The second football league begins, Opava believes in the process

The second-highest competition, which has been playing under the name of the Fortuna National League since last year, is ahead of the last season in front of the Hradec Kralove and Příbram. a big change of the gaming system, when only the winner of the second league will advance to the highest competition and the teams in the second and third place will play a barrage.

It’s one of the last chances to get to the first leagues. We do not want to leave it for two games in the dungeon. We know it’s a 10% chance of moving. Unfortunately, it was set, “Marek Hájek, Chairman of the Opava Board, said.

Hradec lost a number of support in the summer break.For example, Tomas Malinsky left for Liberec, another midfielder Daniel Trubač to Slavia, and defender Tomas Holeš traveled to Jablonec to host options. Only defender Jiri Funda from České Budějovice has come to “Votrokům”.

“We will want to get the maximum from the team, but at the same time we will not be the biggest favorites of the competition,” said Pavel Krmaš, Sports Director of Hradec Králové. “We are determined to play the first league in a year, we will do everything for it,” added East Midlands goalkeeper Radim Ottmar.

Even in Příbram, after the descent, there was a significant change. The goalkeepers Aleš Hruška (Plzeň), defender Martin Jiránek (Dukla) and substitutes Tomáš Pilík (Brno) and Jan Rezek (Teplice) left the first-league teams.The revenge for the new coach of Josef Csaplár is the return of experienced captain Tomas Zapotocny from Ostrava. Rudolf Skácel and Peter Grajciar are also expected to advance to the first league.

“I did not get the knife on my neck to get back to the league next season. But we want to move. Certainly a game. I can distinguish what we have and what we do not have. I’m not going to make points by spoiling football, “said Csaplár.

The only newcomer to the 2017/18 season is Olympia Praha, the successor of Olympia Hradec Králové. The club, which has requested a change of name and seat, will play its home matches temporarily on Strahov.

Olympia has entered the second league because the JFK winner Jirny has surrendered.The MSFL refused to move up to the first four units, so Frýdek-Místek stayed in the second league, although it ended in the 15th place in the last season.