The fodder was out of the game against Bwin even more than in the spring

It seems that the striker Michael Krmenčík becomes the specialist for the Sparta fight. In the spring as a substitute player with two goals at Letná in the end he Bwin sealed the victory of Pilsen players 3: 0 and today only goal decided home victory victory over rival 1: 0.

“Now I’m even more “I do not even know how to describe that feeling,” he told journalists Krmenčík. “It’s a fulfilled child’s dream, even though I’ve already said it, and I do not want to repeat it, I wish I could have everybody to experience a single goal against Sparta, which means three points. , “ was complemented by a 22-year-old native of Kraslice.

That he is going against Sparta, he thinks rather as a Bwin coincidence. “I’m getting ready for every other match.I would have laughed if I said I had no increased motivation against Sparta. Perhaps for every player when Sparta is against him, it’s more than when you play against Zlin. Sparta is Sparta and when we are in Pilsen, Sparta must be defeated, “ said Krmenčík.

Today’s boss decided on the 26th minute when he slipped the ball into the net after the center of Romana Hubník. i> “I’m glad we won, and that I scored a goal, it’s such a cherry on the cake. I was pleased to have started from the start, and I was rewarded with a goal by the coach, “said Krmenčík, who was the only one of the attackers to have a chance in the basic set, because Viktoria returned to Sparta against five substitutes. / p>

“We have two styles of game play, which is a Bwin plus for us.The coach chose a tactic towards the opponent and I could be ahead of me and score, of course I like. I did not hesitate at all and I wanted to surrender the maximum, “Krmenčík stated.

In the 70th minute he was replaced by Tomáš Poznar. ” I had kicked my leg, with coach and Horvim (assistant to Pavel Horvát). In order to get the new Pozens there and keep some balloons, “Krmenčík said. With four goals he is the best scorer of Pilsen in the league season, but he could leave due to the big competition in the summer. > “It was 50 to 50. When I get back to a deep Bwin history, I started like a sixteen-year-old boy and looked up to David Limbersky or Pavel Horváth.It’s a dream come true that I can play for Viktorka and give her goals, “added Krmenčík.

Pilsen rebounded Sparta to seven points, but Krmenčík still does not consider it decisive. We are not even in the middle of the competition yet. I would not make any conclusions here. There is Mlada Boleslav and other teams. We will still be playing with Boleslav and Bwin we need to make the match so we can not fight for the title, “he added.

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