The Germans will show a carousel against everyone, said the debutant Droppa

In 27 years, Lukáš Droppa has made his debut in the Czech Republic. With a 0: 3 loss in Germany he played the final half-hour and took it as a valuable experience for another career. The Germans have shown a performance that would make it difficult for everybody in the world.

“They will show off a carousel against each team, not just against us, maybe against France, too. , I was not afraid of it, I wanted to play, it’s a good experience, “Droppa told reporters after the game.

” I went to help the boys, what is the power of the Germans, they play really well, I’m glad I could play against such a team, unfortunately we lost, we can not do anything.”

For Sparty’s offspring, it was not the first experience with German football. ” I have played before against Borussia Dortmund , the level is roughly the same, even though the German peoples are even stronger. The experience is good, I love it and I hope it will help me in further matches, “said Droppa, who was not even nervous.” I still waited when it came, but nothing. Sometimes I have a trème, but not today. I wanted help, it did not work, but I did not do it, “he added.

He admitted that the Germans played really well. ” They play basically without an attacker. In the middle, Müller and Götz help them.I saw it in the first half that our boys on Wednesday, Burning with Pavelka, were very hard. They converge there, they have an excellent tactic that it is difficult to defend. We did what we could but it was not enough. But there it was, maybe they take a point home, “ believe Droppa.

He was sorry only that the Czechs failed to give at least an honorable goal. ‘Bořek Dočkal basically caught Neuer goal, at the end we still had some leaks. It might end up differently, although we could lose more, but also one, put two goals and it could be 3: 2, 4: 2nd”But he is now fully focused on the match with Azerbaijan, in which David Pavelka’s card punishment could get a chance from the beginning.” Maybe that’s a better chance for me, but the coach has other options, he can build an offensive set. But Azerbaijan is strong and we can not think we can beat them simply by attacking them. We have to play honestly and backwards, “said a midfielder of Tomsk in Russia.

” It will be a very important match for us, which we have to deal with a hundred percent. It will not be easy, today the Azerbaijanians have won with Norway. We have to play a hundred percent, soon to score a goal and win, “he added.