The Czech basketball team defies with surprise, Effang reigned

Overcrowding of opponents who can still make a chance to win one of three medals (yes, really one in three in the absence of ZVVZ USK Praha) helped to reduce the matches of the 3rd round of the Czech Cup.

On Tuesday, a single game was played in which home Sokol Nusle lost the opportunity to look first-hand as a women’s basketball. On his course, he succumbed to Trutnov’s Lokomotiva 53:82.

The WBL winners were the most experienced players for the fourth round. The best shotgun Vack (19 points) was hunted by Hindráková (15) and Prokešová (12). Kozumplikova and Boumanová have also reached the two-digit value.

Even in the middle of the home game they did not get a chance.The Hradec Lions scored with a taste in South Bohemia against the Straight U19 Chance at a 113: 50 win. Pamela-Therese Effang, the author of 30 points, showed the greatest point of appetite. Her backs in the offensive were also Matušková (14), Gabriela Andělová (13) and Buraová (11). By the game of fate, the two teams played a day later in the 21st round of the ŽBL. With the same winner and a very similar score.

The honor of home team in 3rd round rescued BLK Slavia Praha. She co-eds with the Ostrava Sports Basketball School without any problems. The fourth round goes after the 76:61 win. Ostrava could use the match at least to incorporate two new reinforcements into the squad.Williams (15) was again the best shooter of her new team and Ebron added 9 points.

The surprise was not even in the Morend Hall in Brno. Last year’s winner of the DSK Basketball Nymburk Cup was looking forward to the fourth round. He could rely on the duo duo. Elisabeth Pavel beat the opponent’s account with 18 points and Lenka Šípová added even double-double for 16 points and 10 rebounds.

The home match was not enough for 20 points of Zítková’s strongest Brno shooter, which did not prevent the defeat of MK Technic 69:87.

In the last round of the third round of the Czech Cup, Mladá Boleslav.Under normal circumstances, West Bohemian basketball players would be a clear favorite, but Sunday’s clear losing in Ostrava could erode their self-confidence. But she did not enter the new calendar year with her right leg. Otherwise, even the defeat on Voda by KP Brno can not be called 75 points.

First they were the home team who reported the pace of the game in the first half. Then the turn started to turn, Karlovy Vary settled in the half-time pause and the home definitively closed the way to winning only 15 points for the second half. BA will therefore be taking the lead after winning 69:45.

From the third round, a match between Prague Sparta and Prague’s KP Brno (January 17th) will be finishing the third round of the Hradec basketball players.It’s going to be the Final 4 game.