fifth woman in the eliminator at the last World Championship in New Town in Moravia, won a qualification in the race, which was accompanied by a number of injuries and falls. Although she did not play this position in the final, she improved the last sixth place in the European Championship and could celebrate a valuable medal.

More experienced Stirnemann won the European gold medal after 2014 and 2015. Anne Terpstra from bronze The Netherlands. The last in the final four was the Frenchman Coline Clauzure.

“I felt perfect, I never won the qualification, I was doing great afternoon.At the start (final racing) I said I had to take the bronze, Anne was jumping slowly, so I believed it the most, “she said to the server

” Then she fell in front of me The Frenchman and I was lucky I did not hit her, just licked her slightly. I could fall too. Even gold was not missing much. But the silver is great, I’m very glad and very excited. I was in luck, big medals were avoiding me. And this is a big individual medal, “added Průdková.

In the men’s race, only three of the Czech representatives were in the main part only Kavalír. Fresh Republic champion in sprint scored the eighth best qualifying time. “When I saw the track without the hill and the artificial obstacles, I was so scared.I’m glad to have modified the race and made logs easier. I am very satisfied with the qualifications. But I do not get started, I lost it, “said Kavalir.

On the contrary, Dominik Prudek finished in training after a nasty break in the hospital with a double wrist fracture, last year Jan Nesvadb stopped technical difficulties with the derailleur. / p>

Prudek – like many others – has paid off for the huge logs that lay as obstacles on the track and have to be jumped at a high speed. “I wanted to try it at full speed, and the rear wheel kicked me down and I continued on the front.At that speed, I went down to the asphalt and into the frogs…”, he described the fall of Prudek, who must, after returning, undergo surgery.

As a European champion, Titouan Perrin-Ganier from France was a little surprised , which at the very end surpassed Austrian lawyer Daniel Federspiel. The fastest qualifier Jeroen van Eck from the Netherlands finished third.