She is enjoying the shifting of women’s football in the Czech Republic in the meantime

In Příbram these days, the stadium is being tested before the European football championship in 17 years will be held together with Plzeň, Domažlice and Přeštice for one year. The best Czech footballer of the past years, Pavlína Ščasná, is pleased with the tournament, as thanks to the organizers’ allocation, the women’s football in the Bet365 Norway went up.

“I see a huge shift forward and I am so glad that girls they have other options than we did When I started out in a representation, the equipment, jerseys and everything else was inherited by the guys, so they were giant in size, and the girls, when they run out on the lawn, look nice.And they have started to play more, so it’s a good choice, so the quality has increased, “Ščasná said at today’s press conference.

The 43-year old Sparta, Bayern Munich and Malmö will be the ambassador of the championship. i> “I look forward to good football. But also the ambassador. I finally get back to the women’s football, I never stopped watching it, but now I am closer to the team, so I’m looking forward to it, “said Sparta’s coach daughter Zdeněk Ščasný.

that the championship will convince the audience that women’s football is much more attractive than in the past that the quality of performances is steadily rising. “Today, it is enough to release the women’s Olympic tournament on TV, and I think those women who ridicule football, re-evaluate.And if not, just come and see here the 17-year representation, which is one of the best in Europe. Soccer will have fun, sometimes more than the league, “said Ščasná.

The player’s career has ended for health reasons already in 2011. Ten years in the representation she played 50 matches and scored 28 goals. “Every time I see such a beautifully prepared lawn, I like to make a couple of feet. Especially when the girls run into the jerseys, it attracts me, but I have this already. Otherwise, I have to keep quiet in the auditorium, last time there were not so many people, I would probably have heard a lot, “ pointed to her temperament Ščasná.

The European Football Championship under 17 will take place in the Czech Republic 2 until May 14, 2017.

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