The end of his career is nearing and the man hurts: I do not even have a college

The thirty-seven-year-old striker still waits for a quote from the NHL. “I will search overseas for two weeks and if nothing goes, I play in Banská Bystrica. It’s time to start, I’m training a lot, “said Handzu’s Sporty server.

His career was at the point of break, the thoughts of her ending in the world championship of 2002 and the member of the silver Slovak teams from 2000 and 2012 insistently pounding. Unlike some of his colleagues, however, he does not have to worry that he would not be employed in civilian life.

He is thoughtful, counseled and lives out of out-of-the-box activities: he is charity, he helped build a sports center in his native Banská Bystrica. “I was lucky that work is my hobby, and I’m still going to make good money.But others did not have such luck, so I think it’s normal to help them, “says Handzus.

REPRESENTATION. In the Slovak national team, Michal Handzuš has joined five World Championships.

However, due to hockey, he has also come to some lessons, perhaps to study. “I have no college, I did not go to her, which I may be sorry about. It’s very important for a person, but if someone wants to play in the NHL, they have to decide between the school and the hockey at a young age, just what’s going on, “he explains.

He definitely did not mean wrong. He is among the six Slovaks who jumped into more than a thousand matches in the NHL. During the fifteen seasons, he scored over two hundred goals in play-off and collected more than three hundred assists.And the varied statistics were definitely not his major contribution to the five teams overseas. He was especially appreciated as a great defensive center.

“Instead of giving the goal two goals,” said once goalkeeper Ján Lašák, a teammate from the Slovak representation. “The best words that characterize him are professionalism, experience, consistency and principle. Every day he gives away everything, “Chicago coach Joel Quenneville praised him.

TVRŽÁK. In the NHL, Michal Handzuš did not run from the duel, but…

But the years have come and Handzus is reluctant to return to the NHL. European engagement has not yet been searched, nor an agent on the old continent, according to his words, the Swedish league would have attracted him most.There is, of course, KHL in the game, although it is not worth it twice. “I said I would not go to Russia. If I wanted to go for money, I’ve been playing for four and a half years in Russia where I’d earn. But this country does not like me. “

But Slovan Bratislava is a challenge and is still looking for reinforcements, the last time he brought Czechs Tomas Rachunek, who finished in Novokuznetsk. “Slovan is among the options. When KHL is the only Slovan. It’s close to home, it has excellent background and part. But I do not like the endless travel to Russia, “he said.

And the World Championship, which next year hosts the Czech Republic? “I do not have a representation at the moment, I have to play.I am looking for a club and I do not think about the championship yet, “replies Handzus categorically.