Sparta is not Hodonin Hradec not like Sparta, gave remember Kováčik

Previous set quarterfinal playoff Extraliga lit message that Sparta is not an Hodonin it with her even after two victories in Prague, Brno is not easy. Jozef Kováčik Thursday evening reiterated. Comet in Hradec Kralove lost the second duel 0: 3 and gave forget the great compact performance on Wednesday.

“I do not know if anyone expected that when we cross Sparta 4: 0, the same thing we do with Hradec and finals sweep with Liberec and Chomutov. I do not know…This is a playoff, played on every point, Hradec win today, but we keep going.I continued in that nehrabal, the result is clearer, but the game was not like that, “said defender Brno Kometa important.

The series moves under Špilberk, where it can not Mountfield. What this organization moved east Bohemia of Czech Budejovice trip to Brno never mismanaged, shame resurfacing diesel…In other words, in Brno, Hradec eight times in a row lost.

With that, however, do not go Kováčik. “The basic part of a playoff are two different leagues. This series is nice, but the beginning of a new, and it is played by all.At home we play as well as in the center and I believe that is defeat, “hopes Kováčik.

The magical home environment is betting his defensive partner of Jakub Krejčík. “The atmosphere is home unreal, fans are our driving force, the sixth field player, it will definitely be an advantage for us,” doubt Krejčík, enjoying the Sunday and Monday following.

“The series is open and now we must concentrate on the game at home, “added striker Leoš Čermák.

Home 26:06. Jaroslav Bednář, 27:11.Kukumberg, 53/25. Šimánek



Home Rybár (Kacetl) – Gregorc, Dietz Štajnoch Newton, plan, slick (A), CAP – Jaroslav Bednář (C) Kukumberg, Feed – Jarůšek T. Knotek Picard – Köhler Dragoun, Šimánek (A) – R Pavlik, Nedvídek, Copt.

bar Čiliak (Vejmelka) – O. German (A) J. Krejčík, Kováčik, goulash Bartejs, Malec, F. Král – M. Erat, pear, M. Kvapil – Haščák, V. Němec (A) Zaťovič – H.Zohorna Necas, Mallet – Vincour, Cermak (C) Dočekal – Vondráček.