Šrámek: The departure of Šilhavý is sorry, but Slavia now has more ambitions

Michal Šrámek, the executive director of Prague’s Dukla, is sorry that coach Jaroslav Shilhavy left Julius after less than four months and accepted Slavie’s offer on Monday. On the other hand, he acknowledges that the Uppers Club with Chinese owners is currently more ambitious than Dukla, and for Shilhavy is a step forward. “Unfortunately football brings such things.” Four months ago, his post with large fans of the fanfare, now leaving the club.In my opinion, he is making a step up because Slavia has more ambitions today than Dukla, “said Šrámek ČTK.

With his co-workers he did not want to defend Šilhavý’s departure. ” Jardu Šilhavého in Dukla, because he had a valid contract here, where clear provisions were in place when he could not leave so quickly without the club’s approval. Negotiations took place very quickly, almost all the details of his departure were fine on Monday 5 September, “Šrámek said.

In May, he was replaced by Lubos Kozl, who had six years and six years before. “Jarda Šilhavý’s loss is sorry, we started working on a particular project and the rebirth of the team.New players came in, they were staying in the squad, so it is not entirely ideal that after four months when Luboš Kozel left and we are still at the beginning of the work, we are solving the second coach’s departure. It has a certain complexity, and we have to start new competitions and look for a new coach, “said Dukly Executive Director.

Can not tell when the thirteenth line of the league table is going to present a new coach. “We are starting to work on this subject today, but to say the date would be unprofessional today. We will, of course, want to solve it as soon as possible.We want to bring a coach who would be suitable for our club philosophy and the work started from previous years, “said Šrámek.

Nowadays, the assistant Jaroslav Hynek and the rest of the implementation team will temporarily lead the Dukla. Tomáš Obermajer returns the goalie coach. “If we find a replacement for Jardim Šilhavý in the match with Jablonec, the team would be the new coach. But we’re still working on it, “added Šrámek.