The Roland Garros final will offer a fight for Li Li – Schiavone

Paris. Chinese tennis player Na Li fought for the final at the second Grand Slam tournament in a row. At the opening quarterly semi-finals of women’s singles at Roland Garros in Paris (22 May – 5 June, a total subsidy of 17,520,000 euros, out-of-home) won Russia’s Mariya Sharapova in a strong wind in 108 minutes 6: 4, 7: 5. She led to I.3: 0, helped by the winning strikes

In the first session at the main courtesy of Philippe Chatriere, Na Li rivaled 4: 1 to 4: 3 without a break and after a 5: 3 increase, But afterwards it regained its return, when the favorite under the weight of the second setbal failed also by the strap of the net in a seemingly clear offensive position.

At the beginning of the second part, Sharapova broke out on Li Li from 0:40 and led 4: 2, but after a while she was 4: 5 and in the twelfth gem she finished her skillful ninth bawdy attempt to force at least a secret.

Li was dominated by “winnery” 24:12 and made less unjustified mistakes (23:27).She switched 4 out of 7 brejkbalov, Sharapova has used only 3 out of 11 such opportunities.

“Before the start of Roland Garros, I believed that I could get to the final in Paris, and I am delighted to have achieved my goal against Maria Sharapova. Momentsch kept me submitting. ”

“Now I’m going to have a good massage and during this I look at the second semifinal duel between Schiavone and Bartoli. In Australia, it was my first grandslam final and a new experience.I’m now in a different position and I think it will be better than in Melbourne, “said Na Li in the first interview right on the court.

Six of this event and a seven-day rebranding Na Li is the former hostess of Thomas Högstedt, The Liverpool finalist of the Australian Open in Melbourne, Li. Still in balance with Sharapov’s draw for a shorter end (3: 5), but the former WTA world ranked third In a row – previously equally on the grass in Birmingham in two sets.

On Monday, June 6, it moves at least to 5th place in the ranking, which will improve the personal record one place. She never won the trophy on clay. Maria Sharapova.Photo – SITA / AP Personal record of the Chinese

Na Li has already surpassed the local personal record from the international open championships of France in 2009, in the eighth finals it was not enough for Šarapovová (4: 6, 6: 0, 4: 6). Now he is the first Chinese finalist in Buloňský lesík, a precedent of this type was already a quarter finals.

On Li, she was in the semi-finals in the tournament on the slightest surface in the Spanish and Italian metropolis, but she had a 1: 5 match against the Belgian Kim Clijsters for the top of the southern hemisphere.

Twenty-four-year Wimbledon champion 2004, US Open 2006 and Australian Open 2008 Sharapova has taken care of the fact that “Wardrobe” had the ninth year in rank amongst the top four.Even after this event, however, the so-called ” Career Grand Slam owns only nine tennis players. Serena Williams, American Serena Williams, has recently joined the Australian Open.

Sharapova has played critically 3: 6, 1: 4 with a double break in the second round with 17-year-old home winner Caroline Garci, but has not lost her gem since then. Eventually she settled her Parisian record from the 2007 season. Last summer, she played in the 3rd round, in which she met the Belgian Justine Henin. In the 2009 season, she received a quarter-final debacle from Dominika Cibulkova (0: 6, 2: 6).

The fiancé of Slovenian basketball player Saša Vujacic, who has recently won the title of the championship tournament in Rome.Siberian native to Florida has 10 titles more (23) than three remaining Roland Garros 2011 semifinals. In the fourth quarter, Majors was the premiere of the Australian Open 2008, and in the meantime she had a right arm surgery. Francesca Schiavone. In the second semifinals, Francesco Schiavone, the winner of the tournament, stood against Marion Bartoli, who plays both forhend as well as for both sides. The fifth set was triumphant in 2 sets 6: 3, 6: 3.

Schiavone presented herself with variable tennis with a number of winning strokes, winning a great deal of play throughout the game throughout the game. Bartoli did not take the chance to advance to the second Grand Slam final in her career.In 2007, she fought for Wimbledon’s Gray Grade title, but in a decisive battle, she fought with American Venus Williams.

Until the eighth game of the first set, both Schiavone and Bartoli had won their suits. In 4: 3, Frenchman led 40:15, but Italy then got four Fifthines in a row, after her own filing, she confirmed the break and the opening act became a crown.

At the start of the second set, Bartoli took a 2-0 lead after a quick break. Schiavone, however, equated to 2: 2, in the seventh Gem again broke the submission of France and the match reached the successful end.

“My dream has become a reality, I will again fight in Paris for the title.I would like to thank a great audience who encouraged me despite the fact that France was standing on the other side of the court. “

” Marion Bartoli deserves great praise for the performance at this year’s Roland Garros. Today I did not have it in a strong wind at all at all, I did a good job. I expect a match on Saturday. Me and Na Li already know what it is like to play grandslam finals. We will see for which of us it will be a bigger advantage, “said Schiavone.

The final is on the program on Saturday at 15.00 and this is a fight for a check at 1.2 million euros and the Suzanne Lenglen Cup Balance of Match Matches Li and Schiavone are 2: 2.Ladbrokes – Semifinal:

Na Li (China-6) – Maria Sharapova (Rus.-7) Francesca Schiavone -5) – Marion Bartoli (Fr.-11) 6: 3, 6: 3 in 90 minutes