The newcomer did not like German representatives, now he wants to beat them

Germany has always been one of the least popular teams of Czech representative Filip Novák. That’s a bigger motivation for the Germans to beat the world championship on Saturday. He believes he is ready with his favorite teammates, and this time he will not fail if he gets a chance, as opposed to Northern Ireland.

“I do not like their nature and the team in general. I was always a fan of England, “said Novak at today’s meeting with journalists. “I just do not have a relationship with them, it’s not like I hate them, they just do not sit around and I do not blame them, because I do not have much to do with them, so I want to make them very uncomfortable.But I want it in every game, “he added.

Even if he does not fancy, German football is watching and has an overview of what he is waiting for on Saturday if he gets a chance from coach Karel Jarolím. i> “I have their players staged. Most of my work is Thomas Müller, who is not very fast, but he is very clever. He plays the wing, but he is also an attacker. He pulls his defense when the defender does not get caught with him, so he’s there all by himself. He can find space for the goal. I hope that I will not allow it, “said Novak.

It is likely that he will meet with another defender of Bayern Munich Joshua Kimmic, who is now playing as a real behemoth. ” Kimmich is young and fast. It has a lot of ramps, we have to watch it.”It will be important to communicate with the footman and help from the midfielder,” Novak said. “We have to make their game uncomfortable and leave no room for them,” he added.

and he has already scored six goals in this season for the Danish Midtjylland, but in the last match for the national team, but Northern Ireland has failed in a 100% chance and has not averted a relentless draw.

he had. But in Denmark I scored a goal and it’s already behind me. You have to throw this man in your head to keep her clean for the next game.I can only learn from this and next time it will come out, “said Novák, who is still being drawn by the chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Pelta, who Novak knows well from Jablonec.

i> “Mr. Pelta was speaking to us today, and he took a little bit of it for me because of that chance. It was supposed to cost him ten years of life. I take it from him. I know him for a long time, I know how humor he has, and he knows that I take this and I like gingering. I do not mind it, on the contrary, “ said Novak with a smile.

He hopes he will even get a chance against Germany, although he knows that, especially in standard situations, The Germans are heavy. “We will have little to do with the standard, the more important it will be to make the best use of it,” said the twenty-one year old.