Šimůnek does not take coaching changes in Dukla as a problem

Although Dukly players came to Jaroslav Šilhavý’s coach at the beginning of the week, according to Jan Šimůnek, this may not be a major problem. Jaroslav Hynek, the coach, is also of the quality to lead the league.

“It was a bit of a shock that the coach left for Slavia. I have never experienced the fact that a new coach has already retired after five rounds, but I certainly do not think so, and that offer is probably not rejecting, “said Šimůnek in a conversation with ČTK

“It’s a shame because he’s an experienced coach, I’ve been doing good performances under him, just missing something to get more points.That’s how it will come now, “added an experienced captain who returned to the league in the summer after working in Germany.

The substitute for Šilhavý has not yet managed to find club leadership, but Simunek believes in his assistant Hynek , which the team temporarily took over. “It’s not uncontrollable, it’s made by junior trainers, and the changes they’ve made are positive. We will see that we have a good feeling, but we have to show it on the pitch, “said a 29-year-old defender.

Even he believes Hynek could stay with the team for a long time. it should change when it is successful. From Germany, I remember that assistant André Schubert joined Mönchengladbach, they did not lose ten times in a row, and he is still a trainer there.In our country, the coach has experience, he is licensed, so when he is going to be successful, why should it be changed? “

The Sparta rider has missed the last three rounds due to injury. but it is ready to take place in Jablonec on Sunday. “We have already played 70 minutes on Friday. Even against Sparta, I was ready to jump on the bench. I can play, “ said Šimůnek.

They believe the team will rise in Jablonec. ” I do not appreciate the introduction of the season because we have four points after five rounds. We had more at all matches. We will get a goal from Teplice with only one chance, with Slovácko not keeping 2-0. Of course, Sparta can lose, but the chances for a better result were. We miss our luck. You push it there any way.Now I only take three points, “he added.